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    DVD Shipping Alert!

    Hi Everyone, Just a quick update to let everyone know that Boss Bands & Loops pre-sale orders have now started shipping, We've been running three production shifts per day for about a week, and we think we should have all of the pre-sale orders out by tomorrow. Also, don't forget that today is...
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    Time is Running Out! Current Pre-Sale Prices End In Just 4 More Days!

    Estimated to now ship somewhere between July 30th, 2021 and August 21st, 2021 *Pre-Order Now at Hi Everyone, Time is running out to get your lowest price on Boss Bands & Boss Loops. Current pre-sale prices end in just 4 more days on July 9th. Update: 7-5-21: We also want...
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    Cathe Boss Bands & Boss Loops Update - 6-28-21

    Hi Everyone, As we approach the end of June our main priority is the shipping of our Boss Bands and Boss Loops from China to here in the USA as this will be the main determining factor of when the presale orders will be able to ship. We cleared our first major hurdle this weekend when our...
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    Our International Ordering Page Is Now Working Again

    Attention International Customers: Our International portal and ordering checkout page is now working again. If you had problems yesterday please try again. To pre-order our new Boss Bands, Loops, DVDs and Downloads just click on the following link:
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    Pre-Order Cathe's New Boss Bands, Loops, DVDs & Downloads

    Click on the following link to Pre-Order Cathe's New Boss Bands, Loops, DVDs & Downloads now and get our lowest price:
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    Video Clip of STEP BOSS Bonus Abs #2 and a Project Update

    Tonight we wanted to share with you the video clip from STEP BOSS Bonus Abs #2 which is included on the STEP BOSS IMAX 4 DVD and to give you the latest news on the production run for the STEP BOSS DVDs. The replicator just informed us that the STEP BOSS production run will start tomorrow and...
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    Get 42% Off STEP BOSS- Only 2 Days Left!

    Pre-Order My New STEP BOSS Aerobic Step Workout Videos and Fall in Love With Fitness Again. Act Now! Pre-Sale Prices end Nov 1st Learn more at
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    Only 2 Days Left!

    Current Step Boss pre-sale prices end in just 2 more days! Pre-Order Now to get Step Boss at our lowest price. | Pre-Order Now |
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    Pre-Order My New STEP BOSS Workout Videos Now!

    Click Here to Pre-Order Step Boss Now Estimated to ship Late Fall 2019 Are youuuuu readyyyy?? The time has come for me to announce my newest series- STEP BOSS! This series is designed for the advanced exerciser and is comprised of three-step DVDs that will challenge your muscles and cardio...
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    Fit Split Pre-Sale Prices End Aug 31st

    Just a reminder that our current Fit Split Pre-Sale prices will end in just one more week on Thursday, Aug 31st Pre-Order now at:
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    Current Fit Split Pre-Sale Prices End Aug 31st

    Reminder: Current Pre-Sale prices for the new Fit Split series will end 8-31-17. Pre-Order now at:
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    Announcing Cathe's New Advanced Fit Tower DVDs!

    Pre-Order Cathe's New Advanced Fit Tower™ DVDs Now and Get Our Lowest Price Estimated to ship early summer 2017 Click Here To Pre-Order Fit Tower™ Advanced DVDs Good news Cathletes… It’s time! Time to share some details of my new Fit Tower™ workouts with you! I am so excited to be able to...