Announcing STS - Cathe's Next Filming Project!

Cathe and SNM, I vote for lots and lots of premixes on the DVDs and a separate Compilation DVD that has the Workout Blender. To me, this would be the best of both worlds...plenty of premixes already made up, and my option of picking and choosing my routines from another DVD. Just my deflated dollar's opinion. ;)
This series is a dream come true for me. I begged for a heavy weight work series years ago that could be used as a long-term rotation, in order to see strength gains, like some other serious weight trainers if I'm dreaming right now, don't wake me up. :)
These workouts sounds awesome. I personally would not use the workout blender. I think having the 3 or 6 month program, all the premixes plus all of the other dvds that I already own is plenty.
I just gave the blog update a second reading and I'm so glad I did. In all my excitement yesterday I missed some of the details.

This Workout Manager software has really piqued my curiosity! I can't wait to try it -- it seems like there is room for all kinds of possibilities that reach beyond this series. I'm even more excited now than I was yesterday! :D
Hi SNM/Cathe -

STS really sounds amazing. I definitely wasn't expecting something on this level. My love is weight training and this sounds above and beyond. But, I'm still busy enjoying 4 Day Split. ;-)

On the Workout Blender: I personally never use features like this. I guess I'm too lazy for one, but I normally like to use a workout as is. I also think it would be better suited for your online software instead of on DVD. Just my own views. :)

I am so jazzed about this next project I can hardly sit still. I don't know where you come up with one creative project after another Cathe, but boy do we appreciate it!!! Anyone who says their workouts get boring has never met you. Bring it on!!!

STS sounds great! I wouldn't use the Workout Blender because the whole point to this series is that it is carefully designed to maximize our efforts. So any changes I would make in the workout would be less effective, right?

I have never used the workout blender and don't see a need for it. If one was available, I believe it should be on a separate DVD to lower costs if it would indeed affect pricing. :D

I know its probably too early to say, but can you give an idea of the cost of the entire system? Will the dvd's have more than one workout on each?

There will be 10 seperate DVDs for STS. Details for pricing will be released when we announce the presale.
While I understand that STS cardio workouts will come in the future, will there be time in the rotation to do cardio of my choice or will it be encouraged to do ONLY weight work? I recently tried to work my way through a round of P90X. I can truthfully say it was a good work out but I got bored with it (and to be honest, with Tony). I have found myself much more inclined to Cathe's style and have worked with much heavier weights in the slow and heavy series as well as the pyramid workouts and am seeing great results. But, my other concern with P90X is that I missed things like step/kickboxing/hi-lo, etc. Plyo just didn't do it for me and I hated kenpo. Anyway, just curious as to how this will fit into an all around fitness routine.

Thanks! It all sounds awesome!

I personally would not use the Workout Blender.

I would like to see a total body premix in a 60" format. I was disappointed that the recent 4-Day Split only had longer total body premixes. I don't always have 70-90 minutes to work out. A 60 minute total body would be much appreciated.
I didn't quite get the workout blender when Cathe first introduced it (she was ahead of her time, as per usual). But now, having used a similar concept with the "yoga matrix" that Shiva Rea includes in many of her yoga dvd's, the concept has sunk in for me, in all its glory. (what can i say? i'm slow, technologically speaking!)

That said, I do think that I would make optimal use of the workout blender this time, if it is included in the STS series.:)
This sounds absolutely incredible!! Thank you for raising the bar!

As for the blender... the only way I could see myself using it would be if there were multiple workouts on one DVD and I could mix and match between them- then my answer is a DEFINITE yes!! That's why I love the Terminator DVD- because I get little bits of multiple workouts (even though I didn't blend them myself). But having it just to change up the order of the sections on one particular workout- I would not make use of that.

#80796, "RE: STS - cardio?"
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This time around the STS workouts will focus just on strength training and core work, but in the future we will offer STS cardio workouts. When Cathe makes cardio workouts in the future under her STS brand they will all have a few things in common. First, all of the workouts in the STS series will follow a principle we call “Synergy”. This simply means that the workouts will always be designed to work together. These will not just be “individual” workouts, but part of an overall system. Second, like the strength workouts, all of the cardio workouts will change in type and intensity over time by use of special premixes. This way we can gradually and safely improve your cardio fitness while also making sure you have enough variety to prevent overuse injuries and boredom. Lastly, all of the cardio workouts will come with a schedule to follow over a period of time, called a “macrocycle”, just like the STS strength workouts. We will offer macrocyles for different interest as well as different lengths of time, i.e., we will offer macrocyles that combine strength training, cardio and flexibility as well as other macrocyles that work these categories separately.

Chris, is it the plan to have the new cardio STS addition of DVDs ready for purchase after one has done the 3-6 month rotation of the strength STS and subsequent rotations after that? :)
I personally don't require a workout blender.

The STS series sounds fantastic!!! Looking forward to it!!!!!

You guys just get better and better. What can you possibly think of next??? I'm more excited about this series than any other so far. I can't wait to pre-order. I love y'all!!!

P.S. I honestly wouldn't use the workout blender - the premixes are good enough.

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