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    Hello @kxj0621! I see you made this post on Friday and did not receive an answer. Many Cathletes migrated over to Facebook from the forums to converse. Please join the Tripping With Cathe Group if you have a Facebook account. You'll find answers to all of your questions there. Cathe posted on...
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    Feb 8, 2018

    That was a tough one! Loved it! Thank you, Cathe!
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    Live fit tower cardio legs!!

    Wow! You wore your weighted vest for this entire workout + went heavier than Cathe on your weight selection? You warrior, you! High five!! I cannot recall the particular moves in this workout right at this moment, but I've done this one and I know that I liked it quite well because I wrote in my...
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    Bring back the DJ for the Spin Class

    Fantabulous!!! :D Thank you, Cathe!!!
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    Peloton vs NordicTrack

    I purchased my Peloton bike last year after outgrowing my old Nordic Track and I love it! There is a monthly subscription fee of $40 + tax, so be aware of that. It looks like Nordic Track is trying to mimic Peloton with their "on-board" workouts, although from what I'm reading on their website...
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    Jan 11th

    I see that the low quality version is now posted! Thank you! I depend on this thread every week for the LIVE workout info too! ;)
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    Any updates on the new series?

    You can subscribe to Cathe Live without "on Demand" for $9.95/month. You should definitely give it a try!!! Cathe has a treasure trove of workouts to choose from now. It is honestly the best $10 I spend every month. You can cancel easily it it's not for you, but I would encourage you to at least...
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    Intermittent Fasting ( IF)

    @angie_nrs Good to hear that IF is working well for you. Cathe just posted this article on her blog regarding not eating after dinner. I don't practice IF regularly per se, but I try my best to not eat after dinner. That is sometimes a struggle for me, but I definitely feel better/leaner for it.
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    2017 Glassboro Road Trip Cathletes – Thanks For Coming!!!

    Always a super fabulous time!! Thank you for having us, Cathe and crew!! See you in Daytona!! :D
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    July 20, 2017

    Happy Birthday, Cathe!!
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    Thursday July 27th

    Thank you for the confirmation, Cathe. See you next week!! :D
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    Best Cathe Workout for eccentric (negative) lifting.

    Awesome! It will be one of the best weekends of your life! :D I look forward to meeting you! :)
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    :D You're welcome. Please come back and post if/when your friend decides to purchase.
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    Spin DVDs besides Cathe????

    Give the Peloton app a try. Awesome classes with a wide variety of music.