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    Road trip Pictures

    RT pictures I notice the pictures are labeled "Chicago"
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    Question on hotel block

    Any help on where to stay? This is my first RT to Glassboro and I just got in after being on the wait list. However, the hotel is completely booked. Where is the closest place I could stay? Anyone have a room you'd give up (share with someone else?) My husband is coming with me. Thanks...
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    Cathe's Greatest Hits?

    Lying stretch on the mat! Please give us a stretch on the floor - not a standing stretch, such as Athletic Step. Also, make sure there is a lying quad stretch and other stretches that don't involve crossing the knees Indian style. I have to modify most stretches because of my knee issues...
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    Low Impact Series Question

    go to Collage video If you go to Exercise, Workout and Fitness videos & DVDs, all the workouts have great descriptions and a graph which gives you this information. I always print out Collage descriptions and keep with the DVD.
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    Low Impact Challege Premix mix up??

    "Bonus" Step on Low Impact challenge & Cardio Super Sets I think the Low Impact Challenge Step Express mix #4 adds the "bonus" step segment from Cardio Super Sets. It's a "bonus" on Cardio Super Sets also, as in there is a pre-mix on Cardio Supersets which is just this "bonus" step section...
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    2012 Roadtrip

    Definitely looking for a Chicago 2012 Road Trip as previously promised!!! :)
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    Kettle Bell workouts

    Do a search at Just search for kettlebell workouts and there will be lots offered and descriptions.
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    All My Children ending! OMG!

    Bummer! I am so upset that AMC is ending as well as OLTL. I have been watching All My Children for some 40 years! I have been with Erica from the beginning. I love One Life to Live also, have been watching that one for the past five years. People asked Oprah to "save the soaps" and put them...
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    Question regarding spinning DVD

    What kind of bike is required for the spinning DVD? We have a cheap stationery bike, can you use that? Or do you need certain features to use it? I've never worked out in a gym (have worked out to Cathe and other exercise DVDs for the past 20 years!) so I don't know what a spinning class is or...
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    Anyone doing RushFit??????

    RushFit looks awesome! Rushfit looks great, just wish I could afford it and Cathe's pre-sale right now! I'llkeep it in mind though - thanks for the link. Looks really awesome!
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    Cycling DVD

    Info on new low impact series? Hi there - I've read Cathe's announcements but don't find anywhere that she talks about a yoga DVD or a spin DVD. Where are y'all getting these descriptions? I don't see that she has posted a descripion anywhere or said how many workouts there will be in the series.
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    ryka assist xt trainers

    Just go to the on-line ryka store
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    Spring Road Trip?

    April 1-3 I'm on spring break that weekend, how about Chicago those dates? hee hee I know you have other considerations but just have to put my little vote in
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    Question about METS in new workouts

    Workout Manager According to the workout manager, 30-30 has a met value of 9, while 40-20 and Pyramid both have a met value of 10. So 30-30 is supposed to be easier. I actually think pyramid is the easiest (and my favorite) - you actually get two 60-second rests during the workout!:)
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    Question about METS in new workouts

    Intensity is harder than Hiit workouts! I believe the Met value for one of the Hiit workouts is 10, while the Met value for the new Intensity is only 7. That doesn't seem right to me! I feel like I'm working just as hard in the Intensity workout as the Hiit workouts. Athletic Step is 7 also...