Great arms/legs rotation for HS reunion in 10 weeks


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I'm wondering if anyone can suggest a rotation for me. I'm having my 20th high school reunion in 2 1/2 months and would like to get "tank-top arms" and "short skirt legs" before then if possible. I mainly want to increase muscle tone and definition in my arms and legs and increase core strength. (I could stand to lose maybe 5~10 pounds, but that has a tendency to take care of itself if I focus on clean eating.) I have all of Cathe's DVDs except Terminator and the intermediate ones, and I have about an hour a day, give or take, to work out. Right now I feel totally confused as to which series or rotation would be good... Intensities? Hard Core? Drill Max, B&G,etc.? 4DS? Or a mixture?

Any advice would be appreciated!


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