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    1st cathe workout tape

    Mine was Rhythmic Step. Marcy
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    Complex Step Choreography wanted

    Seasun Zieger is great for complex choreography. Straight Up Step would be the most moderate of her choreography. My favorite of hers is CIA 2903 - Stepping Up. It has great music. This is probably my most complex step workout and it takes awhile to learn the choreography (you probably won't...
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    Pilates video recommendation

    He could try the Rael Pilates series. There are three in order of difficulty: Rael 7 Rael 17 Rael 27 He's very good on form. Marcy
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    Cardio BArre???? feedback please

    Toaster - I love Ultimate Advanced Cardio Barre! Music - okay; has a repetitive driving beat Instructor - okay (some people find him annoying but he doesn't bother me; at one point he says something about working to get those sexy legs). Cardio effect - Just as the title implies, it...
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    Do you prefer downloads or physical DVDs?

    Definitely DVDs! Marcy
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    I HATE this stupid timechange!!!

    I also say leave it alone. I also must be in the minority because I feel much better springing forward. I got up this morning before my alarm clock and I feel great today. When we fall back, I tend to go to bed too early and wake up more in the middle of the night. When I go to bed a little...
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    Tracey Mallet's Booty Barre workout?

    Sarah - I love Booty Barre! It's my favorite barre workout. It has a complete upper body section. Really works the booty (hence the title). Its pretty light on abs and could use a little more stretching. It has a cardio section with mountain climbers, plank jacks and fast knee repeaters...
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    Avocado Ideas?

    Maybe this sounds a little crazy but I eat tuna with avocado and a little lemon juice. I have this for lunch quite often. I also put avocado on sandwiches or put it in a salad. I only started eating avocados less than a year ago and I wish I had started eating them sooner! Kathryn -...
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    Review: Tracey Staehle's Steady State Step

    I always finish this one with a smile on my face! Like you said, pure fun! Not too difficult to pick up and great music. Marcy
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    Keurig - What's your favorite?

    My DH love the Kahlua by Timothy's. I like the Hazelnut by Green Mountain. We both like the light roast coffees. Also the Cafe Mocha by Café Escapes is delicious. BJ's had the Hazelnut. I bought 80 cups for $36.99 which is a very good price. They hardly have any kind of selection though...
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    Think you know your Microsoft?

    I don't know what kind of job vacancies you're looking to fill, but I don't think this is an accurate tool at all. I have been a legal assistant for over 20 years and lots of this stuff I don't even use. I was tested heavily when I tried to get a job almost 3 years ago when I moved and lots of...
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    Lunch in NYC w/Jen & Sylwia

    Sylwia is from the Tonique workouts. These are extremely high-rep workouts with little to no weight. Sylwia's Mat workout is the most intense mat workout I've ever done. There are three sections: on the knees, on the side and on the back. I find On the Back the most intense. Lots of pelvic...
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    Yoga/Pilates Suggestions

    I totally agree with Shiva's Daily Energy. This was my most used DVD of 2010. I wish she'd make another one just like it (with different poses of course). Also, Elle Yoga has two 20-minute workouts which are led by Tara Stiles. Also agree with Hilary Burnett's Advanced Mat Pilates...
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    Changing Mark Twain

    I think it's wrong. The words are a reflection of the time the book was written. If you change that, like you said, you're changing history. Aren't we supposed to learn from books how things were so we can change how we are now or not to repeat same mistakes? Marcy
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    Today's Dr. Oz show (Monday, 12/27)

    Here it is in a nutshell: You have to eat less, exercise more, drink ice water and fill up on fiber. Here are more specifics: Your metabolism winds down 5% every 10 years. Your mitochondria ("fat-burning factories") slow down so you need to cut back on calories. They suggest cutting...