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    XTrain Success Story Spotlight

    did you get most of your results definition from train? did you follow one od trains plans? awesome results! Thanks for sharing!
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    XTrain Ride!!!

    when you said you bought a stand for your ntm bike, do you mean a fluid trainer? like the ones that lock in back tire and you can shift and ride like normal on it? never thought of that.. works like a spin? just adjust/shift gears to add resistance?
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    Hard Strikes Heavy Bag Tabatas!!

    new to the mma and .... so loveing the heavy bag tabatas, but is there a reason for not having kicking to heavy bag in the routine. just curious, I thought there was and thought how releaseing it might be kick instead or with punching?
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    Did Ride yesterday on the treadmill......

    My treadmill goes up to 40 % incline so on big hill I will probably take as far as I can to try and match. If too hard take down and speed up lol. Can' t to try to give vatiety thank you so much!
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    Did Ride yesterday on the treadmill......

    On one thread I read someone say she didn,t have a bike and used her eliptical and it worked
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    Did Ride yesterday on the treadmill......

    I'm not sure I understand how. Do you just do the temp the same but on treadmill? Hill climbs increase incline? I want to try but want to do right
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    Barre Tower

    Is there any way to find out when there will be more towers in? I was got the Barre workout for Christmas and also have STS and can't find them any where? Thank you Tammy
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    Xtrain Cardio Leg Blast

    ooohhh!! Thank you! just checked them out and lovem!! Tami
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    Xtrain Cardio Leg Blast

    ok I must have missed something.. I can't find this clip? where is it? I seen the post with Ride, chest,bk and shldr, hard strikes, and super cuts but not this one:(
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    XTrain is Now Finished! – PreSale Ends Today!

    I read in there reply on another post it is the 12oz gloves:)
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    Hard Strikes Bag??

    just curious did your use sand for yours? if so how much/many bags? did it take?
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    STS or Xtrain? where to start?

    Thank you girls :)
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    STS or Xtrain? where to start?

    hi! Actually had the same question, so would have been interwsted in reading the suggestions. I have been a cardio junkie and would like to get into adding strength training as I am 49 find I need to not be doing quit as much cardio and more strength to balance my body more, would actually like...
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    Spinning Bike: Update (WooHoo)!

    spin workout woohoo! Sooo glad you did one and will be doing more..Love it!!!
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    cycle max

    has anyone done cycle max, that have done tough spin gym classes? how does it compare?