Calling all 60 year old and older Cathletes

Sending (((hugs))), warm wishes and positive vibes your way, Amy. :)

Also sending congratulations for taking all those positive steps you have already taken: looking for a workout of Cathe's that suits you at this moment, actually DOING a workout and reaching out to others in the forum! Good for you. I wish you luck and hope you find all the support and resources you need to continue forward one small step at a time.
I am 65 and have been a Cathe fan since the beginning and have many VHS tapes. I keep an eye on the "daily deals" because I have been able to replace my favorites! I also have many other DVD's, but Cathe and her rotations are the best because you don't have to guess one you are doing next. I am doing STS now, and have both the strength and cardio sets. I began the series in January but had to stop so I started again from the beginning last week. I had hip replacement surgery just before Covid hit, and was healing very well, going to the gym, etc., and then we were shut down. During the shutdown I went through my entire collection and got some new ones. My goal is to get the LITE and ICE series. I have XTrain, 4 day Split, Ripped with Hitt, Strong and Sweaty also. I was building my library and it is almost compete. I learned how to modify the cardio and step routines to fit my ability. I always loved Step, but find that the intricate turns and some of the step routines are above my ability now so I just make sure to keep my heart rate up and continue to move doing the "Basic" step moves whenever it becomes too difficult. I put on 30 pounds between Covid and my hip replacement, and am trying to lose those pounds.


ActiveAggie, I can relate to replacing Cathe VHS tapes with DVDs. I’ve done the same. :)

I think modifications as needed is one of the keys to daily movement into our 60s and beyond.

For me, every day can be a bit different. As long as I respect that I’m good to go.


ActiveAggie, I enjoyed your post. I, too, have some VHS Cathe workouts ... I was doing Rhythmic Step a little bit ago and wished I had it on DVD, but decided I'd put the $ into new Cathe's. Wanted to add that I'm also doing an STS rotation and am doing the ICE & LITE series in my "active recovery" weeks .... really am enjoying them this way. And I think Cathe still has the "Bundle Mania" sale - just trying to be a "helpful" enabler ;-)


Lannette you are a very kind and wise person. Amy hang in there and trust what Lannette is saying.
Prayers are flowing your way for comfort and healing
God bless both of you

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