Cathe's STS Muscle & Recovery Body Parts Chest Workout!


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In this workout, we will work the Chest in both flat and incline positions with slow, heavy reps. We’ll finish the routine with some resistance bands and body weight exercises. Most exercises are followed by a full one-minute break to allow you to power back up and go heavy again on the next set. Most of the exercises in this routine will stay within the 8 to 12-rep range depending on the exercise being performed and the number of sets.

You can Pre-Order STS Muscle and Recovery starting next Monday, October 24th!!!

* Look for complete details in next week's newsletter
I am loving the colors of the outfits and the brightness of the new set! And all of your physiques look great! Just what I have been waiting for - a heavy body building series. I have done STS at least twice per year since I bought it.

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