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    PHA2 vs PHA3

    I think all the of them are quite different. The first one is classic weight training moves (no frills!) and as others have mentioned you do three rounds. Number two has more variety and of course two rounds and number three uses more metabolic moves for an enhanced cardio effect. I'd say you...
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    New Workout Series

    Yes! A new heavy weight series would be great!
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    Exclusively Weights

    I would love a low rep heavy weight split workout series!
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    Forearms and hands

    Hi. I believe they are just in Slow and Heavy Biceps and Triceps, Four Day Split bicep workout and in Gym Styles Biceps workout. There might be others but these are the only three I know
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    Perfect30 Update 9-28-20

    Hi Teals You may have already received an answer elsewhere, but the premixes are listed when you click on the individual DVD links on the ordering page.
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    Plateau Busters

    This is a great idea!
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    Cathe New Series Perfect 30 workouts?

    In the longer description it says that one of the HIIT workouts will be low impact
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    Heavy weight workout

    Ooh standing abs bonus wouild be amazing!
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    Heavy weight workout

    There are so few heavy weight muscle building workouts on the market. I would love something incorpating heavy weights and working to failure (Slow and Heavy, Burn Sets and Ripped with HIIT are my faves). Oh pretty pretty pretty please
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    Will it work for me?

    Hi there The STS series sounds very exciting. My question is this: I am currently working out at the gym doing 4 sets of 4 different exercises per body part (working each body part once per week). Will the STS series be a worhtwhile addition and will it be challenging and beneficial for me...
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    Why the emphasis on upper body in new DVD premixes?

    As a guy, I am personally THRILLED to see so many upper body options! Thanks Cathe! :))) Trevor
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    Where can I get a 6ft dynaband in the UK?

    I think the official "Dynaband" company only do one size (i.e. the short one!). Unfortunately, I found it to be trial and error when it came to getting equivalent bands in the UK. Sorry, this is probably NO help is it? :)
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    Availability in the UK

    Hehehehe I don't find them too girly at all - but I have done aerobics for a long time (even used to teach). I tell lots of people about Cathe - people are always interested (or amused by me maybe..!), but I hate to say, home workouts don't really have a serious reputation in this country...
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    Availability in the UK

    Hi Yen I do all of Cathe's workouts :) You are quite right about properties in London, not only is space a factor, but (in the case of everywhere I have lived here) the age of the properties is also a factor. Everything here is Victorian built, so creaky floors galore! I tend to find step is...
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    Availability in the UK

    Thanks to all of you who have mentioned the Physical Company. I have just been over to their site and they have some fantastic stuff over there! As you can see, my user name on this forum is rather apt - if somewhat unoriginal... hehehe Trevor (In the good old city of London..) :)