50 and over January check in

I did legs premix 3 today because premix 1 did not include the barre work. I did it all including the rear delt work. I followed up with a 100 rep challenge of squats with 30 pound barbell. Sure hope I'm sore tomorrow. :D
Jann I would love to go on a road trip, but it's just not in the cards financially. :( Hopefully, she'll keep having them and some year that will change.

Today I sorted through a bunch of school papers that had piled up on the desk and recycled a lot of things. I'm sure more can go, but at least it's tidier now. I never see anything of Nick's until he clears out his locker at the end of the year, but Derek's stuff comes home every week in the folder I have to sign. Then I went through my plastic container drawer. What weird universal law is it that makes lids and containers disappear, making sure that you end up with lids that fit nothing and containers with no lids. Are they sucked into some weird household black hole. :roll eyes:

And looking at week for was exactly what made me decide to make a new rotation. Even looking ahead to week 5 was not getting me excited. Since Friday is my rest day, I'm going to pick things to do the next three days and plan to start the new rotation on Saturday.
Cathy your boys sound just like mine - :p My older one was/is a neat freak. Kept his room spotless. My younger one is a bit of a pack rat, he keeps everything in piles. It's nice to hear you know them well enough to know when they need to talk. Still my boys call to "just talk" -- I love that!

All Out on tap today. I will be looking for a new rotation for February as well. I just can't do these same workouts for 2 more months. :( I should, until I have mastered them, I just don't want too.
Wow 30#bb 100rep squats. Now that's a good heavy weight. You Go Girl. Cathe is now starting to do cathe tv so I will ask her to do more 100 reps challenges with form pointers.

The bottom off left foot is hurting this morning so I will take this as a rest day. I think I need new athletic shoes
Cathy an Jann please let us know what type of rotation you plan to do next month. I am going to do week 5 but I will substitute hard strikes with taebo plus leg blast with high reps. I have too many DVD so I shouldn't get bored.

I wonder what rotation cathe will make for Feb.
Here is what I have so far... It may change. I took my favorites and tried to group them by week...
I have left myself 2 Rest days if needed. And I will probably start on tomorrow to get 4 full weeks in February so the days of the week will change. :rolleyes:

Mon: Gym Style Legs 67 mins
Tue: Drill Max Premix: Timesaver Cardio Blast...39 mins
Wed: Gym Style Back, Shoulders, and Biceps … 62 mins
Thu: Low impact circuit premix 2 cardio blast timesaver – 48 min or REST
Fri: Butts and Guts Premix: Standing Glutes plus Abs Timesaver 49 min
Sat: Gym Style Chest and Triceps… 49 mins
Sun: OFF

Mon: Low Impact Circuit Premix 1.. 48 mins
Tue: Kick, Punch, & Crunch premix #14 Kickbox Drills,Standing Leg work, Abs 61 Minutes
Wed: Pyramid Lower Body 49 mins
Thu: Treadmill/run or REST
Fri: Low Impact Step 50 mins
Sat: Pyramid Upper Body 56 mins
Sun: OFF

Mon: After Burn 54 mins
Tue: Athlete Training 56 mins
Wed: Cardio Supersets 42 mins
Thu: Low Impact Challenge or REST 50 mins
Frr: Total Body Tri Sets Lower Body plus Yoga Relax Express workout.
Sat: Slide & Glide Cardio Portion only plus Total Body Tri Sets Upper Body
Sun: OFF

Mon: Xtrain Burn Sets Chest,Back, And Shoulders 51 mins
Tue: Xtrain Cardio Leg Blast 56 mins
Wed: Xtrain Bi’s and Tri’s 45 mins
Thu: Xtrain Tabatacise choice of premix or REST
Frr: Xtrain Super Cuts Premix 2 + core 2 58 mins
Sat: Xtrain All out Low Impact Hitt 38 mins
Sun: Off
I ended up doing half an hour of stretching today while I started with Season One of Downton Abbey. I've never watched it and I've been intrigued by all the comments I've seen lately, so I got it from the library. I only get it for one week, so I'm going to have to keep getting it out until I've seen it all and can move on to season two.

Thought basketball would be over after this Saturday's end of season tournament, but now one of Derek's coaches is putting together a 5th grade only team to do another tournament or two and he's been asked to be on it. Unlike the 4th/5th grade teams where anyone can play and playing time is equal this one is handpicked and will play to win. But, everyone will know that going in.

Ok. The rotation I've put together is just the new workouts, but used in different ways then they are in the workouts in the book. I'm also adding in a plank challenge for myself and omitting the regular ab work for the month. Please let me know if you see any weaknesses in this, sometimes I don't notice problems with a rotation until I'm doing it. The plank challenge will be on elbows, each side and then face up and increase in time from 45 seconds starting out to 3 minutes in each position at the end of the month. I also have a weekend where I won't be home.

Tabatacise premix 6 inc. Burn Sets back - Planks 45 sec.
Legs premix 3 inc. rear delts - planks 50 sec.
Supercuts plus Burn Sets Shoulders - planks 50 sec.
Cardio Leg Blast #2 inc. Burn Sets Bi's - planks 60 sec.
Hard Strikes #1 inc. Burn Sets Tri's - planks 60 sec.
All Out Low Impact Hiit - #2 inc. Burn Sets Chest - planks 75 sec.

Gone on retreat
Gone on retreat
Chest, Back & Shoulders, 100 Rep. Chal. Lat raises, planks 75 sec.
Tabatacise Level 2, 100 Rep. Chal. Flat Bench Tricep Ext., planks 90 sec.
Bi's & Tri's, 100 Rep. Chal. Bicep Curls, planks 90 sec.
All Out Low Impact Hiit, 100 Rep. Chal. Scarecrows, planks 105 sec.

Tabatacise #7 inc. Burn Sets Back, planks 105 sec.
Legs #3, planks 120 sec.
Supercuts, Burn Sets Shoulders, planks 120 sec.
Cardio Leg Blast #2, Burn Sets Bi's, planks 120 sec.
Hardstrikes #1 inc. Burn Sets Tri's, planks 135 sec.
All Out Low Impact Hiit #2, Burn Sets Chest, planks 135 sec.

Tabatacise Level 3, 100 Rep Chal. Hip Thrusts, planks 150 sec.
Legs #3, planks 150 sec.
Chest, Back and Shoulders, 100 Rep Chal. Lat Raises, Planks 165 sec.
Supercuts, 100 Rep. Chal. Flat Bench Tricep Ext., Planks 165 sec.
Bi's and Tri's, 100 Rep Chal. Bicep Curls, planks 180 sec.
Hard Strikes, 100 Rep. Chal. Scarecrows, planks 180 sec.
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Wow Jann. That is a very interesting workout schedule. It also has some of my favorite workouts in it like Gym Style Legs. That one always makes my legs sore. Butts and Guts is a great one also.
Cathe - I can tell you put a lot of work into your arrangement of xtrain.

For the most part, I like the way xtrain is moving along. Probably my least fav is Hard Strikes. I will try to continue the program as it is written. Most of the time I follow a program till about the last week or so and then I am anxious to start something new so I seldom finish a program. The most important thing isn't what you are doing but that you are working out as hard as possible.
I did All out Low Impact as well as Burn Bi's and Tri's and core 1. My legs are actually sore from the squats I did yesterday. :eek:
Cathy I like your rotation! Your plank challenge sounds like a good waist reduction! Good Luck!

My plan is not to get bored. I seem to get a dread factor quickly even if I like the workout sometimes. This way I know I only have to do it one time and move on.
Giving it a shot. I basically took a week from one of Cathe's previous strength rotations I liked and created a month.

Finished gym style legs -- I love that she stretches after working a muscle! YUM.
I tried to hold a plank face down.... I think I should work on this too! :rolleyes: My shoulders need to get stronger.
Questions - what is cathe tv? also what is a face up plank? :confused:
I did chest, shoulders and back. Then I tried to do a 100 rep pull up challenge with my pull up bar and of course - my pull up assist. I only made it to 50. :(
I will do hard strikes after lunch. I try to burn about 400 calories a day and so far I am at 228.
I'm calling it a face up plank, just because I don't really know what they are called. :roll eyes: You sit down on your mat, hands behind you fingers towards you butt, legs out straight and lift up to straight arms, keeping the legs/body straight.

Cathe TV is something she hasn't done for a couple years it seems like. You can still find them though. Search youtube for Cathe TV and you'll find them.

I did Step Blast today, though I didn't finish it. Had a phone call in the middle of the third routine that I had to take. Something that hardly ever happens! And I just stopped there.

Jann I know what you mean about the dread factor and what's weird is I have it for workouts that I know I "can" do, and that I have done, but for some reason I just really never want to do them.
Jann I love love love gym style. I once did it for a month and did experience strength gain.

Cathy good idea for planks plus I like how you made a tabatacize plus one body part.

Sugar free only 50 pull ups!?! WOW that's a lot I can't even do 50 with cathe pull up bar with my feet on the ground. Hmmm maybe I should challenge myself.

No workout today because I had to go to work at 8. Maybe I will do a classical stretch later on.
Jann. I know what you mean about the dread factor. Lately I have been terrible at sticking to rotations. I haven't done this one yet though. What is it that makes you dread it? Is it hard or just that you get bored?

This running is eating up all my exercise time. Although, I have been getting to barre class at noon. I don't dread those. Saturday we run 14 miles. I'm already worried about having to go to the bathroom, which always happened around mile 3 for me. But there won't be facilities until mile 6. I'm contemplating not eating between now and then!

Good job on you guys that are sticking with the rotation. Are you seeing results?
Beth It's hard to say with my way of thinking...:rolleyes: If I look at a workout on a rotation even if I know I can do it, just doing it again makes me less excited. This past month I have been really good about working out, feeling my old stride coming back. I don't want that "dread" feeling. I like having a rotation, I just don't like doing the same workouts every month. :D
With 90 day STS, even tho it was the same workouts, they changed after 30 days.
With 90 day CLX, I love those workouts so that made it easier.
With xtrain, I am not loving all. I really like certain ones, and love seeing those on the rotation, there are a couple, well, I just have not clicked with and don't want the dread to keep me from working out. Like I said it's the way I am looking at working out right now. :p Clear as MUD! :p

Good luck on that 14 miles!! :D:D
Drill Max premix done! It took me a while to get my workout in today -- gesh!

I tried to sign up for the RT -- I have no idea if I am in or not... I am actually a bit stressed over the whole ordeal now. :p:p
Beth 14 miles that a good calorie burner.

Jann I know what you mean about dread factor. I like variety that's why I want to put in one day of Kettlebells and at least one stretch or yoga. That's will be a great new workout series sts2 with new cardio for each month. I loved the separate months of sts. Meso 1 was nothing like meso 3. Xtrain is really only a month rotation that can be done longer.

I also want to do les mills pump
Drill Max premix done! It took me a while to get my workout in today -- gesh!

I tried to sign up for the RT -- I have no idea if I am in or not... I am actually a bit stressed over the whole ordeal now. :p:p

GOOD LUCK I hope you made it in.

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