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    <—-goodbye to another Cathlete

    <---Nancy and hubs helped --> move to Brooklyn and find a home <---will always miss her spirit, resilience, kindness
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    KETO-Worth the hype?

    It's actually not a fad when done properly with people for certain conditions such as diabetes. And people need to differentiate between carbs like rice and carbs like vegetables. It's not a "high fat" diet as in eating as much fat as you can. You can't seat their like John Candy in The Great...
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    LITE Is Estimated to Start Shipping Jan 10th - Are You Ready!!!

    You guys always bust arse when it comes to getting those new DVDs out and we so appreciate all of your efforts from the concept design all the way to the printing of address stickers. You all rock!
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    The New Cathe Dot Com Editing Suite

    Pretty cool! And I am glad to see something with less impact. My knees just can't take it but the rest of me needs a hardcore workout!
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    Cathe ice series vs Jillian Michael BodyShred program

    If you work out with Cathe or Jessica (I highly recommend both) you don't have to work out with Lou Ferrigno's twin. :D
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    Fit Split FAQ

    I still think it would be great to see a modifier in the crew. I am advanced exerciser but my knees simply cannot take the impact any more.
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    Article about The Biggest Loser

    That stupid show is nothing but exploitation. Pure crap that should be taken from the air waves.
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    How is this athletic but not bulky look achieved?

    Skip the steroids and you won't get bulky.
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    Les Mills Combat feedback

    I cannot speak to the DVDs because I only do BC at the YMCA but I can tell you it is not as varied and well put together as Cathe but it is still a great workout and fun. Cathe always adds an intense element that is not in BC but you can always step it up a bit and get the same.
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    DVD Shipping Alert! - The ICE DVDs Have Arrived.

    Ooh! I hope I get mine before I leave town but if not, I will have something to look forward to when I return.
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    Shipping Notification!

    Calm your shorts kids. Ha ha!
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    ICE Project Update 12-14-15

    Y'all always bust your asses and get those DVDs out so quickly to us. Please send our thanks to the team who will be working so hard to mail us our goodies.
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    Anarchy Workout

    It seems any workout released with names like Anarchy, Insanity , Doom, Kill Yourself, Work It 'til You Puke, and Lift -so-Heavy-You-Give -Yourself-Hemorrhoids are all the rage these days. Zzzzzzz
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    Cathe looks like she has lost weight!

    Spot on Clare! I don't see the point of taking offense to your statement. It's true and sadly so many of us are programmed to see things this way, including myself, but you are right. Why do we give a shit? (and yeah, I used don't go getting butt hurt about that too)
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    Roku linked but won't play on demand

    I finally gave up and opened a new account. I can only hope the other account will be refunded. :-(.