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    Workout Blender Crashes Frequently

    But... the Workout Blender USED to work just fine on my iPad, with the exception of having to hit Play after each section. Now, there's a completely different problem. I still have to hit Play after each section, which I have learned to live with. But now the Blender crashes after playing...
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    Workout Blender Crashes Frequently

    I am having this same issue, but in Safari on my iPad Air. Very annoying. During my last workout, it got so bad (I was losing momentum and not keeping my HR up because of having to restart my browser and find where I left off in the workout), I gave up and had to try to do the workout from...
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    Blender Workouts Stop on iPhone

    Thanks for responding. Glad to hear you are working on this. I am happy to be patient for a good solution. :)
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    Blender Workouts Stop on iPhone

    I have the same problem with an iPad Air. Frustrating, to say the least! I really want to take full advantage of the WB, but can't if I'm constantly having to interrupt my workout to push Play every couple of minutes.
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    Is this the appropriate place to report problems with the on-demand workout blender?

    Me too. When I play back on my iPad Air, I have to hit Play for EVERY segment. I reported the issue already but have not received a satisfactory response other than "It worked fine when we tried it on an iPad Air 2." So I'm glad I'm not the only one having this problem. I hope they can come...
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    Introducing Our New Workout Blender

    I reboot my iPad every time I install any app updates (which is almost daily). I am playing WB videos at Medium quality. I have run speedtest and my internet service is plenty fast enough (rarely have issues playing OnDemand workouts even at high quality).
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    Introducing Our New Workout Blender

    iPad Air, using the native browser. I am on the most recent OS update.
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    Introducing Our New Workout Blender

    I LOVE this tool - what an easy way to customize our workouts! :D Well done, Cathe and team! I have a question about playing WB videos on a tablet. Last night I used my iPad to play back a custom workout I had created on a PC. It was awesome, except for one little annoyance - I had to push...
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    Roku Users - Help Us Test Our New Roku OnDemand Channel

    Yes, please add the ability to link 2 Rokus, as I have two workout spaces in my house with a Roku in each one (one for weight workouts, and one for cardio).
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    Workout Manager - bug fixes?

    Not to dredge up an old post, but I was looking for this specific issue and found someone had already asked about it: Why is there a "Remember Me" option in Workout Manager if it doesn't even work? You say there's a check box for staying logged in in the forum profile, but I don't see in my...
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    <--but I learned to be cool from you

    <---waves Happy Friday morning to the lovely OALers! <---definitely agrees that Wendy should bring a flask to Chuck E Cheese <---needs a drink (or three) after this long week <---is jealous of Robin's day off <---could really use a day off <---could really use a week off <---doesn't have any...
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    <---is loving seeing all these arrows! :eek: <---waves excitedly to all the old OALers! <---is not calling anyone old, of course <---thinks you are all sassy young chicks ;) <---is eagerly awaiting Liann's news <---hopes Steph's boys feel better soon <---agrees with TeTe that when Shelley...
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    Hola chicas! :cool:
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    Congrats, Chicago Marathon Finishers!

    Awww, thanks Cathy! It was so great to see you there cheering in full taco gear! :D It was a very tough marathon (I told myself many times during the last 8 miles "I am NEVER doing this again!") but we all got through it. And I'm already looking for my next marathon. So much for "never...
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    Garmin Forerunner--opinions wanted.

    I think the display on the 405 is just as large as on the other models, but because there aren't any buttons on the front, it makes the overall size smaller. However, ALL Garmins are big and bulky - no question about it. You wouldn't want to wear any of them as your everyday watch. I could...