Workout Warriors Jan 3rd - Jan 9th


Hello ladies! I slept in until 9:00 this morning, which is completely unheard of for me. I did have to hide under the covers from my dogs to achieve that late hour, but it worked. I'm sure there's probably some pee on one of my rugs somewhere, but ehhh.... they need shampooing anyway.

Yes, Mary, one of the dogs is an Aussie and he's a very happy clown. He's always got this big goofy grin on his face and just loves his people so much. His fastest command to execute is "hug". Doesn't even hesitate on that one. I'm not sure how bright he is, but he is fun.

Today I did a 3 mile run on the treadmill. It's a muscle rest day, so I'm done working out. I should be making an effort to start cleaning but am not sure I'm too crazy about that idea. LOL That would require booting my daughter and her toys out of the living room and I like to see her play with them instead of watching TV.

Hope everyone has a great day!


Okay, don't expect this too often, but I sent this to Janis, so thought I'd post it here (both laziness and expediency). I've been sick the last couple of weeks and am just starting to come out of it:

  • The 1st I was really still quite sick, but I was bound and determined to run, just for the symbolism of it. I ran 4k on Zola (my treadmill).
  • The 2nd I did a 10k run to High Park and back, with some coughing, but starting to feel much better
  • The 3rd I had off work as a stat day and did STS Total Body
  • The 4th I just walked to work and ran home (7k) as a fun run
  • The 5th I ran 20-second sprints to work (7k) and then walked home, feeling sick again. I also noticed after I got home that my left ankle hurt, but I don’t know why
  • The 6th I did nothing, feeling really low energy and lots of chest congestion; I even took transit both ways, ankle still hurt
  • The 7th I just walked to work and took transit home, ankle still hurting
  • Yesterday I did a weird mixed thing on Zola, where I started out with running for 40 minutes, then did hill walking for 30, then cardio walking for 10, then easy running for 5, then pick ups for 8, then cardio walking for 7. My ankle wasn’t a problem, thank god. I belted out Blondie for some of it, as my mom sent me a bunch of Blondie for Christmas and I finally put it on my Sony. I also listened to Hole’s new CD, Nobody’s Daughter. Eh.
  • Today I did STS Total Body, lifting very heavy and ran a bunch of errands and did some chores. STS wiped the floor with me even more than usual, given the weights I was lifting at, and I had trouble getting my energy back after.

So, not exactly great week for workouts and I'm looking forward to finding my stride again.
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MJ – What sort of rotation did you come up with? I was thinking maybe a couple of total body workouts a week is all you need right now and toss in a few cardios – step, couch to 5k, tennis or whatever you have time for, then you can build from there. Congrats on the Seahawks win. :) Yes, Renoir’s beauties are from a different time/lifestyle; where curvy and voluptuous was not only luscious but also meant fertile and long lived.

Gayle – Yes, I was serious about the pic of your son and his horn! Your running group does sound perfectly awesome, when I am running again I will definitely run with my group. They do fun things together too. Good luck on your date tonight, sounds like the perfect first date.

Kimberly – I apologize, I just realized I have been spelling your name wrong – too many e’s. Did you go snow shoeing after all. I am really looking forward to Lower Body Blast, I haven’t even unwrapped it yet…are there pre-mixes on there that are low impact and less strenuous?

Cathy – Massage? What massage? That sounds like a lovely way to spend a Saturday.

Geez – DONNA – a two story fall! Crimminee!!! On the upside that is a much better tale to tell than an auto accident, except for the bit about the blood clot (dangerous). When I am finished with this round of STS, my next round will have Total Body added to the mix. I love your signature quote by Robert Frost, so simple and so true.

(Kadet) Kim – I can’t offer you help with your next step dvd purchase…. Ask Cathy, she has them all. Your insomnia/sleep issue advice was great, so was your voice/tone/writing style. I don’t have sleep issues, but I loved reading what you wrote. Funny observant witty….my kind of gal. I am going to HAVE to use the word stultifying in a sentence somehow/sometime this week. Just great! :)

Jenn – What a brutal commute! Do you start to freak out about needing to be home at a certain time to be there for you husband/step-daughter?

Mary (keefe) – Do not apologize for absences, there are times when we just need to tend to life/business and it feels like we have fallen off the face of the earth. You were not rude in anyway. You got some really great workouts in. Cathe’s January rotation does look like it will kick some ass – or some pudge or something. Lol.

Morningstar - "Today I did STS Total Body, lifting very heavy and ran a bunch of errands and did some chores. STS wiped the floor with me even more than usual, given the weights I was lifting at, and I had trouble getting my energy back after."
This was new! :D:D:D How heavy were you lifting, girl? No – don’t tell me. Maybe your energy is low because you are still kicking the flu. I have a compact rowing machine, the Kettler coach, it is really quiet and can be stored upright. I love using the rowing machine as a cardio option on leg days. Do you think Zola will get jealous? I am half-way through making tamales and taking a break. Carnitas is Mexican pulled pork, used mostly in tacos and burritos. Rowan probably should have worn boxer-briefs, less leg room for him to hunt around for his stitches. I did yoga for my Sunday workout. (Missed you bunches.) I did one Vee recommended ages ago, Tilak Pyle: Yoga from the Heart. I did not like the beginning, my body was too cold for stretches, but I really enjoyed the rest of his yoga series.

Back to making tamales.

My workout for tomorrow is STS Disc 4, some sort of ab work - Paul Katami's Ab Lab, maybe, and a gentle walk with my gonad-less doggy.
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Janis DH got me a gift certificate for the massage. It was VERY nice. They aren't much in the budget these days and it had been just about two years since I've had one. Need to figure out a way to increase the frequency for sure.

Morningstar so glad you are here. I think it's great that you walk/run to and from work sometimes. STS Total Body totally wipes the floor with me! That is one very tough workout. Curious to see if it still kills me as much after I do STS again.

I'll have to go back and search for Kim's post about step workouts. Oh, yes, I'll try Janis' trick of multiple windows. ;)

Kim I don't have Power Hour or Cardio Kicks, so I can't help you there. Of the three DVD's with the high step I'd go with High Step Challenge. Though if you are in love with leg presses, try High Step Training it has plenty. :p And absolutely, positively, most definitely you need Intensity. :D:D


Today was supposed to be 45 min. steady state run. I walked for 50 minutes varying the incline from 9-12. Pretty solid workout.

Janis: Don't worry about spelling, there are so many variations on peoples names. We did go snowshoeing. It was 10 degress, so no problem staying warm enough. Me, husband, and the younger of the two dogs. We thought it would be too much work for the older one. She probably would have been okay, because we made the dog go last, so it was a pretty well packed trail. We have SO much snow, that she after one try of not following the trail, she never devieated again! Lower Body Blast has a lot of pre-mixes. If your body can handle squats and lunges I think the only thing you might want to skip would be the cardio bursts. There were not very many, and didin't last long at all.

Morningstar: Hi!! Nice to see you join us. I've enjoyed your posts in the past.


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