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    dudes is STS cardio....? Sure!! It would be cool. And hey, if those particular guys aren't up to it...I'm always available :) Peace K
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    Film crew

    it's all good, WISP...just having a few laughs. Now on to other things...I believe that there is a challenge on the table. Any takers??? How about at the RT - maybe youtube....come on ladies...watcha got???? :) Peace, Keith
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    Film crew

    This discussion inspired me to do Cardio Fusion today. Let's just say...I totally destroyed it (and didn't feel much like Richard Simmons :)). Peace, Keith
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    Film crew

    Nothing wrong with guys stepping???? You got that right :) . Tell you what, just in case you don't think guys can keep up...what would you say to a step-off challenge smack down....? Power 15...30...45 anyone??? Straddle tap 'til you puke???? Game on. Keith
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    anyone care to share results?

    Still working through meso II - I have to say that I have a whole new respect for paper plates...
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    Slanted risers worth getting?

    I totally dig the slanted risers - they are a must for STS. Besides, it's fun to do IMAX II on an angle...(snicker) Keith
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    About STS Shock Cardio

    ORDERED!!! Looking forward to this one! K
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    anyone care to share results?

    SO far (I'm in meso II) I have noticed some real gains in strength - especially my upper body. Not only that, but my arms and chest are really starting to show more definition than before. No complaints from me - I love this program. K
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    Any guys out there?

    Hello my brothers! I am starting week two of STS today - actually in about an hour. Week one was a killer...and I am loving it! Talk to you later.. Keith
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    Anyone else have a hubby doing STS with them?

    Hey crew - been away from the boards for a while...but I'm back now. And wife and I are doing STS together. So far so good...these are some killer workouts for sure. We start week #2 today. Bring it on!! Keith
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    Cathe, if you were a male...

    Hey all - ain't no thang!! I know plenty of hardcore ripped home exercise madmen (myself included) who love Cathe workouts. I just did IMAX III only moments ago - i nearly bonked on blast #8 :) but pushed through. Cathe - the dudes are on board!! Keith
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    Anyone else make non fitness goals?

    My goals?? To actually finish the things I have started. Which means...I need to focus more. I suppose I'll be spending less time on the Cathe boards:) Keith
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    GWTW--I have a burning question!

    Just a tad off topic, but I can never resist quoting (with more than just a snicker in my voice) what the president of the Atlanta chapter of the United Daughters of the Confederacy said about Vivien Leigh being cast as Scarlett: "Better an English girl than a Yankee!" Those Rebs never give up...
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    GWTW--I have a burning question!

    wimp indeed - hey...don't you think Leslie Howard was a great casting choice?? Keith