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    IMAX 4 or choreographed step workout - the heart of Cathe, Barre workout, Silver Series

    I would love a STS #2. I will 2nd the suggestion for an advanced level, low impact series. The low impact series would be a great place for step workouts!
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    Uplifting story

    Love these stories! Hope more of us will be these stories, too!
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    More info on new workouts

    Does anyone know level the new workouts will be? I am hoping for advance level. If there are at an intermediate level, I probably will reviews before I order.
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    Kitty version of Cathe-type training

    Won't me see the kitty workout ;=(( Can others still it?
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    Videos to get in shape for do with my SO?

    Hi Mary-No expert here, but I was doing long hikes this past summer (10-15 mile range once a week and 4-6 miles a couple days a week), mostly at high altitude (I live in the Colorado mountains). I worked on leg and core strength using a variety of Cathe's DVDs. Also used my weight vest (slowly...
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    The Carb Nite Diet-anyone heard of this rediculous diet ??

    Karen-- do you think during the reduce carbs part of the diet you are eating less calories and that could explain part of the weight loss?
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    Anyone else coughing coughing coughing????

    Glad to hear you are finally recovering Nanbo! My cough is also pretty much gone, but my head is very stuffy. I live at high altitude (9,000 feet or 2743 meters-hope I did the calculation correctly) and have went down to a lower altitude a couple times in the past few days and the higher air...
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    Anyone else coughing coughing coughing????

    I hope everyone is feeling better! Today is Day 6 and just this evening I am coughing less and not so deep! I hope this improvement continues. My energy is increasing-the messy house I have not been bothering with since being sick, starting bothering me and the cleanup process has begun...
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    New Stretch DVD?

    I like Lastics ones also. Also good are Classical Stretch (led by Mom) and Essentials (led by daughter) at By Kristina Nekyia: Get Bent and Bendy Body are great. I rotate through all 3 instructors.
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    Anyone else coughing coughing coughing????

    I live in Colorado, in the middle of the USA and a 24 hours after I got back from a trip to Nevada, I begun coughing and a sore throat (a lot of people on the plane were sneezing). Now 3 days later the sore throat is gone, but a big-time dipply nose and still deep coughing. I have not been...
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    Search function?

    I see it now. Thanks!
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    Search function?

    Where did you find it?:confused:
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    Moving advice needed

    I don't remember the name of the company-I will ask my Step Mom when I see her this weekend. Its been 6 or 7 years since I moved. I grow up in Lakewood and my Mom still lives there, so visit my old haunts sometimes.
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    Moving advice needed

    Get recommendations of different moving companies. My daughter used a company that was a nightmare ( I think she just randomly chose the company and did report them to the BBB). My parents, and than me, used a company recommended by the retirement community they were moving to. They were...
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    Body Beast

    Catwoman sharing your pain. After doing Legs 2 earlier this week, I also thought this is not so bad and had some extra time, so I did the Advance Express 30 minute P57, using not a playground ball, but a 4 # Medicine Ball. DOMS the nx day!