Workout Warriors Jan 3rd - Jan 9th


Good Morning Warriors!

Just wanted to get the thread started before running out the door. Welcome back to my warrior friends and welcome all who are joining in for the first time, its great to have you! :D

This morning I did the monday morning fight with myself in bed, but eventually got up and squeezed in HIS step premix. Now its running behind and off to work. Will do something else tonight as well.

Will check in later to catch up on everyone's day.



Well this is going to be the first Check In group that I've joined, though I've been a poster on this site for years. I started another round of STS earlier this month, but am doing the 6 month rotation this time. Also began training last week for my first Half Marathon in May, using Coach Jenny's training plan. I've been running regularly since August.

Today is a rest day for running, but I've got Meso 1 Week 3: Chest, Shoulders & Biceps scheduled for this morning. Since it's a shoulder day, I'll have to do an ab routine that doesn't require plans on the ball... think it will be No Equipment Abs. Just have to finish my oatmeal and let it digest a bit, then I'll get to it. Love days off from work and I can just relax about the whole thing.


Good Morning and thanks for the inivitation to join your check in group.

My rotation this month consist of a heavy dose of barre and yoga. I am also doing the chiseled bodylastic workouts.

Midget Dog- the only marathon that I have run is the NYC marathon. Where is the marathon being held? I was considering the Marine Corp marathon but decided against it.

Morning workout- Pure barre
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goooooooooooooooooood Monday Morning.

I'm taking you up on your invite to join you. Just 'cuz. Thought it might be nice to 'meet' some new folks and join in with others I already know.

I promise to intro myself another time, soon, but for now I only have time to SAY HI, share my workout and plan, and get out the door.

I have an official training schedule that starts NEXT Monday, and it includes mainly running for my cardio as I've got an AWESOME 2011 full of events and races. I'm not sure, yet, what weight program I'll do with it, but for THIS WEEK I'm hitting the Gym Styles. So this morning was GS Chest & Tris. I'm going to the Y right after work/school to swim or at least get BACK in the water for the first time in about 2 months.....gotta get my water wings back and my endurance UP (I'm sooooooooooo not a swimmer, lol). I'll explain more when I get more time!

(edited to add....Regina....I'm PRAYING I get into the Marine Corps Marathon...registration opens 02/23 and it fills up FASTER than Boston, or so I'm told.)
Very glad to have the check-in going again! I've missed you guys and I'm looking forward to meeting everyone else that joins us. :)

I'm doing a one part per day rotation this month with cardio and abs added in and then I'm planning to start STS again in February. I officially kicked off the rotation yesterday with chest work and Intensity. I love Intensity and I always feel like I've had a major accomplishment when I finish it. :eek:

Today was back work and the Timesaver Cardio from Cardio & Weights. Has anyone else done the compound only premix from STS Total Body? I love the way she uses the tower for support for one arm rows and from now on that's the way I'm doing them.

Since we have new people joining us, I'll do a quick intro, too. I'm 50, married and have two boys 12 & 9 who are currently homeschooled. Oldest is planning to go to school for 7th grade in the fall, so next week I'm calling to set up an appt for questions and a tour, so that he'll have a better idea what he's getting into. He's currently doing STS and has finished Meso 1 and is on his off week. Today we ventured into the AC Med ball workout including the partner exercises. I'd never done those and they are really quite fun. :D


Good Morning and thanks for the inivitation to join your check in group.

My rotation this month consist of a heavy dose of barre and yoga. I am also doing the chiseled bodylastic workouts.

Midget Dog- the only marathon that I have run is the NYC marathon. Where is the marathon being held? I was considering the Marine Corp marathon but decided against it.

Morning workout- Pure barre
Hey there - it's just a half marathon. I don't think I'll do my first marathon this year, but I'm planning a 25k in July in the Finger Lakes. The Half is here in Buffalo on May 29.


Hi Warriors!

Thanks, MJ, for starting the thread and putting a notice in OD. Today I started my fourth round of STS, I followed disc one with Medicine Ball Abs. Hey, Cathy I tried to get my son to do the partner abs. I got the "are you joking" look. lol.

After STS and Abs I hiked around in the snow for 45 minutes or so. All disc one push-ups were on my knees :(

Welcome to our new Workout Warriors - it is really nice to have you join us Gayle, Regina, Midget Dog and all others who post after me...Melissa, Mkeefe, and Dixiedog6. :) (And a little shout out to my favorite lurker...Hi ya girly girl, get back to work! :D :D)

My brief intro - even though this is my fourth round of STS, I am really a beginner again. I have been down and out for six months recovering from severe iliopsoas tendinitis. Having lost all my muscle and cardio endurance along the way, my goal for this rotation is to re-build a muscle base, continue with rehab, and return to running in the next couple of months....but most importantly make it through 2011 injury free. :D I could also stand to lose the weight I gained while laying around feeling sorry for myself.

Hi Tara - I can't wait to hear how your workout went.
Hugs, Heather, if you happen to stop by.

Tomorrow is stationary bike, rehab exercises, and Pilates.


Hey all,

Thanks for the invite.

I've just started a new rotation of Meso 2 and 3 and cardio. Today was disc 15; back and biceps.

I had a fabulous holiday season that showed on the scale this morning, so I am determined to lose the 7 pounds that have mysteriously appeared (Ok, the mountains of chocolate and such haven't helped). Kicking up the cardio hopefully will help get me there, and I appreciate a check in to get me on track.

Quick intro: 47, married, DD turned 7 this past week. I live in Upstate NY, outside of Rochester, so Midgett and I are neighbors! Would love to do a marathon but running is just not my thing. More of a step, kickbox, elliptical type of gal.


Hi All,

Glad to see familiar faces as well as new ones! For those I'm just meeting, I'm 40 & am in the Air Force. I'm stationed in Germany right now. You would think I'd be in great shape being in the military, but alas I am a nurse practitioner & spend the bulk of my days in the clinic instead of working on fitness! I'm also am single & am a proud mommy to my 8 year old daughter. My life is full b/t single mommyhood & a pretty demanding job, but I love working out. Sometimes the job or life just gets in the way. So, my goal this year is to just workout at least 30 min/day on the weekdays. That's the first thing to get established, then I'll think about fitness goals! ;-)

I am needing to loose weight, but I've kind of de-stressed about it in the last few months. As long as I'm I can pass the bi-annual fitness test, I realized that while I should keep weight loss a goal, I shouldn't be losing sleep over it! So, I've kinda chilled out about stressing about wt loss. I definitely hope to lose weight in the next year, but again my focus is starting a good strong unshakeable habit of just consistent exercise 5 days/wk.

So, this AM, I did the first 30 minutes of STS total body. First time doing it and it's a fun work-out. Tomorrow I'm planning to do 30 minutes of Intensity. I think I will keep it at that---do strength 2 days a week & then cardio 3 days a week (maybe 4).

I'm glad we are checking in again. I've missed it!

Hello to Regina, Midget, Gayle and Ly10up (hope I got all the names right!) .
Janis, MJ & Cathy--great to be with you all again.

See you all tomorrow,
Tara have you done Intensity yet! That first 30 minutes is :eek::eek::eek: :p

Janis I am so with you on staying injury free this year and losing the weight that joined me in the first half of last year.

Oh, and I'm in Mid-Michigan about half way between Lansing and Battle Creek.

Looking forward to hearing about everyone's race training. I'm hoping to do more cycling this year. Running doesn't agree with my body and I don't live where it's feasible to run. Cycling on the other hand I have lots of places to go.


I'm not sure if I'm a check-in person or not, so I guess I'll just give it a try and see! It's daunting to jump in an established check-in, although it seems like everyone is always welcome, so it was nice you sent out an open invitation!

I am 44 years old, have been married for 21 years and have 2 dogs. I have been working out with Cathe for 18 years. Today I finished Insanity. I managed to double up on work-outs a couple of times during the 9 weeks just so I could work-out with Cathe. I loved Shaun T., but I missed my Cathe! I am going to do some/all of her Dec. rotation so I can use my new Cathe's.



Kimberly, I'm new to this group too, so no worries. I tend to be hit or miss with check ins....I do really well checking in for a while then life gets in the way (or I spend too much time on the PC) and I have to take a step back. If I go MIA on yas, feel free to come find me! :) quick intro: I'm 38 (39 next month) with 2 boys ages 13 & 10. Not sure how I have a teenager, but I do. :D I lost my DH to leukemia in Sept '06 and I've been single since.......I've dated a few, had my heart torn apart once, but it's still ticking so LIFE IS GOOD! ;) I started running shortly after DH was diagnosed and I've been running ever since. I LOVE to workout and I LOVE VARIETY...sometimes the training for races 'boxes me in' and I try to rebel, but I refocus and get the job done. I LOVE weights. I LOVE cardio. Have I said I LOVE to workout? :D I work PT at our Elementary School, and this is my 4th year doing's PERFECT for a SAHM. I love trying new things and pushing my body to see what it gives me far it's given me all I've asked of it. I just finished Cathe's Dec rotation and LOVED it...I start my official training next Monday so this week it's GS weights and whatever strikes my fancy for cardio. My running group meets every Saturday morning for a run, Tuesday evenings at the local college to 'run stairs' (basically we make up a circuit of climbing all 100 steps and adding in different things like knee-ins, push ups, sprint around the track, etc...tomorrow I'm taking a kettlebell along to hurt the guys with! LOL), and sometimes during the week. Lastly, I LOVE to cook/bake, eat and experiment with new recipes, so I NEED to LOVE to WORKOUT! :D :D :D much for short, and sorry for rambling. I'm totally FIRED UP about 2011 and all my races and events...I tend to talk a LOT! You've been warned.


Hello, and thanks very much for the invite. I've always wanted a check-in home.

Not sure I'm up to the level some of you are. I, too, have had injuries to deal with, but even so....I can't really blame it all on the injuries. I think I've finally gotten my will and energy back.

So next week I'll start the January rotation....waiting for two dvds to arrive, plus with my son here on break it's too cramped. I'll have to try to fit in with cycling classes at the gym Sat, Sun and Mon (in hopes to be a faster, stronger cyclist this spring/summer). I've not done an official rotation before, but I look forward for a good four hard weeks, then ease off a bit after that.

Later during the year I will do STS.

A bit about me...I'm 44, dealing with knee issues, back issues are soooo much better though. I live in frozen Minneapolis now, but am from the East coast originally. Have a son graduating from college this year, and my daughter in college lives home with me.

I'm so looking forward to 'meeting' you all too.

And oh, today I just did cycling class. Tomorrow should be a rest day, but I'll see what I feel like tomorrow.;)


Wow, I go to work and come back to find so many posts in our check-in...I like it! :D It is late and I will have to get into bed soon so I can get up and workout, so this will be short and I will have to find some time later this week to post a little more about me and catch up in more detail with everyone.

For now let me say hello and welcome to MidgetDogg, Regina, Gayle, Melissa, Kimberly, Mary and anyone else who comes on in behind me. It's great to have all of you join in :) As for Cathy, Janis and Tara, I am very happy we are starting back up again, I missed each of you and your continuing support. :D

Tonight I went to tennis drill class for and hour and a half. Now I am pretty worn out since its been a long time since two a day workouts. Better start adapting as just about everyday is going to be a morning and night activity of some kind.

Alright, I must make my self turn off the computer and go get in bed. Talk to you all tomorrow.



Yee Haaa

Happy New Year everyone and thanx for this check-in. I've been wanting a check-in since I was a newbee on here last year.

I'm Kim. 51 (52 next month). Fantastic fabulous DD aged 21. Single since second marriage breakdown and although financially challenged due to part time hours because of recession, I think I'm happier these days than I was when I was in a relationship.

Trained as an instructor 20 years ago, but bitterly regret not persuing fitness as a serious career - partly due to post viral health issues.

Did I say I'm English?? Well Cathe is not well known over here. Don't want to say she's never released anything here and being shot down, but I think that this is correct and back in the bad old days when Video and DVD were blocked by Region 1 and 2 restrictions, imports were out of the question so w/os were pretty much unavailable.

Thankfully that's all in the past now and I am devoted to Cathe since discovering her about 2 years ago as I'm a 'Step Junkie' and we have nothing to touch her. So I probably don't have as comprehensive a collection as many of you, but it's growing all the time and currently I have about 20 DVDs which equates to approx. 30+ workouts.

Thanx for having me ((and banslug - cooking/baking, oh my, I'm addicted :eek:)).
So fun getting to know more people! :D And Kim, you appear to have taken over my slot as the reigning elder. :p I love seeing all the 40-50-60's that are here on the forums.

This morning I did shoulders, Core Max 2 and Hiit 30/30. I've been ignoring my Core Max DVD in favor of Ab Circuits for a long time and forgotten just how tough they are. I love the AC workouts, but overall I'd still have to give CM the prize for toughness.

Banslug your boys are very similar in age to mine. My oldest reminds me frequently how long it'll be till he's officially a teenager. That I can handle, it's the thought of him driving a car in a few years that really scares me. :eek: Those workouts with your running group sound like a lot of fun.

Time to clean and the youngest gets his braces adjusted at noon. Have a very fun day everyone and I'll pop back later to see how it's going.

wake up eager

Will Try This Too

Hi There - Appreciate the invite to try this check-in group... Have everyone of Cathe's workouts and have dabbled in and out of the Cathe forums over the past few years.

I own my own business -- I'm a Professional Facilitator and a Website Publisher. I'm 46, married to my 'True Love' and have furry feet kids,

My goals for the year:
1) Feel the best I can in my body/mind,spirit and career --- which includes: Workout 5-6 days; eating clean - including daily green smoothies & no alcohol; time with family & friends & doing my work in a joy-filled way.
2) Want to do the Muddy Buddy challenge in June in Atlanta, GA (Has anyone else heard of this --- bike/run & obstacle course? looks like GREAT fun!!)

Workouts this week
Did High Step Challenge yesterday --- had not done it in awhile --- was fun. Great whole body workout and cardio. Cathe is sooo good!

Going to do Cardio Coach on my elliptical now before I go to a meeting. Deciding between Vol. 4 or 8 for today. What are your favorites?

Tomorrow: will do an Upper Body focused video.
Next day workout will be the new Lower Body Blast.
Will end the week with another Cardio something...

I find when i mix up my days by mixing up the impact and the body parts it keeps my interest more and I feel better overall. Which is the goal, right? :)

Glad to be trying this check in ---- look forward to meeting you and hope to be consistent with my check ins!!

All the Best, and More!


Morning! I guess I didn't do an "official" biography of myself. I'm 43 and have been separated from my husband for 3 years. He was a real jerk about the divorce so we haven't finalized it yet. Let's just say... you see the true side of someone when you make more money than they do and they try to get it from you. Anyway, it doesn't affect my freedom much and I've been involved with someone for 2 1/2 years who I adore.

I've got a 10 year old daughter, 2 dogs and 4 cats. I really only want 2 cats and did have only 3 for awhile... but then some idiot abandoned her cat and I couldn't just leave her wandering in the cold and now she's part of the family. She's a doll, so I don't really regret bringing her in.

I'm a systems analyst and work full time for a very good employer who treats me very well. For hobbies, besides running and fitness, I play the piano and I'm a bit of a gamer dork. Love my Xbox.

OK, so my check-in for today: Ran 30 minutes this morning on the treadmill (slippery snow last night) and will be doing STS M1 Week 3: Back & Triceps when I'm home from work. That's assuming I make it through my dogs' vet visit this afternoon. Don't know WHAT I was thinking when I scheduled it to bring them in together. They're nuts when they're together. Wish me luck!



What a diverse and interesting group!! This is gonna be fun.

I was up at 5:30 this morning to do BodyMax2. I love getting it out of the way for the day.

My goal is to get those morning workouts done at least 4 times a week, with 1 or 2 afternoon workouts of weights. I can use the gym at work, but a tough cardio is out of the question there, so I save the STS workouts for the afternoons.

Have a fabulous day!

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