Fit Tower™ Workouts Now On OnDemand



All 3 new advanced Fit Tower™ workouts, Bonus Abs and 31 Fit Tower™ Premixes are now on our OnDemand network. Let us know what you think?

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I know I said before it was working fine but I was wrong. I usually use the blender for the videos but when I checked under "my videos", Fit tower is listed but when you click on it, nothing comes up. They are working fine in the blender portion of "on demand" but not under "videos". I did clear my history and cache. I hope this makes sense. But, I'll just go back to using the blender.


Staff member
Hi Firemedic,

Thanks for letting us know. You should see them now, however I'm not sure if the video covers are showing yet? Regardless, you will be able to play them now.


I've been Fit Tower blending my little heart out ! :) I've blended five so far......They're named:

Fit Tower FunFest
Fit Tower Fiesta
Fit Tower Frenzy
Fit Tower Funfetti
Fit Towering Inferno

I think the names are probably as fun as the workouts will be.... :)

LOL!!! I've been blending them too but am nowhere near as creative as far as names go! :)

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