Advise on menopause please...


Okay Ladies! I need some advise on exercising and diet while going thru this thing called MENOPAUSE lol!! I haven't been on a regular exercise routine/program for awhile now and will be starting back in the Cathe Strong and Sweaty and thinking of trying a low carb diet? I appreciate any and all suggestions, TIA.

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I am on hormone replacement therapy, and it works very well. I am aware of all the side effects, and I get a mammogram every year. I guess I just could not stand the hot flashes and night sweats. I have read that females often get a pot belly after menopause, but, if you exercise, it should not happen.


Average menopause weight gain should be 5 lbs, but most women due to bad habits and poor food choices can gain up to 20 pounds and more. There is a reason we tend to hold a bit of extra on our abdomens. It is because that is where our uterus is located and in order to continue to make some estrogen the ovaries need a lipid supply #itsawomanthing


What I have found is that a clean diet (I choose a 40/30/30 split much like the Zone) with healthy choices and limited processed foods is your best bet. Self acceptance, in that you will never have a 20 something body again (ahhh my 24” will never be my BFF again, but I have two of the most wonderful adult children anyone could want....and that trade off is fine with me. Do your best, be your best and love yourself....if you are healthy you are blessed. Remember...”.old age is a privilege denied many” Good luck :)


Low carb diet and heavy weights or HIIT workouts aren’t a good mix because of the demand the workouts make on the body for energy. If you like a low carb diet, check out carb cycling. It will help reduce the strain and keep you somewhat low carb. Sometimes being a woman is just really hard. Our bodies are in flux and change and each one is different. You have to listen to yours.

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