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    Ice Series Introduction, something funny happened

    We were having tornado warnings and I was starting a dvd from the ICE series. My hubby said, "what is that", lol!
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    Intensity Lisa is back again, older, diagnosed with systemic autoimmune disorders, but I still...

    Intensity Lisa is back again, older, diagnosed with systemic autoimmune disorders, but I still have my game face on!
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    Low Impact, Kettleballs and Zumba!!

    OK, now that I see you are going to make 10 new workouts for us "Catheletes" I thought it would be awesome if you could maybe give Kettleballs or Zumba a whirl! You go girl!
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    HIIT or Tabata????????

    Which do you like better and why? Is one more effective in burning calories than the other or is the only difference between the two the rest periods?
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    Your Ideal Day

    My ideal day would be lying in a hammock in Hawaii, even though I have never been. I hear the weather is always perfect! Florida is too humid in the Summer even though I see people up North, Midwest and West have been sizzling hot more so than down here in FL!
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    What state already received their DVD's

    Florida, I just received my DVD's today, Monday. I was probably one of the last group to preorder though. I am not sure if that makes a difference?
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    To The Max and CrossFire DVD Shipping Alert!

    How exciting! I love a new "Cathe" challenge!
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    1st cathe workout tape

    Step N Motion III I bought in 1992
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    Any Forty-Somethings out there who are struggling?

    Yes, I am 47 and still have a little ways to go, the middle is the worst! I am an extreme carb lover and until I give that up, I guess I will be always struggling, especially with my middle. I am glad I have "Cathe" though! I couldn't imagine where I'd be without her excellent core work!
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    Catching up with you

    You're addicted to filming Cathe, LOL, and I am glad!!!!
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    Cathe Update on Facebook

    I love the color blue outfits if it is the pic I am thinking of! Awesome!
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    Low Intensity Series, bonus DVD????

    I missed out when the Low Intensity Series was a presale and thought I heard of a bonus DVD which is rare that could be ordered at the time of presale? Does anyone know about this or am I imagining things, LOL. If there is such a DVD what is it called?
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    Cardio Supersets, I don't know what it is.....

    When the workout first starts out my thought's were "oh this is a piece of cake" so I go full force. When it comes to the mountain climbers and right off from that the step with the side leg raises is where it got me the last time and by the time I realized what had happened I was so scared. I...
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    Cardio Supersets, I don't know what it is.....

    Thanks for the great advice everyone! I do not think I did eat the last time I attempted this workout. I did it first thing in the morning. Also, I live in Florida so at times it gets extremely humid down here. I do believe it was caused from overheating. I love this workout! It is hard...
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    Cardio Supersets, I don't know what it is.....

    with this workout but every time I do this and end up either having to stop and catch my bearings or stop altogether near the end of the workout. The last time I did this workout, I really scared myself as I got soooo dizzy and felt as if I was going to black out. No other workout does this...