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    Lisa, Cathe and Jai in STEP BOSS PHA 3

    What is the best way to incorporate PHA into a rotation?
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    Spin/cycle pretty please

    Cathe can you please do more spin videos?? I know you have some in live but streaming and downloading are not feasible for me.
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    "To the Max Two" and "Crossfire Two"

    Yes please I really love these, the sets are so bright and the music is great and the energy is fantastic.
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    About STEP SYNC

    I LOVE the background!!!! And can’t wait for the workouts.
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    Pre-Order Ripped with HiiT™

    deal of the day - with pre-order so I have been watching deal of the day fairly diligently and the 2 of the last 4 DVD's to complete my Cathe collection came up a few days ago, I was ecstatic! I haven't seen these two DVD's on at the same time in the last 3 years, the intensity series comes up...
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    Announcing the Grand Opening of Our New On Demand Streaming Video Portal

    this is pretty cool. I admit it won't work for me because I am in a rural area with slow spotty internet, but would like to try it for a little while anyway. maybe in a couple years we will join the rest of the world.:) How exactly do I view from my TV? is there a way to connect through...
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    smart tv vs aple tv?

    Thanks for the reply, this really did help. I decided to go with Apple TV, my husband loves it so much he is getting another one for use upstairs.:o:)
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    smart tv vs aple tv?

    hi, I am getting a new TV and am wondering if a smart tv will work with cathe downloads. if it would, could you please provide an updated tutorial? or some quick instructions please? what is your opinion on smart TV's and ease of use compared to apple tv? the tv is just for my gym. I...
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    Horizontal Conditioning Sale

    thank you Colleen, that's a great tip about the bodybar, I don't have one.
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    Horizontal Conditioning Sale

    I have read so many positive comments in the past about HC but it is a little overwhelming. If I were to buy ONE video and want to focus on core and to a lesser degree my glutes. which is the best video? are there any without a cardio component or at least only low impact? I would really...
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    Prayers For ReneePruitt

    Renee, I am so sorry for your loss. My thoughts and prayers are with you. And hugs too.
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    Foam Roller

    Please cathe, consider foam roller, mobility video!!
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    Mobility Work

    I love this idea, all types of mobility work! With different types of stretching, foam rolling, and small ball too, I find six inch balls very useful but am always looking for more tips. I think a dynamic flowy fluid warmup would be lovely too
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    Happy Hips

    I have both of the eosin Finn DVDs mentioned I prefer the magically hips practice in power yoga for happiness over the pursuit of happy hips although the pursuit of happy hips has some great tips and the practices are fantastic. I just find I don't like the practices as much.
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    Preworkout energy

    I like the vega sport pre workout energizer. no yucky colors or fillers like the most popular brands. acai tastes great, lime is yucky. it does give me boost but not so sure about pump. it has green tea extract and mate and a bunch of other good stuff.