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    Party Rockin' Step #2 Review

    Party Rockin' Step # 2 was a lot fun!! It was fast-paced and easy to follow. I really liked the fresh twist on familiar moves. The music was upbeat, energetic, and it kept me moving. And after having been a Cathlete for more than 12 years, every time she asked if I was tired yet, the answer was...
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    If you're looking for something to read...

    I guess maybe I should have said she describes their sex scenes. It is not the main focus of the story, but is it part of their love that the author does not leave out. And it's spectacular! The story itself is mind-blowing, maybe you could graze over the lovemaking.;)
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    If you're looking for something to read...

    I'm so glad you liked it, too!! It's amazing isn't it?
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    If you're looking for something to read...

    My dear friend, Ani Surnois wrote a magnificent story called, "Thirty Nights of Snow." You will not believe that she is a novice writer. You will see from chapter one that her writing is brilliant, precise, poetic and just top notch. I've had the privilege of reading all 40 chapters of book one...
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    Fifty Shades

    Yep, I'm hooked. It's exactly what my 18year old marriage needed! *wink* I vote Josh Holloway as Christian.
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    What state already received their DVD's

    Las Vegas, Friday! I did the happy dance at the mail box!!
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    What are your favorite "Cathe-isms"

    I love the high fives at the end of a work out. I always return them if even just in spirit.
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    Rotation Creation

    Yes, please!!
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    Workout Personality Quiz

    Another Strength Sister here! :D
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    Shape Magazine's 12 Sayings...

    Yes, these were great! My big butt thanks you! :-)
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    How do you get in your flax seed?

    I used to grind them with my coffee grinder, now I buy them ground and store them in the fridge. I put my flax in oatmeal, pancakes, cereal for the kids, and add it to my yogurt or cottage cheese. For those of you that drink flax seed oil, how is the taste? I haven't tried chia seeds yet...
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    The Lorax

    I was hoping for more but I did like it. My 6 & 8yr olds loved it, my 10yo DS said it was ok but there was WAY too much singing. Lol
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    Which Cathe workout...

    I love it all... Dancy, Athletic, old and new BUT the one and only that scares me is... MIC!! Really just the hi/lo. I don't ever do that one unless it's on a rotation. I would rather do IMAX 3 twice than MIC once! Hahaha Very fun thread!
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    Cathe's New Videos/2012 Presale!!

    I opened my email and read, "two new workouts" without hesitation I pulled out my credit card.:p No need to even ask or know what it is! I've not been let down yet!! Thank you, Cathe for the treat today.:D
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    Super Bowl Ads

    Two words... David. Beckham.