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    Protein shakes. Meal replacement

    I have tried Shakeology but found it too fruity. I have also tried the Vega One and it depends on the flavor, some are good, some not so good. Nutritionally they are sound but it came down to personal taste for me. Also, if you are not worried about the "purity" (for lack of better term) some...
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    Question about "steps per day"

    I might be an overachiever but I like the idea of better safe than sorry, ie: workout PLUS 10k steps. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Fat Loss check in?

    A it still going? Would anyone care to start one back up? Maybe a fat loss and/or maintenance? I'm starting a new 6-week xtrain rotation and would love the accountability!!
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    Announcing Cathe's Next DVD Series - Ripped with HiiT™

    I'll be preordering too!! This is seriously sooooo exciting!!!
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    Desk workouts?

    I have a standing desk at work. I love the idea of fire walkers. Some people at my work bring kettle bells or sum bells to curl/lift while standing.
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    3-5 days to tone legs & de-bloat???

    Thank you all!!! I will try these tips and report back on my success!! I appreciate it all!! :)))
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    3-5 days to tone legs & de-bloat???

    I need the help of my fellow Cathletes!! I have a suprise event coming up. Lets just say Part 1 is on Friday night with Part 2 going on all day on Sunday. Just found out about it all today. I need to know what I should do to "de-bloat" and kind of tone up the legs a bit? I'm not worried...
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    Favorite rotation ever?

    Just looked at the Sweat and Tears rotation. HOLY CRAP!! That one is going down in my book as one to work towards!! I can't imagine how accomplished it must feel to complete that rotation!!
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    I give up on protein shakes!

    That's the only thing ... I have a hard time erring enough protein without a PP. I think I might try eating more egg whites or something though. I just do not like how whey makes me feel. Or I might try a rice protein. I just hate to waste the giant tub of of the whey that I've got. Maybe I will...
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    Why do my feet hurt when working out? Do I need new shoes?

    I just ordered the Asics Gel Craze from Amazon!! They were only $64 and I paid $9 for next-day-Saturday shipping so I could have them for tomorrow's workout. I'm so excited!!
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    My 2 Beginner XTrain rotations are now in the workout manager :)

    Hi everyone - The two beginner XTrain rotations I posted a few months ago are now in the workout calendar. The 3-4x/wk one is titled "Kinder Gentler" and the 5x/wk one is titled "Beginner(ish)" Im doing these rotations in June & July so I added them to the WOM and thought it might be...
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    Favorite rotation ever?

    tlc - I really want to try Rock Bottoms...SOME DAY!! hehehe. I'm actually planning myself out a 1-year rotation schedule (doing a couple of different rotations but want to plan out the next year). Mainly I want to get some good use out of the systems I already have (LIS, XTrain, plus I also have...
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    I give up on protein shakes!

    I've had it. I'm giving up. I have spent so much money trying to find a protein shake that I can drink. They all make me DEAD TIRED within 20-30 min of drinking them. I have tried fancy organic whey that is grassfed. Right now I've got a tub of Body Fortress vanilla whey that I bought at the...
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    Why do my feet hurt when working out? Do I need new shoes?

    That's a great idea Clare. I see what you mean on Amazon about differnet prices for different colors. I'm going to go with cross trainers for now because that makes up the majority of my workouts. But thank you for explaining the difference to me. That makes good sense. I will probably buy some...
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    Why do my feet hurt when working out? Do I need new shoes?

    Thanks for the extra input Clare. :) We don't have a Dicks in my area. We do have a Big Five Sporting Goods though so maybe I will try them to see if they have any Asics cross trainers just to try on for size. I will definitely order from Amazon since I have prime. The cost has been the main...