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    Fruits and Nutrition

    Fruits are also good source of vitamins and minerals. It can also a thirst quencher and a good alternative for those people who can't spend much time preparing something for their breakfast.
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    How much water is too much water?

    Yes mackenzie, it's more important that she drinks that much since she is bearing a child. It's more important to drink that much especially in her case because the fetus needs more water to get more oxygen inside the womb.
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    Help! Son getting married, need to look great

    And to add to this, you also have to watch your diet. The workout will never be left for just a simple workout. It should go hand in hand with your eating lifestyle. Try to limit your usual carbs eating. Lessen (if possible - avoid) eating food with too much oil. Always balance your workout with...
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    100+ pounds gone forever!

    You are truly an inspiration to all of us. I was so touched by your sincere dedication and determination to reach this goal. I just love how you love yourself and I hope I could also do the same. Now I'm on my biggest - 200lbs. and still counting. I'm just 5"1 and I already get difficulty...
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    Cast for Xtrain

    I am too anxious to see who will be in the new series!!!
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    Which section of CF is the most challenging for you?

    It was going to be one of the tabatas.
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    Pre-Order Cathe’s New XTRAIN Workout Series

    No haven't any problem yet. Its pretty good.
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    Another workout blender problem

    I am a problem to downloaded the video. :(
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    Workout Blender Information

    I am very eager to learn about the topics. It is quiet identical and effective may be. Need special attention.
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    Announcing Cathe Downloads

    I have downloaded it and it is awesome!!
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    Add more category filter options to workout manager!!!!!

    filtering well brother actually I did not get your point what are you trying to say can you just clearify your point. let me guess are you talking bout some kinds of web developing
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    Thanks Cathie! I am currently heeding to your suggestions on brisk walking and biking, so far my breathing has improved and my body is more energetic now.
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    Muscles Not Firm

    I think its not so necessary to have a rock hard muscles, being healthy is the keyword. muscled will be developed in the absence of fat. I think the soft region on your arm are fats. I'm not sure but that's actually how I understand it.
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    Using a weight vest with legs?

    not really a good idea because it can also cause skin problems, like rashes and all. plus its not very comfortable to use.
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    I am like a noctural animal so i need coffee every night i can't go a single day without a cup of coffee.:):)