Calendar or Schedule for Programs & Roku issues

Tracee Larson

New Member
Where can I find a calendar or a schedule to follow for any of Cathe's programs?

Also, on Roku, it's so hard to find anything on there at all!! There should be a search option or have the same categories as what's there any chance that will be updated any time soon? How do you find anything, oh my gosh, this has been so frustrating!

I'm really debating on whether or not getting a membership was worth it or not. It's so overwhelming!

I'm also concerned about only having one roku work, I read some comments that you can't connect more than one roku? I have roku upstairs and one downstairs which is where most of my workout equipment is. So am I not going to be able to connect with the On Demand with my other roku? If that's the case, then can I disconnect the one I have connected upstairs so my roku downstairs will connect instead?
Hi Tracee,

You can find our workout rotations on our website at:

If you want full functionality, i.e. Search or to play our Workout Blender Premixes, you need to use our iOS,tvOS or Android App instead of Roku. Eventually we will circle back to improve the functionality of our Roku app, but first we want to finish work on our Cathe Live apps. And yes currently you can only use one Roku per account. However, you can switch back and forth, but you will need to request a new activation code on our website. I'll have customer service post instructions on doing this tomorrow for you.
All you need to do is go to and sign in. Once signed in scroll to the bottom of the page and click orange "Remove Roku device" link. It will ask if they want to proceed, Click ok. The Roku will now be cleared.

Then to link a new one you can find instructions at which I believe is what you did originally when you activated your first device.

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