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    Poll: Tracking/recording your workouts/rotations ?

    Apps, pen, paper, paper calendar, spiral notebook.
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    STS: 2.0 update

    Did you really think any of Cathe's were puke in a bucket? Hard, yes, high intensity, sure, but not like Shaun T. Hers always seemed a bit better balanced than that.
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    Workout Forums?

    There seems to be a lot more of individual following, Kayla Itsines has her own forums, and has for a while. Some are more IG or YouTube focused groups, like Natascha Oceane. Hard to find one that doesn't sink into group think, and those kinds of discussions can be well, you get the picture...
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    STS: 2.0 update

    Will the fit tower be used in the new workouts? I guess I was just assuming it would be. And any idea of the weight ranges Cathe will use with both barbell & dumbbells? Other equipment?
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    STS: 2.0 update

    I think STS TRAIN has a nice ring to it, 2.0 meh. sorry ladies, not a fan but interested in what Cathe comes up with next!
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    Fitbit Readiness Score?

    I had the fit bit for quite a while, I remember it having good sleep metrics. I just couldn't stick with them because they never came out with a HRM strap or compatibility with any on the market. Even Garmin is now compatible with Polar straps. Of the three I have tried, for me Garmin is the...
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    Fitbit Readiness Score?

    I have a Garmin that gives you recovery time, I've only used it for running. It seems to accurately reflect that with running workouts, and improved/delayed recovery due to poor sleep. You can do multiple workouts strength/cardio but I haven't used that and it records differently I think. What...
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    KPC ... It wasn't a "true fight" but ...

    I love KPC, it's always been a favorite, but really, I think Kick Max is fact the entire Hardcore Series has a "you are a badass everyday" kind of vibe...Muscle Max...Gym Styles...Imax3...and even Low Max! I really liked Rockout Knockout too for the same reasons I liked KPC.
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    Menopause and Losing Shapely Bum

    Thanks for posting, have to check them out.
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    So glad Cathe doesn’t use kettlebells!

    Totally agree with "you can hurt yourself with any or even no weight" last year was a nightmare that way. Sh*t just happens sometimes. The kettlebell is a great tool, versatile & effective. If Cathe had a KB workout I'd buy that, and definitely if she combined it with boxing/KBX. Oh yeah.
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    Beachbody question

    I think I started 80 day once but balked due to the length of workouts, I thought they were good, didn't have the time for the whole program. I've done a few other BB programs, older ones, lost interest in the newer stuff. I have enough stuff.
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    Boss Bands-Overhead Tricep ext. modification

    I did at first, then just started using my free hand as a guide. You can really pull then with the band anchored under your foot, seems to work pretty good for me. Love the creative use of the bands in this workout.
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    Boss Loops Glutes & Corr A+++

    I thought a pilates ball might be useful during the leg scissors move, and what do you know, Cathe has them, according to the newsletter, there's new stuff in the shop, and more stretch bands! Hope this means more pilates inspired moves.
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    Boss Loops Glutes & Corr A+++

    This one also moves right along, tough but no dread, I found myself switching to the lighter band, by the floor section I was dripping wet with sweat. Thought it was solid workout and challenging, I'll do these for sure over the next few weeks, they're perfect, even if I was a little less than...
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    Boss Bands Total Body

    I did the total body today, mostly with the lightest band due to a shoulder issue, all but two moves were great, and those I modified, it was really great for mobility & I'm sure to use the other bands soon. I do my own regular warm up on cardio days, I think the loops will be great for that...