I loved the combos and the pace of the kicks and the punches. You really could get your shoulders and hips behind the punches and swings and yeah..BAM IT!

So fun to be able to use my gloves!! The burpees with the gloves were totally fun, too.

Note to self on the DVD: make sure your water has a straw FIRST :p

Thanks for a great workout, Cathe and crew!!
So fun bamming it with you…
I finally got around to doing this workout today. Subbed it in since I was supposed to do Body Parts Biceps today, but with my elbow/forearm issues, I'm avoiding biceps work for now, so thought a kickboxing workout would be good. Hits my upper body in a different way is all.

Really fun workout. I appreciate not too much high impact in it. Just enough to hit the sweet spot. Those low impact burpees are no joke.

I "BAMMED" it for sure. :D

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