Announcing Our New Next Generation Roku App For Cathe OnDemand


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Our current Roku app was one of the first apps we created three years ago for our Cathe OnDemand streaming service. Our abilities and technology have come a long way since we first released Cathe OnDemand on Roku and that is why we're so excited to release our new next generation Roku Cathe OnDemand app.

If you're not familiar, Roku is one of the most popular ways to enjoy programming on your TV without having to purchase programming through your cable company. Alternatively, it allows you to watch private channels, like our Cathe Ondemand, without having to use your mobile device or computer. Our new next generation Roku App is way more advanced than our current Roku app. Here is what's new:

  • Supports multiple Roku Devices
  • Has over 1000+ Premixes - (The same premixes as our DVDs )
  • Allows you to play any workout you created or downloaded on our Workout Blender
  • Better navigation. Videos are sorted by workout series and workout type
  • Use your remote arrows to skip any chapter while the video is playing
  • Chapter menu allows you to instantly select any chapter in the video
  • Add and remove favorite videos for quicker navigation
Our current Roku app is still also available and you may continue to use it for now, but sometime later this year it will be retired because the computer language it is written in "Bright Script" will no longer be supported by Roku starting in 2019. So as long as you're a current Cathe OnDemand subscriber you can now start using our new and improved next generation Roku app by simply following these instructions:

How to Access Our OnDemand Channel on Your Roku 3+

To learn how to add our new next generation Cathe OnDemand app to your Roku Click Here

*Our OnDemand videos have only been tested on Roku 3+ devices and newer Roku's (although Roku will let you install the channel on older/lower model devices—there is no way for us to control this). Older Roku devices may not work correctly because of their inability to decode high quality HD video reliably.

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