Announcing STS - Cathe's Next Filming Project!

Our focus right now is on the first 10 STS strength workouts. We haven't really discussed when or what cardio workouts will be done for STS. In the begining you will need to use Cathe's current cardio DVDs or cardio DVDs from other instructors.
I assume the optional meal planning/nutritional module will be tailored to individuals. Will it be for men as well as women?


>Our focus right now is on the first 10 STS strength workouts.
>We haven't really discussed when or what cardio workouts will
>be done for STS. In the begining you will need to use Cathe's
>current cardio DVDs or cardio DVDs from other instructors.

Thank you so much for your reply. I am excited about this concept, as I imagine all at SNM is too. :) :9
Wow - this new series sounds exciting and so different! My vote is a no for the workout blender. This series sounds so specific that I feel I personally wouldn't have a use for the blender option.
>Give me guns, give me abs!!!
>I, personally, vote for either no Workout Blender, or the
>compilation DVD with the Workout Blender. I've a feeling the
>premixes will be comprehensive enough to not warrant the need
>for the Blender.
>Can't wait as the details unfold!!! :) :) :)

I agree with this suggestion!
Cathe and Chris,

I cannot tell you both how very pleased I am about the newly announced upcoming workouts.

The 4 day split is fantastic. I love the heavy weight training. I have only been doing it for two weeks and I have definetly seen results and I've even lost a couple pounds.

Keep up the good work!
The new series sounds like it will add a new dimension to Cathe's workouts.

I never used the workout blender with previous DVDs, so I am neutral about it.

It sounds like the split has been decided, but one comment I have is that I would prefer to have the upper body split with either shoulders added to biceps and triceps, or have a larger and smaller muscle group put together as opposed to have the largest muscle groups (back and chest) with shoulders grouped together in the same workout, especially since this is going to be a heavy, periodization workout requiring maximal effort and fatigue.
will Cathe ever again make a simply "all step" workout? I have all of the workouts since step 'n motion, and enjoy the variety with the weight work, etc, but will you PLEASE film another "all step" video??? pretty please.
>The first STS workouts will be based on a 3 day split, so
>there will be plenty of time for cardio.

Yippie! I'm a three-day-split fan. It works!
>#80796, "RE: STS - cardio?"
>In response to Reply # 6
> This time around the STS workouts will focus just
>on strength training and core work, but in the future we will
>offer STS cardio workouts. When Cathe makes cardio workouts in
>the future under her STS brand they will all have a few things
>in common. First, all of the workouts in the STS series will
>follow a principle we call “Synergy”. This simply means that
>the workouts will always be designed to work together. These
>will not just be “individual” workouts, but part of an overall
>system. Second, like the strength workouts, all of the cardio
>workouts will change in type and intensity over time by use of
>special premixes. This way we can gradually and safely improve
>your cardio fitness while also making sure you have enough
>variety to prevent overuse injuries and boredom. Lastly, all
>of the cardio workouts will come with a schedule to follow
>over a period of time, called a “macrocycle”, just like the
>STS strength workouts. We will offer macrocyles for different
>interest as well as different lengths of time, i.e., we will
>offer macrocyles that combine strength training, cardio and
>flexibility as well as other macrocyles that work these
>categories separately.

Very informative. Thank you. I am beyond excited about all this.
I always worry

Hi Cathe,
How will I use this new program if I am currently working out 7 days per week, but only using weights 2 or 3 days? The other days I walk or jog outside. It doesn't really fit my schedule to use weights everyday. Will this work with the new program? How so?
RE: I always worry

STS is not a 7 day per week strength training program. The number of days per week spent on strength training will vary depending on the week, but typically no more than 3 to 4 days per week will be devoted to strength training (hypertrophy) and the other days will be used for cardio or a day off.
I am sooooo Xcited about this new series as well. I also vote for a Workout Blender on a separate DVD.
I am in awe of Cathe and all she does and continues to do.
I Can't wait to learn more about this project and when it will be ready for Pre-Sale.
I am not sure about this series. 10 DVDs, no cardio, and the feeling it is going to be way too expensive for me may make this be the first time I have not preordered a Cathe series.

I do not care about a workout blender - I only used it a few times in the Blast Series.

I feel left behind and I miss the days of the Hardcore, Blast, and Intensity series.

I think I fear change and I know I fear the price of this series.
RE: I always worry

I'm really glad you mentioned hypertrophy. I used to experiment with what I read about weight workouts from the gym, even with some tips from bodybuilders, but I could never do it on my own. While I enjoy *all* of Cathe's workouts, STS sounds top of the line and I will definitely not miss out on it. Eagerly awaiting updates! :)

Best wishes,


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