1. forum_admin

    Video Clip Of Cathe's Cardio Compound Crush Live Workout

    Attention Cathe Live subscribers: Thursday, April 28, 2022, at 9:30 am EST we’ll be doing “Cardio Compound Crush” live! This intense total body workout consists of 5 sweaty rounds (each containing a cardio blast followed by three compound exercises) and finishes with tough upper body floorwork...
  2. jcpolsky

    Is OnDemand down for anyone else

    Live, OnDemand and Workout Blender won't load any videos. Anyone else having this problem? Thanks!
  3. forum_admin

    Our Cathe V2 OnDemand App is Now On Android!

    Our Android Cathe V2 OnDemand app is now available in the Google Play Store. This latest update features 150+ Cathe workout rotations! *Not a subscriber? Get 24/7 Instant Access To Cathe OnDemand and Start Building The Body You've Always Wanted! Over 300 premium workouts, 252 Cathe Live...
  4. forum_admin

    150+ Rotations Now Added to the iOS Cathe OnDemand App

    We've just released the iOS version of Cathe OnDemand 2.0. This is one of our biggest app releases in a long time and includes 150 Cathe Rotations. This includes over 10 years of Cathe monthly workout rotations going back to 2009 and all of the workout series rotations in our user's guides. New...
  5. forum_admin

    LITE is Now on Cathe OnDemand!

    We have now uploaded all of the LITE workouts and 177 LITE premixes to Cathe OnDemand. Let us know of any issues you find and have fun making your own premixes in the Workout Blender! If you're not a subscriber, why not join us and see what the new LITE workouts are all about? Get instant...
  6. forum_admin

    New Update for Cathe On Demand iOS App Now Available!

    We've just released a new update for our iOS app for Cathe OnDemand (version 1.3). Here is what's new! - Fixed Login Timeout issue. (you know longer need to force close the app when done. You will now stay logged in. - We've added Face ID/Touch ID Support - Implemented an in app-app purchase...
  7. forum_admin

    Fit Split is now on Cathe OnDemand!

    We've now uploaded the Fit Split videos to our OnDemand network, Workout Blender and most of our apps. We've been pretty busy today with the Cathe Live broadcast and dealing with the snow storm that is affecting most of the east coast, so we haven't had a lot of time to to make sure everything...
  8. forum_admin

    Fit Tower™ Workouts Now On OnDemand

    All 3 new advanced Fit Tower™ workouts, Bonus Abs and 31 Fit Tower™ Premixes are now on our OnDemand network. Let us know what you think? *Learn more about Cathe OnDemand or sign up at http://bit.ly/1DHvHDD
  9. forum_admin

    Workout Blender Easter Challenge: Hop To It

    Hi Everyone! For all of you who are OnDemand subscribers I have decided to start offering fun challenges that I've created for you via the Workout Blender! Being that tomorrow is Easter let's get a jumpstart on your calorie burn & attack it with a high low hiit workout that I've blended with a...
  10. Tracee Larson

    Calendar or Schedule for Programs & Roku issues

    Where can I find a calendar or a schedule to follow for any of Cathe's programs? Also, on Roku, it's so hard to find anything on there at all!! There should be a search option or have the same categories as what's online...something...is there any chance that will be updated any time soon? How...
  11. forum_admin

    Strong & Sweaty Now On Cathe OnDemand

    All of our Strong & Sweaty videos are now on our Cathe OnDemand network, Roku,Workout Blender and iOS App. It takes thousands of steps and data entries to make all of this work, so there are bound to be some issues and mistakes. Just let us know of any problems and we will fix them when we can...
  12. forum_admin

    Announcing The New Cathe OnDemand iOS App

    We’re excited to announce the release of our new iOS App (app works on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod. iOS 9.0 or above) for our Cathe OnDemand streaming videos. You can now download our new app from the Apple iOS App Store or click on the following direct link: https://appsto.re/us/6XKgfb.i To...
  13. forum_admin

    Cathe Live and OnDemand Coupon

    15% OFF coupon for Cathe Live and OnDemand yearly memberships ends Nov 30th! Sign up at: http://cathe.com/two-ways-get-fit-cathe
  14. forum_admin

    Save 15% on New 1 Year Cathe Live and OnDemand Memberships

    We have had a lot of request from International customers for non-recurring longer term streaming memberships. We've now added options for our 6 month and 1 year term memberships for both Cathe Live and our OnDemand (includes Cathe Live for Free) streaming. These are term memberships and do not...