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    Can't Drag and Drop Workouts while Making Rotations

    Hi, For some reason, I can't drag and drop any workouts when I try to create/edit rotations. The computer just marks the text, but won't move it anywhere. I'm using Explorer 9. Anyone else have this problem or know how to fix it? Thanks.
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    Using 1RM for other workouts

    I would really be interested to know the answer to this too. Thanks.
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    Absolutely my opinion too!! But if Cathe were to find some male background exercisers with a dance or martial arts background who *moved beautifully* it would be really nice. Also, if they looked as if they were mentally present and enjoying the workout. The STS guys seemed to be zoned...
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    1 rep max help

    Cathe, or anyone who knows... I just received my STS and I'm really excited about it. I started my 1 rep max tests today, but when I enter them, the number shown at the bottom of the calculator as my 1 rep max is different from the one that gets entered into memory on my list. Is this because...
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    1 rep max cards for workouts prior to STS?

    I have preordered STS and am looking forward to it, but I was wondering if there would be printable workout cards for the older series such as S&H, the Intensities, the Body Blasts, Hardcores, etc. Will these be available, and if so, do you have any idea when? Thanks.
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    What are your must haves? (I'm moving overseas... need to stock up!)

    RE: What are your must haves? (I'm moving overseas... n... If your husband's company is paying for an international moving service, try to bring as many things as you can with you, because the prices in Europe are typically 30-50% higher than in the US. (I paid US$280 (1680 SEK) for my...
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    1 rm and older workouts

    I was also wondering about this. Will you also be providing guidelines for pre-STS workouts using the 1RM calculator? Thanks.
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    Great arms/legs rotation for HS reunion in 10 weeks

    Hi, I'm wondering if anyone can suggest a rotation for me. I'm having my 20th high school reunion in 2 1/2 months and would like to get "tank-top arms" and "short skirt legs" before then if possible. I mainly want to increase muscle tone and definition in my arms and legs and increase core...
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    >I am sick of the comments too! One woman asked me what I was >having and I told her that we are having another girl. Her >response, "That's ok." I wanted to snap back and say, "No >kidding!" but I was too flabbergasted at her comment so I >told her I was in a hurry and left. I'm...
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    Experienced moms--does it get easier?

    It gets much, much easier!! Not only because the baby will get better (and he will), but also YOU will feel better, i.e. you will recover slowly from your pregnancy and feel more and more like your old pre-pregnant self. Both DD1 (now 4) and DD2 (7 months) had trouble falling asleep at the...
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    Any chance Rhonda's coming back?

    Yes, of all Cathe background participants Rhonda is my favorite by far. Is there any chance she will return for future projects? I'd love to see her!
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    No Energy to Excercise!

    Hi, Just do what feels right. If you need to rest, by all means rest!! I have never been so tired in my life as when I was pregnant! The first pregnancy I suffered from severe nausea 24/7 until the end of the 5th month, and the second I literally could not stay awake. I fell asleep one...
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    International Orders

    >We would like some feedback on these problems and based on >your responses we will consider changing the shipping method. > Hi, I started a thread about International shipping and USPS in the Ask Cathe forum. I'd be glad to give you some feedback on your points here: >#1 Import...
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    International Shipping by USPS possible?

    >When I ordered the last to series, they were shipped by USPS >and I was not charged any other fees. I live in Canada. >Maybe the Highstep was shipped UPS because it was a large >item? > >Debbie This was several years ago, when the High Step first came out. At that time SNM did not...
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    International Shipping by USPS possible?

    Hi, Would it be possible to have international orders shipped by USPS? UPS charges extremely high brokerage fees for collecting VAT and import duties (sometimes more than the shipping cost itself). When I had my High Step delivered to Canada, this cost almost as much as the High Step...