1. forum_admin

    Our New Cathe Roku Cathe Live App Has Just Been Released!

    We just released our new Cathe Live app and should now be available in the Roku Streaming Store in all countries. If you already have the Cathe Live app on your Roku it should update automatically. The new Cathe Live app should also now work in all countries. To view Cathe Live You must...
  2. forum_admin

    IMPORTANT: If You Watch Cathe OnDemand Or Cathe Live On Roku Make Sure To Read Below

    Cathe Live Roku viewers, we have recently had to update the Cathe Live and Cathe OnDemand apps to meet Roku’s new requirements. Roku gave us very little warning about this, so we've had to scramble to make the required changes as best we can with so little notice. We plan on releasing several...
  3. forum_admin

    Cathe Rotations Are Now Available On Roku

    We have now added "Monthly Rotations" to our Cathe OnDemand Roku Chanel, including the new August 2019 rotation. Next, we plan on adding our monthly rotations to Fire and Fire TV. ✅Learn more about Cathe OnDemand at
  4. forum_admin

    Announcing Our New Next Generation Roku App For Cathe OnDemand

    Our current Roku app was one of the first apps we created three years ago for our Cathe OnDemand streaming service. Our abilities and technology have come a long way since we first released Cathe OnDemand on Roku and that is why we're so excited to release our new next generation Roku Cathe...
  5. forum_admin

    Fit Split is now On Roku

    We've now added all of the Fit Split workouts to our Roku OnDemand Chanel. Let us know if you experience any problems? *Get 24/7 Instant Access To Cathe OnDemand and Start Building The Body You've Always Wanted! Over 300 premium workouts, 179 Cathe Live workouts, 1800 premix workouts. Sign Up...
  6. forum_admin

    Cathe Live is now on Roku!

    We've just made watching Cathe Live on your big TV easier by adding Cathe Live to Roku. This is our 10th app we have released and probably our most requested app. To learn how to add Cathe Live to your Roku go to: *Currently the Cathe Live app is missing about 19 videos...
  7. Tracee Larson

    Calendar or Schedule for Programs & Roku issues

    Where can I find a calendar or a schedule to follow for any of Cathe's programs? Also, on Roku, it's so hard to find anything on there at all!! There should be a search option or have the same categories as what's there any chance that will be updated any time soon? How...
  8. forum_admin

    ICE Now On Roku

    If you are a Cathe OnDemand customer you can now watch ICE on Roku. (we support Roku 3). Order or learn more about our new ICE videos: