Workout Warriors Jan 3rd - Jan 9th


Ummmm.... BTW, my name isn't REALLY MidgetDogg. That's my Gamer Tag for Xbox Live (lol - I'm a dork). My name is Donna. :) The alias comes from the corgi I used to have.


Today I did STS total body for the first time. Loved it! Then I did 30 minutes on the treadmill while my husband lifted weights, while watching True Blood.

Mary: I also live in Minnesota, but live way up north.

Regina: I was very proud of myself when I finished the Insanity rotatation. I loved Shaun T., so I'll probably have to buy Asylum. I would love to work-out with him in person.

I have two chow-chows. 4 yrs old and 10 yrs old. They are the biggest babies ever!

Gayle: last summer we talked about going to the pool this winter to learn how to lap swim. Hasn't happened. I am a terrible swimmer. And it's hard for me to want to get wet and then have to get home when it's the middle of winter. You'll have to keep us updated on your swim progress.



Hello Warriors,

Jenn -How did you like your first spinning class. I love spinning. I used to teach a spinning class but now I just do my own spinning at home

My workout today - Bodylastics- Full Body

Hey Regina,

Spin was not my thing at all. I woke up today with every part of my body in DOMS. If the class was shorter I think I would like it more. I don't know if I will try it again.

Today I took a rest day. Tomorrow I'm hoping to do Kettlebell Bootcamp.



Hi Everyone-

Today ended up being a unplanned rest day. Got an emergency call from work in the wee hours of the morning and had to go in...just to find it really wasnt something that I needed to come in that knocked out the morning workout and then tonight it was rainy so no tennis tonight. Which, of course, turned into being too exhausted from morning antics to attempt something else instead. So just tried to relax some, uploaded podcasts to the ipod and read fitness magazines...does that count as a workout? lol Anyway, will pick up again tomorrow.

Must go continue to destress so I can sleep.. so I can get up and face tomorrow's stress. lol ;) Wasnt being in charge at work supposed to make my life better somehow? :rolleyes: lol

Will be less self centered posting wise later this week..I promise. :D


Jenn – Welcome! Happy you joined us. We’ll have to commiserate about 13 year olds.

Gayle –The stadium stairs are impressive, I can’t believe you followed up that workout with Gym Style legs this morning. Congrats on the improvement with swimming. I recently heard a great by Benjamin Franklin, “Patience is bitter, but the fruit can be sweet.” Ain’t that the truth with everything? In any case, you're right, with patience you’ll get there.:) Music helps. I bought a waterproof ipod shuffle from Swimman. Glorious!

Kimberley – I have Insanity too, and loved doing it, it made me feel so strong and so fit when I could keep going while the youngsters were dropping like flies. I never followed the rotation though – maybe someday. BTW, I love Cathe's Total Body workout. Fast and efficient. Have you done High Reps? How cool that you and DH workout together. Your Chows are adorable.

MJ – Being in charge has its rewards, I am sure. Sorry you had a messed up morning and no workouts as a result. I bet hitting practice has its merits too after such a frustrating day that would be great way to de-stress. Can you smack some balls around on your porch? Or in the garage?

Mary (Keefe) – Happy Birthday to your son. Didn’t it go fast? I was warned that it would all pass by in a blur and it did.

Cathy – oh poor Derek. I hope he is all better. Does Tylenol provide any relief? Maybe you should compile a cross-training/plyo workout for Nick…running in place followed by push ups, followed by knee ups or box jumps, burpees to plyo jacks…mix it up and have him time himself. It might appeal to him more than trying to follow uber coordinated Cathe. Just a thought.

Donna – There are quite a few puggle owners on Cathenation, cute little personality bundles that they are. I live very near Charles Schulz hometown and see Snoopy painted sculptures all around town…Woodstock, Charlie, and Lucy too. I listen to rap and hip/hop on occasion when I run, I think the driving beat works very well, as do the lyrics. Sometimes I forget I am in public and have engaged my arms and fists in non-runner ways – which is embarrassingly. …funny. :eek::D

Suzie – I am glad you like the name Workout Warriors. We used to have another name during one of our STS rotations. Somewhere along the way I started referring to us as Warrior Women…and sometimes Wounded Warriors. We were rising to the challenge and accomplishing our goals…and we were pumped up bad asses. Lol. Any way, it stuck.

Melissa – 5:30 am to work out! Wow that takes discipline. I admire you greatly for it.

Regina – I am too tired to Google it – what is Bodylastic? Do tell more. Well – I think I know why they put swimming at the beginning of a Tri….to prevent drowning. Lol. Before this gd injury it was one of my goals to participate in a Dua or Tri. I love to swim. But now I’m just going to focus on being fit.

Tara – What did you do for 30 minutes today?

Heather – Do not buy the Chocolate Truffles from Costco ….danger danger. Lol.

M'star - I'm down in San Francisco tomorrow to finally see the DeYoung exhibit of Post Impressionist Masterpieces from the Musee D'Orsay. I'll catch up on Friday.:):)

As for me today was STS disc 3, legs, No equipment Abs from Ab Circuits, and then 40 minutes of Deb Dobbins Vinyasa yoga and 10 minutes of a hot pad on my ilio-boo-boo. Then I had to race out the door to meet my dog trainer. We had our first lesson in ground and air tracking. Rowan (my dog) was spectacular.

Tomorrow I am hoping to do a little rehab first thing in the morning, then I'm out the door for another busy day.

Have a great Thursday everyone.:D


OOOooohhhhhh I've just had a read through everything to catch up. Hello, again everyone and thank you thank you for making me feel welcome on here. I've developed a bit of a thread killer complex on OD and tend to post less and less as a result. However, this feels fantastically energised, so what an awesome start.

Thurs + Fri are currently my days in the office, so consequently w/o free. I simply am not programmed to get up @ 4a.m. or 5a.m. to workout. I lack that chromosone. On my w/o days I like to get it out of the way early(ish), but I still have to engage in other activities for a couple of hours to allow my system time to wake up thoroughly - don't you just HATE those times that you start, but for some reason or other you are running on empty and then you crash out too early and have to abandon it??? This has happened to others, right???? Not just me :eek:

Anyway, I step mainly because I love love love it and never get bored with it. What does that say about my brain??? I did however live in the gym for 15 years so although I don't lift seriously now I do still include some conditioning weights once or twice a week and yes Suzie, I too did Upper Body Split from Xtrain Express this week also. While I'm busy step-step-step-step-stepping I get a bit worried when I see the diversity that people here on the forums have, but my knees can't tolerate running these days, so it's all about what works for you - right?????

I've never tried spinning - so obviously it didn't suit you Jenn, but I plan to get round to it sometime. Zumba was the thing that I thoroughly researched before Christmas, but with so many things to occupy my time + snow and more snow and .................... well you get the idea with that. Zumba is another 2011 agenda item.

Sorry I've yabbered on and on (mkeefe - was gonna answer your 'Brit' questions - next time) but as everyone's discussed the furry footed (LOL) can I introduce Gucci (that's him in my Avatar). He's my boy and I love him far too much. He's a seal point Birman (Ragdoll similar) and I posted a little pre-Christmas show a couple of weeks ago - if you caught it first time forgive me and if you didn't but watched it this time forgive me :p

All good things to each and everyone of my new Warrior Buddies xxxxxxxxx
This morning was Biceps. I was going along just doing fine and then I got to bicep curls. Apparently, I rather overestimated my abilities with that. :eek: I have everything set up to do 3 sets with 15, 12, 10 reps and pyramiding up in weights. Well for that one I ended up pyramiding down and rather doing the whole thing backwards. Made notes to adjust for next week. I followed that up with 4DS Kick Box cardio.

So those of you with 13 year olds can prepare me for what my life will be like in September when not only does Nick turn 13, he'll be going to school for the first time. Going to be a very interesting month.

I don't have Xtrain Express. I've toyed with it, but money isn't easy to come by and when I get it there's usually something new coming out. It's definitely in the back of my mind should I ever have a windfall. :D

MJ I hope today is a better day!

Janis how in the world to you manage such wonderful check-ins. Do you have a notepad by your desk to keep track of everyone's info? ;)

Derek - the tylenol helps, but I don't like to give it to him unless he really needs it. He says it still hurts, but he's not asking for anything right now.

Kudos to all you swimmers. I can barely swim myself and I don't do cold water pools. Yes, I AM a wimp. :p The local pool has a warm water exercise pool and that's where we always go when we swim. When the boys took private lessons there teacher ended up moving them in there for those. They are both thin built and no body fat to keep them warm.

Running late. Need to get things done before haircuts for the boys later this morning.


Good Morning Warriors!

Well today started better, actually slept last night without waking up every hour or two...I havent done that in at least two weeks...then I did the Imax 3 step combo premix to get a short workout in before work. Tonight I am going to attempt my first couch to 5k workout (i think, unless I talk myself out of it...must not talk myself out of it...well maybe i should Dont know why I am so indimidated by learning to run just to run rather than in sports which I do all the time, it seems so silly to feel this way. Anyway, I will also do the first leg disc of meso 1 tonight.

Janis - I agree with Cathy, You are the queen of the personal posts...i think it is great. I may to have give myself a cheat sheet of notes to keep everyone straight until I memorize it. I would love to hit tennis balls around my house, but unfortunately windows either in my house or my car and neighbors outside would prevent it. Do not have a big enough yard or play space for such fun. lol Can I come to the museum with you? I would love to see that exhibit. I hope you enjoy it. :)

Cathy - I wish I could help you on the 13yr old experience as a 13yr old girl in middle school probably wont help much. lol :p As for swimming, I hear you. I am able to swim and I am not afraid of the water by any means, but I just am not as confident for a long term swim as I should be. Somewhere in the back of my mind I have been toying with the idea of taking swim lessons as an adult. I took them as a child, but I would like to someday be really confident in all the strokes again. Have fun with the kids today.

I will catch up later tonight and see how everyone is doing. Here's to a better day than yesterday....



Good morning ladies. Thursdays are now a nice relaxed morning for me, as they are one of my 2 "break from running" mornings. Feels like a luxury to stay in bed until 6:30.

I've never been much of a swimmer either. When I did swim, I didn't have a lot of upper body strength and coordination to get the whole crawl thing going. Now that I'm older, I'm basically blind without glasses or contacts, so I can't see when I'm in the pool and don't enjoy the experience at all. My hair stylist was just telling me about one of the country clubs in my area offering cross country skiing to the public at a very reasonable price, so I may have to check that out. I have a Nordic Track, but for some reason it makes my lower back ache when I use it. Probably because I'm a half inch shorter on my right side due to a pelvis break when I was 19.

Anyway, tonight is STS Legs - WOO HOO!!!! My favorite!!!! I rearranged my whole workout schedule so that this would fall on a No Run day. I made the mistake of running the same day as STS Legs last week, and whilst I was able to complete the workout, my legs were wobbly and I don't think I went as heavy as I could have. (I used "whilst" in that sentence honor of our dear British friend (Regina? Can't be sure, since I'd have to backpage and then I'd lose my post. I'm at work and trying to sneak this in before anyone sees I'm not working. LOL).

KadetKim love your cat. I used to have a wonderful Siamese named Master Cato, but he disappeared one morning from the house and I never saw him again. I miss him like crazy - he was an excellent cat. I did find a loose window in the basement, so I'm assuming he also found it. Then someone in the neighborhood found my awesome cat and kept him as their own. When I'm back down to just one cat, I'll get another Siamese - but for now I have 4 unknown breeds. 3 were rescues, and one came to me when my boyfriend couldn't decide which cat from a litter he wanted and I saw how gorgeous they both were and couldn't say no. Sucker.



Another super quickie post, sorry. I took the day off because I could only get DS into the orthodontist mid-day....working around his schedule of not wanting to miss Algebra nor basketball game/practice has proven quite difficult. :)

Anyway....hit the grocery store as soon as the kids got out the door......working hard on keeping my 'financially-responsible' resolution. Gotta go pick DS up from school in 20, then pick up other DS' baritone horn on our way home, then I might get in a second workout for the day. I did a 4+ mile fast run plus Core Max 2...LOVE those pikes.....this AM. I MIGHT, MAYBE, do GS BSB (it's on for tomorrow, but since I have the whole afternoon to myself, lol)



Good Morning Warriors,

Cathy- I can't help you much with 13 year olds- my kids are grown and those days of adolescents at home are gone.

Janis- Bodylastics is and exercise site that offers free workouts 1. Chiseled- tradtional weight training 2. Pilates 3. Toning- lighter weights more reps - and circuits 4. Kenpo Karate 5. 6. workouts for teens and 7 workouts for baseball enthusiasts

Many of there workouts utilized the bodylastics bands which are excelelnt quality and quite versatile.

Heather- did I hear chocolate truffles? ( smile)

MJ- yes reading fitness magazines and watching exercisetv or fittv or even thinking about exercising counts as a workout (smile). I hope your day goes better today.

Jenn- sorry that you did not like spinning. Maybe give it another chance? Do you do kettlebell workouts often? I like my Kettlebell workouts. Have you tried Lauren Brooks or The Art of Strength?

Donna- STS meso two legs are some of my favorite leg routines. Sorry, I am not the one who is British- I am just American through and through.

It will take some time but I am trying to get to know everyone.

Workout today- Element - Ballet Conditioning and Boylastics - Total body

Everyone have a great day!


Oy, what a day....meetings to set up meetings....

I just ran in to see what all of you are up to, and to add my morning workout of LIC to the list. At some point I will do shoulders from disc 16 as I ran out of time yesterday afternoon.

See you all later this eve.



This morning ended up being KCM's BootCamp cardio premix instead of Kettlebell Bootcamp. By the time I got out of my warm bed I only had time for 30 minutes.

Regina - I do like Kettlebells but not workouts that have a lot of swings in them. They tire me out quickly. I do have Lauren's first one and it is my favorite. I only do them once in a while, but this month I'm trying to do a rotation of 2 kettlebells, 2 barre/yoga/fusion and 2 cardio workouts. I'm to great with rotations so we will have to see.

Janis yes we can definetly comisserate over teenagers. She's a great kid and she's excited to become a teenager.

Kim I love step workouts also, and I love Zumba. I take a class at the Y and it is so much fun. You should really try a class.



Jenn, how is KCM's kb? I LOVE KB and love Cathe's. I have a few of Tracey's KB. Wondering hos KCM is?

Real quick, yet again. I promise that I READ everything, I just don't always have time to respond as much as I want to! :D

For accountability...I did GC Back/Sh/Biceps this afternoon. It was originally planned for tomorrow morning, so now that means I can PLAY in the AM. Trying to decide if I feel like kickbox, or a run, or what. Any suggestions??? :D


Today I finally did Intensity. I liked it. I think next time I will try the low impact hiit/bootcamp premix.

Janis: I do have high reps. I preordered all the new ones. It just about killed me to not be able to do them until this week. (Insanity)

Kadetkim: I love step too. It's my favorite workout. I hope Cathe never quits making them!

Peaceful Rainbow: I just bought xtrain express with the last pre-order so I could get the 20 percent discount and free shipping. Pretty good deal. That was the only thing I needed to complete my Cathe collection. The only thing I don't have is Pure Strength. For some reason, I'm not interested in that one.

Littlefiretop: You mentioned sleeping without waking up every few hours. Do you often have problems sleeping? I go in streaks, I'll wake up at 3 in the morning and can't get back to sleep a lot. Other times I go weeks where I fall right back to sleep. I can't find a pattern.

Midgetdog: Are you doing the STS program, or using whatever disc you are in the mood for? I've done meso 1 and 2 twice, but can't get myself to do meso 3.

See you tomorrow! Kimberly

wake up eager

Are you kidding? I love seeing how my muscles bulge when I'm lifting (especially my shoulders - they look so cool). My daughter even told me my muscles were "gross" the other day. How great is THAT? She was kidding, of course, and then she commented on how my arms and belly aren't squishy anymore. Awwwww.... it is nice not having her comment on my fat anymore.

You go "muscle" gal - very cool!!

wake up eager

Wow - Janis - thanks for such a thoughtful post - AND your way-shower ways with such a solid workout AND for such a cool name and group for this checkin!

The dog training class sounds interesting...don't think my adorable shi-poo Oscar could track anything but me when he's ready to eat of go outside!! :)

I took a rest day yesterday - had my workout clothes on and my all was ready but my body! Funny, once I decided to take a rest I felt so much better. Getting to really know when I need to do it any way and when a rest is exactly what is best. Fine line, but good to know the diff.

For me - I knew the rest was best for yesterday - because when I decided and felt better, felt relief and like it was right. THAT is very different from feeling guilt or as if I am procrastinating. Subtle, but powerful and empowering...

Today is Lower Body Blast and I am ready for it. Eager even... yes!!

Have felt very productive work-wise this week. Love that. Putting together a new program and it is feeling just right. Love that.

Happy Friday to all!

wake up eager

KadetKim -- Your video is ADORABLE!! I can't imaging Felix letting me do that to him!! :) Animals are such a joy. So glad you shared. Smiling...


Jenn- I recently got Lauren Brooks Vol 3 and love it. I really like the TRX/kettlebell combo workout

Suzie-I have to get better about not feeling guilty or lazy for taking days off from exercise.

Today is an off day from work I planned to sleep in but woke up a 5am- my regular time.

Workout today- Olajide- Aeorbarre. I am going to do a Yoga workout later today- not sure which one yet.

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