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    Cathe Workouts in the Gym

    I just signed up for a gym membership and want to take Cathe workouts with me to stream. Who else does this and is it hard to follow along vs being in at At Home Gym?
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    Advise on menopause please...

    Okay Ladies! I need some advise on exercising and diet while going thru this thing called MENOPAUSE lol!! I haven't been on a regular exercise routine/program for awhile now and will be starting back in the Cathe Strong and Sweaty and thinking of trying a low carb diet? I appreciate any and...
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    I would love to see this too!!
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    Fit Tower Advanced Video Update - 4-15-17

    What is the difference between the Fit Towers?
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    Proud Owner of 2nd Fit Tower !

    I am not too familiar with the Fit Tower, how are these compared or what are the differences? And what about the assembly lol, is it tough?
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    ICE, RWH, XTrain Rotation

    Does anyone know if there has been a rotation created using these series or if anyone has any suggestions using them together? TIA.
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    Rotation with ICE, RWH and Xtrain

    Has anyone created a rotation using these DVDs yet or can anyone advise how to create one? Thanks in advance.
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    Xtrain / LIS 90 day rotation...

    Thank you very much!
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    Xtrain / LIS 90 day rotation...

    HELP!!! Where can I find this rotation at, I have not be able to locate it? Thank you!
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    Horizontal conditioning and low impact rotation

    BTW, where can I find the 90 day Xtrain / LIS rotation?
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    Horizontal conditioning and low impact rotation

    HC, Thank you for sharing this, I had never heard of HC before and I went to the website and saw the clips and holy cow it looks tough! I have some Gold's Gym gliders and a carpeted floor, have any of you tried those on a carpeted floor? It looks like those DVD's use the gliders quite a bit...
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    xtrain and STS rotation

    Also, can this be added to the workout manager?
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    xtrain and STS rotation

    I am new to STS and Xtrain. Can someone give me more info on the difference between these programs and if I should do these separate since I am a beginner? Thanks for posting this rotation too.
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    Fat Loss Rotation

    Are there any rotations that focus on fat loss? Thanks in advance.
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    Xtrain vs STS

    What is the difference between Xtrain and STS and what does undulating mean? I am new to both of these workout programs so needing a little guidance please.