I've always been an Oregon Duck fan!!! Go Ducks!!! That was my school and my son will be a freshman there this year!


My husband went to Oregon State so we are Beavers -- my brother in law is a duck though -- love those civil war games!!!
One of my dear buds here in Columbus is a genuine certified Louisiana Cajun and he roots for LSU AND OSU. When it looks like it could go either way he says he wins no matter what. But unless you're as flexible as him it will drive you nuts to be a non-Buckeye in the heart of Buckeye country. I don't think college football gets anymore serious (or, let's be frank, WEIRD) anywhere else. My mother was a Razorback and Buckeye football drover her UP THE WALL! I hated college football when I was an art student at Ohio State but it's a little like when aliens want to suck out your brain. Once your surrounded by 'em you have no choice but to just give in. I vaguely recall how annoyed I used to get though, and I know what you'll be forced to endure, so I do feel for you. On behalf of all Buckeyes, I apologize in advance. Still, things will go a lot smoother for you if you do as I did and just surrender.
An LSU fan NEVER surrenders. Not even (or maybe especially) to a Buckeye. Ok, I like LSU football but my husband is one of those really HUGE fans that people don't like. He gets his LSU helmet out and sits it on the table before each game. He makes sure we have the dogs sportin their LSU jersey and he has his LSU socks, pants, shirt, hat, beads, and yes, even his LSU tatoo on his shoulder all ready for every game. Truth be told, he's not a lot of fun to watch LSU football with because once they mess up and allow the other team to score, it gets ugly. I've even had to leave before. Isn't that sad? But, LSU fans we are and NEVER will we surrender even if we live in Columbus and are surrounded by the ole scarlett and gray.

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Let the games begin!!

Utah at Michigan tomorrow afternoon! :eek:

My husband went to Oregon State so we are Beavers -- my brother in law is a duck though -- love those civil war games!!!

So,... my dad, my son(soon) and I went to UO, but, my 2 sisters went to OSU. My sister, the one in Tigard has 2 kids at OSU. Yeah, we are a civil war(ring) family!
USC/NC State started on Thursday, USC won, after they replaced the quarterback with Smelly. The real game starts at 8:00 w/Clemson/AL. The App State/LSU looks like a great match up. Gettin ready to watch that one!

Yep let College football games begin. Got beer?!

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