50 and over January check in


Well, we are off 50's group! Here is to a healthy, fit, energized 2013!! :)
I am so ready for this year. I feel excited. :)

Shelia I didn't do a workout yesterday. I was full speed in to undercoating. My dh said he would help put ornaments into their boxes - I couldn't turn that down. So we watched the roses parade and I took the family room tree down. I get a pretty good workout running up and down the basement stairs. ;)

Lori - 12 days off. :D How did you do this morning? Are you a morning exerciser person? I like to get my workouts done before lunch, after lunch it gets harder.

Peaceful - I am looking forward to Chest, Back and Shoulders! I like to work my upper body the most!

I am going to give Legs a try today. I love plyo legs and from the reviews everyone is comparing it to that.

Have a good one ladies!
Hi Ladies. I wasn't sure where to post but I found ya. :eek:

I'm still working on my 1 repmax. I've finished bi,back, tri. Now I only have shoulders and chest to do.

Jann I wanted to try that one also since I will have to modify it a bit. I've learned how to modify jumps by doing turbo fire.

labnick I just got my pink gloves and can't wait to try hard strikes!:eek: I love kickboxing.

sugarfree I love lesmills pump and may do that sometime this year.

peaceful (sorry I'm using these names) thanks for the info. I needed help with wo manager too.

For new year eve my family serve health foods like mixed grees, turkey, salad. WOW so I was able to eat almost clean:eek:. They also had mac-n-cheese.:rolleyes:
Good Morning and Hapy New Year everyone!!
I am going to have to go back and read the old posts so I can catch up on real names versus forum names!

I just got home and am fat and happy--- but ready to shred!!

Jann, since I bought the downloads (which I am currently downloading) where is the actual rotation that we are going to be following and when do we start??

Should I just play around with them today?
Welcome back Beth-- Sounds like vacation was a fun one! :D I am starting on January 6, I believe that is what Joan had said before she went on vacation. I am doing the 90 day undulating rotation. I already stated up front, I have the option to switch out here and there. I don't know if I can really workout 6 days a week. Classes start on the 9th and volunteering starts back the week of the 13th. Sooooo like everyone else, life may get in the way. ;)
Since I am weight girl, I will sacrifice cardio days - :p

I did cardio leg blast premix today 1-6+core something. My legs are feeling like jellooooo.

Robin I tried to PM you back. You having PM'ing turned off. Glad you found us!
Well the mighty has fallen. :( Today was Cardio Leg Blast and I only managed to do the first 8 rounds. It is the same type of format as STS Plyo legs and I used to be able to do them without a problem. So, now that I know how far down I've gone with my layoff, I'm determined to start climbing back up the hill.

Tomorrow is Hard Strikes premix and I've heard that has a lot of impact. Hoping I don't have to modify too much. It shows up in the rotation a lot, so there must be some big payoffs to doing it.

Hoping that my shoulders and chest are feeling better tomorrow because I'm quite sure Hard Strikes will give them a good workout and after my encounter with Chest, Back and Shoulders yesterday they are talking loudly to me!

Jann what kind of volunteering do you do? I help out at school and I'll be on two new committees after the break is over. I'm also a La Leche League leader having just started actively leading with a new group a few months ago. Because I'm so busy with the boys activities I've opted to do the Toddler Meetings which are in the mornings while they are at school.
Hi Cathy -- I only did 1-6 of cardio leg blast and that was Plenty for me.:rolleyes: I took the summer off and I can tell! Don't beat yourself up -- muscle memory is a wonderful thing. I did hard strikes last week, it's easily modifiable.

I volunteer at my Master Gardeners office. I am retired from the IT world and the coordinator puts me to work on a LOT of projects. I am a member of my local gardening club that do projects all around our town, like spring/summer planting, maintaining local gardens etc. I am also a block captain for our neighborhood watch program. And I still do projects for our home owner association. Ever since I retired everyone thinks I have all kinds of time -- it's funny.
I start my Master Gardener classes next week, which require 50 hours of local volunteer work, weekly 3 hour classes for 26 weeks, papers and who knows what all yet. :eek::eek: I know there is homework - :confused:
I am busier now than when I worked. :p:p
I guess the rotations were published in the book. I don't know what they are so I'm just going to be stalking you!! Ha Ha!!

Welcome Cathy and Robin! Glad you could join us!
Oops! never mind! I am getting to the end of the downloads and I saw that I do have a copy of the book! Sorry about that!:)
Hi, 50 & Over, love the name of your group. I'm 51 & currently in transition from Michigan. Started working out in the late 80s with Step Reebok and Jane Fonda. Discovered Cathe in 2006 just after Hardcore series release & been only Cathe since. Might be moving to Ft. Worth depending on results from an interview plus another application. Can I be part of your group? I'm also part of We're In This Together.
Hi, 50 & Over, love the name of your group. I'm 51 & currently in transition from Michigan. Started working out in the late 80s with Step Reebok and Jane Fonda. Discovered Cathe in 2006 just after Hardcore series release & been only Cathe since. Might be moving to Ft. Worth depending on results from an interview plus another application. Can I be part of your group? I'm also part of We're In This Together.
Oh, Jane, Joannie Greggains, Richard Simmons, Anna Benson, all the greats, right? :)
Yes, welcome. The more the more encouragement!!
Hello everyone. Now I feel really old. I started working out before there were DVD's lol. I had a book of pictures called Aerobic Dancing featuring Jackie Sorenson. It suggested music to work out to like the Bee Gees. I am 58 years young.
This is a great thread Jann. Your classes about becoming a master gardener is pretty cool. I am a amateur raised bed gardener. I need to learn how to grow veges better or I will starve after I retire.
I will have to read these posts several times to learn about everyone.
I was going to start on Jan 6th but since I only work out on my 4 days off each week, I fall behind everyone else real quick. today I did chest, shoulders and back. It felt good to be lifting weights. I am looking forward to making my legs sore tomorrow. I love Cathe DVD's, they always deliver. I love the fact that Cathe is right in there sweating with us all the way.
Anyone else have Jane Fonda on a record! And did anyone do the 20 minute workout on TV? Charlene Prickett show?

This morning I did the Hard Strike premix that was on the rotation. I really liked it - a lot more than I like MMA Boxing. In part because it's just more fun, but also because the impact moves are mostly ones I can actually do and the others were very easy to modify. I used my weight gloves with 8 oz. Shoulders and chest were still grumbling at me and my legs weren't real thrilled either after yesterday. Tomorrow is another leg workout! Fridays are my grocery day and I go early, so I think I'm going to do a shorter version than the 80 minute premix that I'm supposed to do. Anything much more than 60 minutes just seems to long anymore with all the shorter workouts.

Meeting this morning and then I'm taking my youngest to play with a homeschool friend this afternoon. They don't see each other much any more since mine is in school now.

Jann I would love to be a gardner, but I've found that I'm just not inclined to do the hard stuff - like pull weeds. :eek: But, I do grow magnificent weeds. ;) I quite envy you your abilities.
Cathe - Jane Fonda on a record !!! :eek: Do you still have that record? I looked in my cabinet and found my Aerobic Dancing Book and the Record that went with it.
I LOVED the 20 minute workout on tv. Did not remember who was in it. It kicked my butt. Since you did MMA boxing, I am assuming that you have a bag? I got one for xmas and I can hardly wait to hit it with my big pink gloves.
Today will be cardio leg blast for me. I hope I can make it through it. I'm not looking forward to the 80 minute leg workout in a couple of days but that is really what needs the most work on me. I hate having flabby legs.
cathe - you write about your youngest so how many kids do you have?

Jann - My first garden was about 20 x 30 (still is) I let my daughter pick the veges to grow. she decided to grow sweet potatoes and maybe 3 or 4 different varieties of squash. As you can imagine, we had vines everywhere with lots of weeds and grass. Disaster. A couple of years later, I laid down plastic and put in raised beds. Much better. I still limit squash though.
Everyone have fun today.
I didn't watch Charlene Prickett, I did watch Joanie Greggains :D every morning before work. I also started my workouts at home with records, Joannie and Jane with booklets, then went to cassettes and more booklets(I still have some of these), then to VHS, then to laser, now DVD. :eek::eek: I am probably one of those consumers that has run the diet/exercise business into the major $$$$!! :p

Well pulling weeds is a big part of it. :) Here are some pics of last years gardens -- yes I have island gardens -- 11 of them!


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I just looked, I can't find my records - :( I don't remember pitching them. :confused:

Sheila I don't grow vegetables - :eek: I am a flower girl. I may put in a vegetable garden next year. Now, they are a lot of work !! :p
Jann your island gardens are beautiful! No I don't still have the records, I actually gave all my records to a guy who wanted to be a DJ years ago on free cycle. I didn't have a way to play them anymore.

JT where in Michigan are you transitioning from?

I don't have a heavy bag, I just do the basic MMA Boxing. Same with Hard Strikes.

Wondering how the heck I'm going to manage legs tomorrow when they are now MORE sore than they were when I worked out earlier. I think major DOMS are going to be my friend for awhile until my body gets back in the swing of working out every day.

Derek is 11 1/2 and Nick is 14. Done with my quick lunch and now off to play with friends.
Hi ladies! Drinking/eating soup and hot tea. I'm still trying to fight out this cold. Maybe I need some zinc?

Going to do 1repmax for shoulders and then I'm done. I'm planning to start Xtr. on Sunday.

Jt Hi I also started out with Jane. I was a spar lady of the 80s...thong and all:eek: I would love to live in Florida. Good LucK!

Sheila I love the BeeGees.I remember Margaret Richards on TV.

Cathy I so want to do that workout right now but my sinues said no. I can't wait to use my pink gloves.

Jann I love those pics. They remind me of Spring time.

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