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    Equipment used in ICE

    Thanks Cathe. Sounds great :). I love your band work. Especially the back work in Flextrain, the side leg work in Lean legs and abs, and anytime you pick up a band and 5 lb Dumbbells ...I know I will feel it. Your workouts just get better and better!
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    Pre-Order Cathe's New Ice Series

    I also would love an extended stretch option similar to STS. I have used that stretch a lot over the years and find it very therapeutic. But I can't believe how excellent this new series sounds :) you really have listened to your fans. Thanks Cathe
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    Pre-Order Cathe's New Ice Series

    As always I am super excited to receive more Cathe workouts! I am curious about the equipment you plan to utilize in the workout set. As well I am also curious about the approximate time of the workouts. Thanks Cathe, you truly are the Best!!!
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    Equipment used in ICE

    hi Cathe I am super excited about the new series!!! I was just wondering if you could tell us the equipment we will be using in the new series. Thank-you
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    All Compound Exercise Total Body Workout

    I love cathe's "metabolic" workouts like "Flextrain" and would be in workout heaven if cathe released a set of workouts like this, especially with great music similar To that used in xtrain and other recent workouts. Possibly an upper body and lower body workout using lots of compound moves...
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    Low impact series #2 PLEASE!

    Yes Please! I would also LOVE another low impact series. Could it also include a circuit workout for upper and lower body. And something similar to another metabolic workout like Flextrain. Another bike workout and more yoga! Of course I also love workouts like Afterburn, super sets...
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    Love Lean Legs & Abs and Great Glutes

    I agree, these workouts are wonderful. I love everything about these two workouts and along with the leg workouts from x train they are my absolute favourites. Love the exercises and the music.
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    Please share your LIVE Cathe TV ideas

    I love the workouts Cathe has come up with in especially the last 3 years. I love the low impact series and would love to see more similar to afterburn, cardio supersets, flex train, great glutes, spinning, and lean legs and abs, turbo barre.
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    Any filming this year?

    I would love to see more spin workouts with great music. In fact I would love to see a whole set of spin workouts :)
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    Spin Bike for a shorty 5'3" suggestions

    I am about 5'2 and I bought a Bladez Pro from Sears several years ago (when Cathe brought out her first spin workout). I find it very comfortable and very smooth to ride. I use it about once a week and it still is working great...
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    calendar 2014

    I received my calender in the mail today in Winnipeg Canada! I LOVE it! Fun to look at all the "memory lane" pictures. It will look great in my home gym. Thanks for the inspiring calender :)
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    I bet there will be an anouncement in Jan.

    January 28th:)
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    I bet there will be an anouncement in Jan.

    I would like to see more low impact cardio similar to "after burn" and/or more spinning workouts. A January announcement would be great! :)
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    Loving Flex Train

    I'm planning to do this one today too :). I did it last week and LOVED it!! I am loving this set of workouts!
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    Extended Stretch

    I use the extended stretch from STS all the time, especially after spinning. I would love more short "yoga influenced" stretches. I also like when the stretches are held longer.