It's almost here! Anyone else excited?? I know there is at least 1 Gator
here :confused: and a Buckeye. Can't wait!!!
OH YEAH BABY!! I love me some college football - any and all of it! It is so much more fun and exciting to watch than the NFL games. We'll be up at Lake Erie camping this weekend, but will find a bar that has the BigTen network and watch my Buckeyes at their season opener whilst drinking beer and eating wings...ahhhh....a big fat pffffttttt to Tosca, it's football season!:p


If you couldn't tell...I'm an Oklahoma fan and I am SO happy that the long dry non-college-football season is almost over. Bring it on! :D
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Go Big Blue!!!!

I so love college football!!!!! I'm all about Michigan, I have to be loyal to my school -- but I love it all!!!!


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A Razorback fan here!
Although, I don't think we will win many games this year, I am still excited!! I LOVE college football!!!
CLEMSON TIGERS!!! But I live in a divided household. Dave is a USC GAMECOCK (with emphasis on "cock" sometimes :D) I do pull for USC when they are not playin' Clemson. Love ACC and SEC conference. Ditto for college bowl week.

USC's first game is Thursday against NC State and Clemson's first game is Saturday against Alabama. I usually sit my fat butt on the sofa on Saturday's and watch nothin' but college football! Even my friends and neighbors and family don't call on Saturdays or visit. It is my time....

NFL I can take or leave it. I loved Dallas when Coach Laundry coached. My son plays for Pee Wee Little League-The Titans-ironic since they were Houston Oilers.
GO BLUE!!! Michigan fan here. Not sure how well they will do this year.

Also GO GREEN & WHITE for MSU. I live in MSU country so it is hard not to get caught up and I do cheer for them but when the play UofM, it is Blue all the way.


Go Auburn ... !!!!!!!!

I am so ready .. bring it on Big Blue!!

Woooo Hoooooo


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