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    Beginner Step and Beginner Kickboxing

    Here's the link to Official Cathe Beginner Rotation I did a few rotations way back in 2010 that were beginner-ish & intermediate, here's one using premixes, with Step, circuits, & kickboxing Step-Kick-Jump & Pump Hope you found what you're looking for. Wow, that seems like ages ago! Have fun!
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    All STEP BOSS Pre-Sale Orders Are Shipping Today

    Well I must have knotted them together because I about fell over when I read that! Well done!
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    Video Clip From STEP BOSS Step Sync

    Love the backdrop. Always appreciate the attention to aesthetics!
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    It's not what I expected, but Kayla Itsines BBG has increased my mobility and ROM quite a bit. In the program there is stretching after each workout, low impact cardio every other day, and foam rolling with stretching. While the foam rolling & stretching help, I think it's the bodyweight...
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    What does it mean when someone is "following" you?

    I'm not completely daft, I know how it works, I was making a maybe not so humorous comment on how things have changed, but this forum used to have 1000"s of people logged in everyday, and now it's maybe 3 users 16 guests and half of those are bots. It's not the same and makes me wonder if it...
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    What does it mean when someone is "following" you?

    I don't even know what that means? My point, there is no way for you to know who is at the keyboard, you think you do but you don't.
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    A testament to the effectiveness of Cathe workouts

    That's awesome! I started late in life with regular home workouts and when you start with Cathe the bar is already set pretty high. Very few people exercise at the same effort or intensity. It's pretty unusual to see someone stay in the fitness game as long. There are a few. I have other...
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    What does it mean when someone is "following" you?

    Or as Jerry Seinfeld would say, you're either with someone or you're not, there is no following!
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    What does it mean when someone is "following" you?

    Call me old fashioned, but I think it is creepy. I know times have changed & social media is supposed to be all that, but back in the day, if someone was following you, you had better watch your back, especially if it was a dude!
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    Mastering choreo in step w/o

    Way back at the beginning, step for me, was so hard, I had to learn the basics right for right left for left because I couldn't mirror! Once you get one side though, the other comes easier. Once you manage to learn the steps, as Cathe said, the others will get much easier! Don't give up! Basic...
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    Legs and Glutes Workout - BORED

    Workouts like that scare me this days, and I'm okay with that!
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    Legs and Glutes Workout - BORED

    Edge Booty.
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    Favorite Cathe Step Workouts?

    All that karate girl said. Also adding the step from Cardio & Weights. Secretly wish Cathe would redo the Body Blast series with the new girls, and just new music, that whole series was & is a favorite. something timeless about it, so fun. I feel old too, but those made me feel like a kid. The...
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    I truly have a problem

    I keep thinking I'll start doing the videos I have and just work my way through, I may have workout ADD. I'm sure it would take years. Tick tock.