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    Cathe Live Discount Coupon

    Yay! I wonder if I need to wait until my current subscription runs out on Sunday or if the renewal will tack on to the end.
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    Cathe Live Discount Coupon

    I am wondering the same thing too. My subscription is about to expire. I will go back to monthly billing if there isn't a discount for a year long subscription. :)
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    Met values for Cathe Live workouts?

    That would be awesome. I would also love to have a specific Cathe Live icon (like the one for a generic cardio day). That way I'm not recording a DVD when I haven't done it.
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    help with shoes

    I also workout barefoot (in grippy toe socks) because every single shoe I've tried hurts my instep. I finally found a pair of cheap sneakers at Target that work for everyday wear so I am going to bring those and hope for the best. I''m nervous my feet will hurt the whole time! I may end up...
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    Wooo Hooo! who's going to Daytona Beach 2014?!??

    I'm going too! I live in Florence, AL. I started exercising with Cathe on FitTv in 2005. This will be my first roadtrip! I'm excited!!!
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    Yeast Infections

    I don't suffer from this myself but a friend of mine had yeast so badly that she would get a rash on her whole body. She followed the Body Ecology Diet by Donna Gates (it's a book) and had great success. The diet is very strict while you are ridding your body of yeast but it seemed healthy to me...
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    Cathe Classes via Webcam

    This would be awesome!
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    Has anyone done STS 6X per wk for 7 wks?

    Tralaiven That sucks!!!! I hope you are feeling ok and not in too much pain. Here's hoping you don't need surgery! Is anyone interested in moving this to the check-ins forum? I'm not creative enough to come up with a name. I would love to have a check in. I did cardio and abs this morning...
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    Has anyone done STS 6X per wk for 7 wks?

    tralaiven I think a second round of STS is a good thing. :) I bet you will see amazing results with STS and the change in your cardio routine! I am jealous of both of you gals riding bikes. I've always thought that would be something I'd enjoy. Maybe someday. dirtdiva I am also in awe of your...
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    Has anyone done STS 6X per wk for 7 wks?

    I'm also doing a variation of this thanks to this thread. I am in Meso 1 and I am doing each disc twice as in the 6 month rotation. So each week I do each disc two times. I am only in week 1 (completed disc 2 for the second time today) but I think I am really going to like it. After I...
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    Starting STS postpartum

    I've had great success using STS to get back into shape postpartum. I started at 7 weeks pp and I am starting my final week of meso 3 tomorrow!! I am pretty much back to my pre-pregnancy body. I only have 3 more pounds to lose but since I'm breastfeeding I'm not being super restrictive with...
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    Reviews for postnatal ab workouts?

    Hi Mommies! I haven't been able to check in like I wanted to because I found I either had time to workout or time to check-in. Not both. :) My question is has anyone had success with either Lose your Mummy Tummy or the video Bounce back Fast? I still have a diastasis recti. I...
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    Tell us about your STS results!

    11 weeks post partum meso 1 results Woo Hoo! I'm so excited I have to share my mesocycle 1 results! I had my second daughter almost 12 weeks ago. She weighed 10 lbs 2 oz at birth and I gained 40 pounds with her pregnancy. Everything about my second pregnancy was different, including the...
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    Lil' Mamas June 28--July 5

    Hi Mommies! Just a quick note to let you all know I'm still here. Anna is awake up there so I don't have much time though. We've had a busy, but fun couple of days. We went to my mom's and made red, white and blue sugar cookies this morning. I can resist the cookies but the dough gets me every...
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    Lil' Mamas June 28--July 5

    Candra- Holy smokes! I'm just waiting for our first trip to the ER. I don't have boys but Anna is adventurous and fearless so I'm thinking she'll give us a run for our money too. I also hate unannounced visitors. Don't people realize I need 20 minutes to pick up the toys and run the vacuum! :)...