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Cathe, or anyone who knows... I just received my STS and I'm really excited about it. I started my 1 rep max tests today, but when I enter them, the number shown at the bottom of the calculator as my 1 rep max is different from the one that gets entered into memory on my list. Is this because I'm entering everything in kg (all weight training equipment is in kg here)? Then when I print out my card, the weights recommended look a little bit strange sometimes, e.g. it is recommending I do 15 reps with 4 kg for incline front raise, but I only managed to do 13 with that weight during my test. And then it recommends I use 13 kg for chest flies, but actually I don't feel I can do them safely using even 12 kg (I tried with DH spotting and he had to help me). Am I doing something wrong with the calculator?

Finally, when we do the tests are we supposed to be following the same counts up and down for each rep as Cathe is in the workout? Any advice would be appreciated, thanks.

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Did you first click on the "settings icon" and then select the kg for your weight units?

You should use a normal speed tempo for all exercises when taking a 1RM test.

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