Commit to get FIT & Lean for April 2014!


Good morning,

I will do Gym Style legs and abs this morning. Tonight I will do P90X3 CVX.

Vicki - hope you had fun with Tri Sets last night.

Waving Hi to everyone that checks in today. BBL!


Hi everyone,

I missed you guys. Great job with your workouts!!!

Florida has been fun, the weather has been up and down but just working with it so not bad. It was nice visiting my Dad, we also visited friends and took my nephew to Busch Gardens. It is so much easier when it's someone else's child:). We went to the gym 3 days & walked on the beach everyday but not enough to offset my bad eating so bloated from it. On our last day at the gym (small gym) we saw Hulk Hogan working out next to us and took a great picture with him and the owner of the gym who is also a wrestler from the 80's. I have to try and figure how to post it. We get back tomorrow late.

Belinda - Is the weather getting better by you? Great job with your workouts!

Kristin - You must be so happy to start Spring break! It has been so crowded here I think everyone is on Springbreak.

Amelia - Great job with your weight loss! Loved your new painting:)

Melissa - How are you?

Cookie - You are logging in so many miles:). How was your day in NYC?

Kelly - Great pictures of your son:)

Vickie - Ugh, it is so hard to eat/drink right on vacation. I'm going to have to get it together when I get back:(. I bought Peeps but haven't opened them yet plan to have 1 and give them away.

Be back soon.


30 minute total gym + 20 mins of step blast, its all I could muster after that total gym workout. I increased resistance and boy do I feel it now :confused:

Debbie-Hey there stranger. Glad you had a good time in FL, cool about the hulk hogan pic...can't wait to see it.

I will catch up with you all later,k

Have a great day:)


Good evening,

P90X3 CVX and B&G stability ball abs done.

Welcome back, Debbie! We missed you too:) Glad you had fun in Florida. How cool is that, you saw Hulk Hogan. You need to give me the name of that hotel:p That is cool!

Amelia - wtg, on your TG and step workout.

Good night, ladies! See you all in the morning.


Today's workout was Cardio Leg Blast. I added core #2 to the workout. I was a sweaty mess. My legs are wobbly now. I took my boys to the park to ride bikes with my girlfriend and her kids. It was still a bit nippy out with the wind, but we spent over 2 hours there. Tomorrow I am taking the boys to Lazertag with my neighbor. Should be fun. I am also doing a bit of work each day. I have to prep for the Professional Development I am giving after school on Monday. I am going to do that now, after I get off here.

Belinda- I was thinking of getting up early and doing t25 before work. I figure I can fit in 25 minutes. Then after dinner do either a Cathe weight workout or circuit type workout, or I can add yoga. A lot of ways to incorporate. I am definitely going to try getting up earlier to get it in before I go to work. I think if I can do that, I will be happy with it. Then I can always add on at the end of the day. My neighbor is doing it now and loves it.

Cookie- it's definitely sinuses. I went to bed with a terrible headache last night and when I woke up it was still there :confused::mad:. Tylenol helped. I am still stuffed up though. This week is going by way too fast!

Vicki- I'm with you. I want to go away so bad right now. There's a Cathe RT in Daytona in October. I wish I could go.

Deb- welcome back! So cool meeting Hulk Hogan. My sons are big fans of wrestling and he recently was in one of the storylines. It's like a male soap opera, I swear.

Amelia- great workout today. Step Blast is deceiving. It starts out fun and then as it gets harder, you get winded, lol.

Okay, I am off to get some work done, if I can.



Good morning,

Today I will do GS BSB. Tonight I will do P90X3 Triometrics.

Kirstin - glad you had fun at the park with your kids and friend. It's chilly here too:confused: I think it's a great idea getting your workout in early in the morning. You still have time in the evening to get another short workout. Can't wait what you think about T25. Hope you feel better. Have you tried a nose rinse?

Waving Hi to the rest of the gang.

I will be back after my workout. Have a great day, everyone.


Belinda, are you planning a garden this year? I'm debating whether or not to have one. If so, will probably do basil and tomatoes. Some years we've had really large gardens but the past two have been very small. I can't wait for spring.
Amelia, would you recommend the TG? One of my sisters was talking about wanting one the other day. Bet the deli is busy at this time of year.
Kristen, doesn't planning and prepping for pd take a lot of time?!! B&G is one of my fav lb wo ever. Cathe just seems to be having fun and enjoying life. Did you meet w/the landscaper last week?
Kelly, hope your week is going great.
Vicki, have you started packing for your trip? Saw an ad insert for Key West the other day. Of course, it had a lot of Hemingway look alikes.
Deb, glad you're having such a great time in Florida. Looking forward to seeing the photo! Did you show him your arms from all your headstands?!!
DH got in around 2:30 this morning, so I am really dragging. We have an appt this morning and then mom has a dr appt this afternoon. She had a lot of tests last week, so today is the results. Think she is going to need oxygen. Dinner w/her the other night was really nice. Went to a middle eastern restaurant and shared the large sampler w/great Naan. Eldest ds joined us late w/a friend but they had curries.
Yesterday was on rebounder watching a dvd about great treks, and there was Bradley Cooper as an explorer! Had to google it to verify it was him and it was.


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Happy Friday morning! Yesterday was a rest day, and today I am doing the legs portion of P90X Legs & Back and the legs portion of Cathe Slow & Heavy Legs & Shoulders. Our fickle NC weather has been all over the place this week. Today in the 50's and cloudy with heavy rain moving in this evening. At least the rain will knock some of the pollen out of the air (very temporarily). We've had our last freeze though, so I am going to put some basil and cilantro in the ground today. The slugs are really bad, so hopefully they won't eat my herbs down to the ground. They don't mess with the mint though. I created a new natural area in my front yard and planted it with lots of bulbs, shrubs, and plants over the winter, and the tulips are amazing :). I've decided to do most of my planting in the front yard because I can see the fruits of my labor every single day. I don't venture into the backyard often because the mosquitoes are voracious, and they love to target me :mad:. We have two screened porches on the back of the house, but this time of year, you have to hose all the pollen off the furniture, or you come back in the house covered in yellow, and you end up spreading the pollen throughout your home. Even my little black dog comes back from our walks with a yellow sheen. I have to wipe her down so she doesn't spread pollen throughout our home, too.

After 9 days of eating super healthy (without giving in to cravings), I finally caved when I got home from work yesterday (my Friday :D) and ate apples with peanut butter for my dinner (and throughout the evening). And of course, I couldn't just have one apple. At least the apples were very small, but I did end up eating a boat load of peanut butter. I know better than to watch tv while eating, but I occasionally do it anyway, and I end up eating waaaay too much. Thank goodness my husband came upstairs looking for the peanut butter, or who knows how much more damage I could have done :confused:. No matter, back on the healthy horse today (I hope). It's too hard to overeat and do a lower body workout in the same day. It makes me feel too bloated to move. Slept in :D, so I'm well-rested and ready to tackle the day!

Welcome back, Debbie! Sounds like you had a nice visit :). I loved Busch Gardens when my fam went several years ago. I'll be heading down to Florida soon :cool: but won't be going to any gyms. That's ok though 'cause a rest week will do my body good. I can't promise that I won't try to knock out some pushups and dips, and some chinups & pullups if I see a bar that will work ;). that I think of it, some walking lunges might not be bad either. I usually do something like that on a family vaca, but this vaca...not too likely :eek:

Waving hello to everyone else. Gotta get me some breakfast and take Stella for a walk before the rain moves in. ---Vicki
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Hey everyone. I just finished Boot Camp the original. I am taking the boys to lazertag with my neighbor. I already walked Baxter, but I'll probably take him on another walk later if the sun ever comes out.

This week went by way too fast. I don't want to go back to work on Monday :(. I guess I should shut up about it. Summer will be here soon, lol.

Belinda- nice job with GS BSB. That one creeps up on you and bites, lol. I don't do nose drops or spray. I cannot handle it, lol. I am feeling a bit better today, although I am still stuffed up, especially when I wake up in the morning.

Vicki- my idea of overeating or straying is eating an entire bag of doritos or candy. With the Easter bunny coming and all the yummy chocolate in the house, look out, lol.

Cookie- PD planning is a pain because I have teachers from all disciplines coming, Special Ed, S.S., science, reading, and Spanish. I want to make it so that they all walk away with something they can use.

Okay, off to shoot my boys in lasertag. I am going to get revenge for all the whining I have had to endure this week, lol. ;)



Good evening,

P90X3 Isometric is done, I also walked the dogs.

Kirstin - fantastic job on org. BC today. That's a tough one. Can't remember the last time I did that one? GS BSB sure creeped up on me and bit me this evening with all those planks/side planks in P90X3 Isometrics.

Good night, ladies.



We just got back tonight, been cleaning since I came home. I need to get the house ready for Easter and tomorrow I have a bridal shower on Long Island. Cleaning & cooking will have to be my workouts for the next couple of days:rolleyes: So I needed a shoe horn to get my pants on today to come home:eek: Geez!!

Belinda - Isometrics is a good one!

Kristin - Boys do like wrestling:) lasertag sounds like fun I hope you win;)

Amelia - It's great that your still loving the total gym.

Cookie - I hope everything turns out good for your Mom. Naan is so good I always think it's not so bad because it's thin.

Vickie - Be careful with the walking lunges I did them on vacation and for 2 days even going to the bathroom was hard:)



Belinda, are you cooking for Easter? Any special German traditions?
Amelia, hope the drama at work stays away. Are you going for a hike today?
Kristin, love the comment about getting even with your kids for the whining! The original BC always gets me.
Vicky, walking lunges and anything with the green band will be good for vacay.
Deb, welcome back, even tho reacclimating is a pain. How is your dad doing?
Can't sleep and have been awake for a while. Decided to just get up and do some of the never ending paperwork for work. Going to visit dd later today. Mom is going with us. Hope she doesn't talk all the way to Providence, since I'm probably going to need a nap.


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Happy weekend, ladies! Today I will be doing Slow & Heavy Chest & Back and will throw in some pushups, pullups, and chinups. I am happy to report that I was able to throw off my peanut butter binge from Wed night and was back to my healthy eating yesterday :D. Honestly, it isn't always so much what I eat as how I eat :eek:. I bought my kids' Easter candy Thursday and didn't eat any of it, like I usually do. My 12-year old left yesterday to stay with my mom for spring break, so I gave her the Easter basket early, and she took the candy with her, thank goodness.

Debbie--As far as I'm concerned, house cleaning (and yard work) are workouts :p. You'd never know it by my house though. It is a perpetual mess. I'd much rather do gardening.

Kristin--How was laser tag? I haven't done that in a while, but my 12-year old recently went to a birthday party at a bowling alley that re-did their laser tag area, and she had a blast, so I've got a feeling I'll be going to laser tag in Oct :)

Well, I managed to drop the few pounds that I'd gained recently, so I think that I'm ready for stuffing at Key West. Would have been nice to drop a couple more for insurance, but I waited too late to get started. The crew that I'm going with is already talking about food. We depart at 12:45 with an hour and 15 min layover in Atlanta and arrival in Key West at 5:07, and my group wants to go out to eat lunch before we leave because they are worried about not having any food. I'm thinking I may need to throw some elastic-waist shorts into my suitcase :confused:.

Gotta get breakfast and start my day. Hope y'all have a wonderful weekend :)


Hello!!!! Remember me??

It's busy around here. This working M-F bites. DH worked 3 night shifts last week and those are so hectic for me. I have to get the boys out of the house in the morning and get them settled at night by myself, with homework done! Ugh!


Life is good. We are getting some answers with DS1. We took him to a paediatrician a few weeks ago and she is leaning towards him having low spectrum autism or Aspergers. The wait time
For an assessment was 12-18 months!! But the put a rush on things (they will move us if the help he needs isn't here) and we have an appt for May 5th. So we should walk out of there knowing what it is. It will make our lives and the teachers lives a little easier. He has trouble focusing in school and we struggle with knowing what he can't do or won't do

I have also decided to do a figure competition. I am 11 weeks out. It's July 5th and so far so good. My eating hasn't been 100% the last couple of days so I have to clean that up today. I'm just getting bored of eatin the same things all the time! I need to mix it up this week! Training has been good. I have to go to the gym for leg day but that's it , the rest is done at home.

We have a new puppy in the house! He's pretty cute. DD is getting ready to graduate from
High school and the baby is so funny. He is talking more and more each day.

I will try and check back in again before the day is over. Just thought I'd let you know that I'm still alive

Lori :)


Hey girls!!

Happy Easter

I have to work today ( boooooo ) and afterwards my family is coming over for some burgers on the grill and hopefully the kids can hunt easter eggs - its been raining the last three days.
I just hope it isn't too crazy at work, yesterday was kinda dramatic. There was two girls that kept snapping at each other.:confused: I couldn't help but laugh..

Yesterday I did another double whammy workout. 30 minutes total gym and 30 minutes of BM2 ( low impact). It was fun :)

Hello to Lori ( aka superwomen) - we missed you:)

Its great to see Debbie back - glad you had a good time!!

I will bb tonight for more personals :)


Belinda, have you been busy with getting your yard and garden ready for spring? Not sure why but that's what I've been picturing you doing.
Amelia, double whammy - love it. Hope the weather cooperates with the burgers on the grill. Now that sounds like summer. There was a comic in the paper yesterday about kids on an Easter egg hunt but finding the ones from the prior year! Ok, confession time - the comics are my favorite part of our local paper.
Vicky, you must be getting excited about the trip. I sure would be. I found when the kids were young, I could have it look good inside or out but never both at the same time. While I like gardening, my allergies kill me w/it, so now dh does most of it. I get to be more the supervisor!!!
Lori, oh have I missed hearing from you. Glad to hear ds1 is on his way to getting the diagnosis and help he needs. Working full time out of the house, 3 kids, the care and feeding of a husband, and dogs! Yeesh, its amazing you get anything done. Impressive about the figure competition. Remember when Iris was checking in and she did a couple? You have a lot of determination and dedication.
Kristen, I am so discouraged with work. It just seems to be more and more. I'm trying to tell myself I need to change my mindset and focus on how much I do enjoy what I do instead of how overwhelmed I am with trying to do it and catch up, while trying to move ahead. However, Thursday I received seven pages of SED/fed reporting questions to answer by tomorrow morning relating to a grant I manage. Had Friday as a personal day, so am fighting being aggravated that on Easter I'm up to start this report. Thanks for letting me vent. New mindset- I'm glad to have received the grant and can't wait to report on how well things are going. Bet you and Baxter are enjoying the spring weather for your walks.
Deb, glad you're back and had a good vacation. Isn't it amazing how clothing shrinks after a vacation? Its a big conspiracy by the clothing/food industry. Hope the bridal shower was lovely and fun.
Kelly and Melissa, miss you.
Took yesterday as a rest day, I was so tired from lack of sleep on Thursday and Friday nights. Enjoyed visiting with dd and seeing her w/her friends. Ate at a fabulous Italian restaurant and walked around a bit. Today is supposed to be dh's and my last long walk before we taper off. I'm away from Thursday - Sunday next week for work so that works out really well. So I had better get this report done.


Happy Easter,

I never got my workout in yesterday, I did yard work instead:p I am also getting ready to sell some of my Cathe DVD's on amazon. Like Xtrain + ride. Still have it in shrink wrap:p I also have STS/ ab circuit + User guide up for sale. Also in shrink wrap. Trying to figure out how amazon works?

Cookie - LOL, I was doing yard work yesterday. I planted all my herbs/vegies yesterday. I just did a small one. Are you cooking for Easter? I am making a lamb leg today:eek:

Amelia - good job yesterday. Have fun at work.

Lori - you will do great. I agree, with Cookie…don't know how you do it? Good luck with your son and your competition.

Vicki - good job on S&H. That one crepes up on you.

Debbie - how was the wedding?

I will be back later. I will try to post a pic of my small garden.


Happy Easter!

My boys woke me up at 6 AM to see what the Easter bunny brought them. I was so out of it, I had no idea what they were talking about until they started saying they saw eggs on the stairs, lol. They were happy with their baskets and searching for eggs.

I took the dog for a walk/run (45 minutes) yesterday, but no dvd workout. Today I did another 45 minute walk/run with Baxter, more running today :). I also did Hard Strikes plus core 1. I was a day behind in the rotation. Yesterday was supposed to be PUB and today was supposed to be MMA Boxing. I figured HS had both boxing and upper body weights, so why not do that one and combine the two, lol.

Going to my parents for Easter. Then it's back to work tomorrow. I still have paperwork to do and I need to print out my lesson plans. My boys are off tomorrow. I am so jealous. I cannot complain though. This is it for me, the last stretch!

Oh and lasertag was a blast. We did adults against the kids and other kids were there too. They liked to idea of getting the adults. We had so much fun. out of 24 people I came in sixth ;). I beat some of the men, hahaha.

Deb- how was the bridal shower? Where was it on Long Island?

Vicki- yeah on the weight loss. Key West. . . I wanna go there one day :). Enjoy your time there and don't fret about the food. It's vacation!

Cookie- telling yourself how much you do enjoy is the best strategy. It's what has gotten me through the last few years with all this nonsense swirling around me. I still love being in the classroom despite all the craziness. I just wish I would be respected more in society in general (the kids are fine).

Lori- Hey girl! Good luck with your training. I'd love to see pics of the competition for some inspiration.

Amelia- I'm sorry you have to work today. When I worked retail I hated working on Thanksgiving and Easter. It stinks. I thought things were differet down South though. I thought they still had values and stores were closed for these holidays. I guess not. I think we should bring back those blue laws were stores are forced to close on holidays and early on Sundays (or not open at all). Try to enjoy yourself today.

Belinda- I wish I had a green thumb. . . but I don't. Getting rid of Xtrain? That is my favorite series. If I didn't have it, I would have bought it from you. I'm not sure how selling on Amazon works.

Okay, off to do some paperwork and then shower and get ready. I hope my sister is stable today because she is going to be there. Wish me luck.


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