1. forum_admin

    STS 2.0 Calendar Stickers Are Now Available

    The STS 2.0 FREE calendar stickers are now available for your Cathe Calendar and can be downloaded at: | Cathe Calendar Stickers |
  2. forum_admin

    The 2023 Cathe Calendars Are Here!

    The 2023 Cathe Calendars Are Here! Order Now: Our 2023 Cathe calendar is now in stock and all pre-sale orders will ship on Monday, Dec 12th! We only have a very limited number of extra calendars, so order now before supplies run out! The Cathe Wall Calendar Makes a Great...
  3. M

    Cathe calendar

    First just want to say I LOVE Cathe and have purchased her DVDs/calendars for several years now : ) and I really love all the personal touches/photos/snippets/recipes etc., she always includes at the bottom of the calendar; it's just wonderful. I have this calendar prominently (and proudly)...
  4. forum_admin

    All 2019 Cathe Calendars Have Shipped!

    Just want to let everyone know that we shipped all of the Cathe Pre-Sale Calendar orders today.
  5. T

    2018 Calendar - No Cathe Quotes??

    I just noticed on my 2018 calendar that there are no Cathe-isms / Cathe quotes on the photos. Is this an error? :confused:. Were all the calendars printed without quotes? I've purchased a calender every year since 2011, and I always look forward to each month's photo with Cathe's...
  6. forum_admin

    2018 Calendars Are Shipping Today

    The 2018 Cathe Calendars pre-sale orders are shipping today. We only have a few extra calendars, but you can still order while supplies last at:
  7. shoegoddess

    Has the Cathe 2018 Calendar shipped?

    I haven't received mine yet. Wondering if they've shipped.
  8. Tracee Larson

    Calendar or Schedule for Programs & Roku issues

    Where can I find a calendar or a schedule to follow for any of Cathe's programs? Also, on Roku, it's so hard to find anything on there at all!! There should be a search option or have the same categories as what's there any chance that will be updated any time soon? How...
  9. forum_admin

    Calendars Are Now Shipping

    The 2017 Cathe Calendars just arrived and we will begin shipping all of the calendar pre-sale orders in just a few more minutes. We have about 50 extra calendars that can be ordered, but once they're gone they will not be reordered. If you would like to order one got to:
  10. forum_admin

    Last Chance to Order Your 2017 Cathe Calendar!

    Last Chance to Order Your 2017 Cathe Calendar - Pre-Sale Ends Nov 30th! Order Now at: It's hard to believe, but it's already time again to order your annual fitness wall calendar. Our 2017 Cathe Calendar is packed full of pictures from our new Strong & Sweaty videos as...
  11. forum_admin

    2016 Cathe Calendar Now Shipping

    Just letting everyone know that our 2016 Calendar arrived today and we should finish shipping all pre-sale calendar orders over the weekend. If you would still like to order our 2016 Cathe Calendar we do have a few extras, but when these are gone the calendar will no longer be available. You...
  12. forum_admin

    20% OFF Coupon

    Don't forget! - as long as you order at least one 2016 Cathe Calendar ( )you may also use coupon code: CAL2016″ with your calendar order and receive a 20% discount off any additional products we sell on our site. ( *Excluding the 2016 Calendar and Pre-Sale...