Cathe Announcement


"Product" could really mean anything. That is why I just have NO clue here. lol.
Perhaps there will be some program with it Cathe? hint ..hint hint.


From what Cathe's post said, sounds like a product (new Turbo Tower? Hmmmm....) but then again, "product" could also be a new video. Who am I kidding, either way, I am in! My wallet says ouch but the rest of me says "YES!"

I have to say I'm loving the PHAT live workouts, so I'm hoping Cathe will do that type of workout for her next series.

Can't wait to hear more about whatever it is.


I noticed that too and was wondering what she has been up to because in all the most recent Cathe Live's she's been looking exceptionally fabulous (if that's even possible as she always looks fabulous which blows my mind how she does it-#bodyenvy!!!) Can't wait to find out what it is!

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