Workout Warriors Jan 3rd - Jan 9th


Hey all!!! Just a quickie.....this morning was LIC Cardio Blast of my FAVES! I'm planning on getting to the Y to swim some laps, but we have a snow day and I"m not sure what their schedule is when the schools are closed (or how crowded). :)


Morning all! 30 minute run this morning with 10 minutes walking warm up & cool down. I forgot I had put this really cool song from The Roots on my playlist and didn't want to get off the treadmill until it was over, but had to get showered so I could get my daughter to school on time. No weights scheduled for this afternoon since I did STS Legs and Medicine Ball Abs last night.

Kimberly - yes, I'm doing STS 6 1/2 month. I just finished the first week of week 3 Meso 1 last night and will be doing STS Total Body tomorrow. I did the 3 1/2 month rotation to get back into shape last July - October and was just so happy with the results, I couldn't wait to do it again. I even did the STS Success Story and got a gift certificate after SNM posted it. This time around, I have the weighted vest and gloves which I bought with my gift certificate. Love the vest because some of the leg exercises call for dumbbells that are heavier than I have and those suckers are expensive when you get up there in weight. So I just adjust the vest to make up the difference. You definitely should do Meso 3 - it's my favorite one. You won't believe how good the heavy weights feel. I really love the squat rack workouts. I'm only 5'0" and 100 lbs and I love having over 100 lbs of weight on my shoulders for squats.
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You go "muscle" gal - very cool!!

Ha! I don't actually have "gross" worthy muscles. My daughter just likes to pick on me because it's just the two of us and she doesn't have a sister to torment. I'm definitely defined, but not bulky. I'm an ectomorph, so there's only so much I can do.
Morning all. Our internet has been in and out since last night. Hoping to get a few things done, in case it happens again.

This morning was Triceps and MIC Step only. There are parts of that step routine that have some of my fave moves and then there is that sashay move that I really dislike. Someday I'll just figure out something to put in it's place. And as a plus there is that strangely upbeat and perky version of Don't Cry for Me Argentina for the stretch cool down that always bemuses me. It's just not right. :p

Last night they were saying we'd get 6-11" of snow by a bit after midnight tonight, but so far it isn't looking like we'll get anywhere near that. Supposed to take the boys to the basketball game tonight, but that will depend on the roads.

Morningstar - you should come out of lurkerdom. ;)

Sleep issues, I had them in my 40's and they are actually much better now. After awhile, I could see a pattern with my cycles and their occurrence. Don't have them so much now, but that may because I'm having so much longer cycles. Fun times. :D

Suzie isn't it a wonderful feeling when you are just SO ready for your workout! I love Lower Body Blast!

Today is my big cleaning day, so back at it I go. Just moved and swept under the furniture and found the usual assortment of dog toys/bones and DH's socks. The man leaves socks strewn all about the house and has a bag full of single socks in return! :rolleyes:


(kadet) Kim – When you researched Zumba, what did you learn? Will it provide a good cardio workout, or is just for fun, fun, fun. I think being a step junkie is great. I am still trying to learn it, it takes a lot of left brain/right brain work and forward/backward depth perception. Really? stepping isn’t hard on your knees? On another note, Gucci is gorgeous and appropriately named. What a cute video. Isn’t it amazing how popular cat videos are on Youtube. We have two Maine Coons.

Jenn – I wonder why gyms don’t offer shorter spin classes for beginners/entry level. A full length spin class for newbies sounds like a recipe for injury. How are your DOMS? My thirteen year old is sweet too, but man, sometimes the things he chooses to make an issue of, or argue about are real head tilters. I have found myself saying more than once, “That’s your argument?” In an incredulous tone, of course.

MJ – Was that you I saw in a Renoir, sans little black cocktail dress and tennis racket??? Pierre -Auguste Renoir would’ve been enchanted with you. Really. The exhibit was good. I am not very fond of Gaughin, but the selection they had of Cezanne was fabulous and we saw Van Gogh’s self portrait and Starry Night Over the Rhone. Beautiful, beautiful. Too bad there were too many people there on a Thursday afternoon in January. I have to say I enjoyed The Birth of Impression exhibit more than this one.

Donna – Ouch on the pelvis break at 19 y.o., were you in an auto accident or horseback riding, maybe? When I did STS legs, disc 3 I, eerily, knew what Cathe was going to say, word for word, I’ve done that workout so many times, which STS legs did you do? Squatting your body weight is a fantastic accomplishment! I’ll hunt down and read your success story – congrats on winning the $100 certificate.

Gayle – Please, pretty pretty please send me a photo of your son playing the baritone horn! It’s your 10 year old, right? How do your shoulders feel after swimming and doing Gym Styles? LIC seems to be a very popular work out this week!

Melissa – I love low impact LIC, what a fun workout that is. Cathe sure knows how to keep us interested, huh?

Kimberley – Have your tried High Reps? You aren’t missing anything not having Pure Strength, it is an oldie and Cathe is super cute, but her productions have gotten much better with time. She does give very good form instruction on it though, it would be pretty good for an absolute beginner.

Suzie – How was Lower Body Blast? I have been dying to try it. My Rowan is a Standard Poodle, so so smart. I just had him neutered today, poor baby. His absolute favorite thing to do is track. We have a lot of wild life here, so it keeps him busy. His air and ground scent training was started with the use of hot dogs! It’s pretty easy I am sure your Shi-poo would follow the scent of a hot dog! Here is Rowan’s photostream

Regina – Oh oh oh, I am really curious about today’s workout too - Olajide- Aeorbarre. Tell me about his style of instruction and what results you experience, is it a worthy addition to my library?

Cathy – The answer to your question is – multiple windows.

M’star – it was a simple math equation time+fatigue = expediency

Tara – Virtual smoochies to you and yours. :)

As for me –yesterday ended up being a rest day, if you can call it that, and today I did STS disc 2 Back/tris and followed it up with Pilates for Dummies, with Michelle Dozois. Then more heating pad for my iliospoas, which was aggravated by all the sitting and driving to SF yesterday.

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Good Friday Evening Warriors!

This morning I did 4DS Kickbox cardio only. Now that I am looking at the rhythm of work for the next month or two and have an idea of how my body is adjusting to working out consistently again, I need to sit down tonight and over the weekend to design a rotation for what I want to accomplish. Last year was a very tough year in many fronts of life and I really want to feel like I am accomplishing something that is just mine for awhile and get back some of my "spark" (as my mother called it a while ago) back again. So the first part is really following a good rotation and building back my athletic foundation that slipped away some last year.

Kimberly- As to the sleep issues, mine are most definitely related to stress and some anxiety. I have one of those minds that just does not shut off unless my body is tired enough to override the brain. The more stressed I get, without a consistently good outlet to deal with it, like working out, the more my mind will run and wander through whatever issues I am dealing with. So I get the waking up and looking at the clock over and over again, on bad nights I will wake up a couple of times during the night and end up laying there torturing myself with thinking instead of sleeping. If I wake up at 4am or so, forget it, my mind will just not let me sleep the other two hours before my alarm goes off.

As for our resident lurker....I think you most definitely should come out of lurkerville. It doesnt matter if you post alot or not, just whatever and whenever you feel like, no guilt can form in that approach ;)

Alright, off to entertain myself somehow for the evening. Will catch up over the weekend. Hope everyone is well. :)


Janis, are you serious? LOL Cuz I do have a short clip of him playing it at home. :D

DOMS in a few places today.....back and biceps mainly, still a bit in my calves, not so much in my shoulders, and my tris are still a bit stiff. It's AWESOME! :)

I didn't make it to the Y to swim laps. We were home all day with the school's snow day and the neighbor boys ended up coming over for the majority of the day.

Long run in the morning with my group....7-8.


Janis - The exhibit sounds great! I loved seeing the van gogh, renoir and cezanne when I was at MOMA in new york last year. And you are correct...that was me in the renoir, I really do belong in another time as far as the red hair, curls and :p


Tonight I did lower body blast for the first time. I really like it!! Definitely will do it again next week.

Donna: Congratulations on being a success story! I will have to go back and re-read it now that I "know" you. I saw on your facebook profile you're a Dexter fan. I love Dexter. Just finished watching this past season last week.

Janis: I will be doing High Reps sometime in the next 3 days. I think my legs will be pretty sore tomorrow after lower body blast today. Plus my husband is wanting to go snowshoeing, but it might be too cold for that.

Suzie: Did you do a pre-mix for lower body blast? I just did the original, but I think next time I will do the pre-mix with the standing leg-conditioning drills - just 'cause I want to use my tower!

This morning was just core work and I did Boot Camp Core, Cardio Core Circuit Core and then a few minutes of other stuff to get to an even 20 minutes.

Took the boys to the basketball game last night and it was a real blow out, so after the first quarter they all abandoned the game to go hang out in the lobby, so for 3 quarters of that game and the first quarter of the girls game (after which we left) that's all they did. I did get to talk to a couple of the baseball coaches for awhile, but otherwise just sat and watched some bad basketball. :p

Janis I'm pretty sure Sparty would love to track down hot dogs. :D Last night when we got home he actually was so excited he jumped up and hit me in the chest with both his feet, about knocked me into the counter. Generally he just contents himself with bashing things with his tail! Hope your body is feeling recovered now after your long ride.

MJ do let us know what kind of rotation you come up with. I'm always looking for ideas. Have you tried turning your alarm clock so that you can't see it.

Gayle I hope you have/had a great run this morning. Is it cold where you are?

Kimberly I love the leg work with the tower in Lower Body Blast. Definitely do it next time. I've never had anything make my legs shake so hard in my life. :eek:

Time to have breakfast, shower and head off for my massage!!!


Morning. I'm posting via my iPod because my dd gas control of my laptop. I'm supposed to be practicing my Chopin Nocturne right now, but it's slow going and decided to check-in instead.

I wanted to comment on specific posts but it's too hard to move between my post and others on the pod and I can't remember all the specifics.

So... The sashe (sp?) in MIC is not my favorite move either. I feel ridiculously girly-girl doing it. I don't even have that workout in a useable format anymore, but it was my first Cathe cardio ever and I thought there was no way the ladies made it through the whole thing without taking a rest. Lol. My how far I've come.

Janis- how I broke my pelvis is stupid and embarrassing. I was on spring break and leaning backwards over the railing on my hotel balcony talking to the people over us. I leaned too far and fell to the parking lot. It was 28' from the ground and I spent the next month in the hospital because I developed a blood clot in the unbroken leg after two weeks in bed.

This morning I did 45 minutes running on the treadmill and will be doing STS Total Body after I practice the Nocturne for another 20 minutes or so. I prefer practicing with wine, but sadly only have coffee today. :(

ETA: After a week of the regular STS rotation, STS Total Body was brutal! Finished up and wolfed down a refried bean and Ezekiel tortilla burrito in like 3 bites. Felt really good to be super pooped from a workout.
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Saturday - uuummmmmmm. Gotta love that.

Today Step Blast. I think that's my favourite. It's quite a challenge mentally. I don't think I've ever managed to do the full routine through without messing up at least once. I find my concentration is less sharp as I become more fatigued - or maybe dehydrated?? To be fair though, I've not had it too long and have only done it 5-6 times so doubtless excellence will prevail ;) (not)

Yesterday I spent a minute previewing a few dvds to decide on my next purchases. I find when I do this I start dithering and changing my mind over things that I'd previously had on my list. I think I narrowed it down to Power Hour + Cardio Kicks. Please tell me your opinions, likes/dislikes on these.

Also which would you go for out of High Step Challenge : High Step Training : High Step Circuit??

As far as the new w/os are concerned, now you've had a chance to try them out what do you think of Intensity? That's the one I think I'd like to try first. How do you like it please??

Happy Saturday


DONNA!!!!!!!!!!!! Holy're lucky your pelvis is the ONLY thing you broke! Good LORD, woman! :D Incredible!

I'm coying and pasting from another check in to save myself time, sorry....don't be offended! LOL

My run with my group this morning was AWE-SOOOOME! Seriously. I'm gonna gush for a moment. I started running with this group this past summer...we meet on Saturday mornings at 7:30, run, then go to breakfast. I've gotten to be really good friends with SO MANY of these folks. Today, there had to be about 24 of us! I had to go 30 mins earlier because 1)I wanted to go further than the majority of the group and 2)I had to get out of the parking lot ASAP due to DS' basketball. So a few met up early with me, we ran 15 minutes out then 15 back, grabbed the rest of the group and hit a new HILLY trail. Total wsa 7.55 miles with average time of 9:15/mile. I'll take that considering the terrain and HILLS. But these PEOPLE....they are THE BEST EVER! I feel like a gift just fell right into my lap. They are funny, generous, down-to-earth, sincere, good people. Every ONE of them. I hosted a Christmas party so we could all get together and include our families. Several of us have met up to do things other than out Sat morning runs. I'm just soooo blessed to have found this group and I PROMISE to never forget that.

OK...gush over. Run was great, the weather was COLD but GORGEOUS and the hilly course was, of course, hilly but off-road at times on snow-covered trails...REAL TRAILS. Incredible.

Having my tea now, then off to sit with my nieces ages 3 & 6. Heaven help me!



Good Friday Evening Warriors!

Kimberly- As to the sleep issues, mine are most definitely related to stress and some anxiety. I have one of those minds that just does not shut off unless my body is tired enough to override the brain. The more stressed I get, without a consistently good outlet to deal with it, like working out, the more my mind will run and wander through whatever issues I am dealing with. So I get the waking up and looking at the clock over and over again, on bad nights I will wake up a couple of times during the night and end up laying there torturing myself with thinking instead of sleeping. If I wake up at 4am or so, forget it, my mind will just not let me sleep the other two hours before my alarm goes off.

MJ/Kimberly Just wanted to jump in on the sleep thing. Wooooooo huge issue. There are lots of TV programmes about it here; and pacifist though I am they make me want to slap them for talking to us like idiots. Included in their 'so called' advice is: "Make your bedroom a welcoming and relaxing place". Durrhhhh never thought of that, I had pyrotechnics in the plant pot, acrobats on the window sill and a Rottwieler chained to the wardrobe!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry I digress :eek:

Anyway, I've been at this from both ways round ie: (1) can't go off to sleep - very frustrating and depressing when you see the sun beginning to rise and you're 100% fatigued but obstinately still awake, or (2) go off to sleep for maybe 2-3 hours and then spend the rest of the night tossing and turning over and over and over getting more and more agitated and anxious. The first of these is by far the worst IMO. Inexplicable and desperate.

I've tried 1,000 things and would like to offer very briefly a solution. I won't directly quote you from the above, but all you've said (mind won't shut off etc etc) is me, to a T. So provided the problem is in your own mind and not borne of pain or snoring or fidgetting from a partner then the solution is to clear all the clutter out of your mind.

I've tried yoga-type breathing exercises, but this requires too much effort.

I've tried that thing of tensing all your muscles individually and collectively - no good.

The aim is to void your mind. This isn't always possible but the most reliable methods I've found are: (Not sure if you've said you've got children and I missed it, but) when my DD was younger I used to take her books and read those. I don't mean kiddie picture books, I mean adolescent novel-type things. They are stultifyingly boring (excellent), but you must concentrate hard, read and absorb every word to chase away all other thoughts. This sometimes works well.

Better yet, if you are on your own and can have TV on, turned down very low to lull you away, not too low so you are straining to hear or that detracts from your concentration. We are very lucky here (Brit) as we have the BBC so no commercial break interruptions as this makes a huge difference as there are no unexpected bursts of music. OK so TV on, volume set just loud enough to hear, set the sleep timer so that the TV will go off automatically after 30-40 mins, as if you leave it just running on it may blast out and wake you from a deep slumber and that's really infuriating :mad: Now - most important - listen to every word and repeat it in your head. Everything they say - you copy in your head - no room for independent thoughts.

It's quite simple and I find it works really really well.

Yawn - if all this fails you could just read this through again. ZZZZzzzzzzzzzzz

Good night :cool:


Yesterday I took a rest day because of the snow my normal hour commute takes an hour longer. And yesterday it took 2 hours each way. :mad:

Today I did Booty Barre for the first time.

Gayle I don't have any of KCM's kickbox workout. I hade step-boxing and hated it, couldn't follow it to save my life. Boot Camp is fun but she uses a lot of variations of jacks. But on Circuit Burn she has shadow boxing and it's really good.

Hope everyone has a great weekend. :)



Happy Saturday Warriors!

This morning I went to tennis class for 1 1/2 hours, it is a beautiful day outside here today, so it was good. I will do something else tonight, but dont know what I feel like doing yet. Today I am trying to take it easy and allow myself to zone out a little to destress if possible. So far I am watching tennis, reading magazines and later I will read and watch my NFL team, the seahawks get crushed by the saints in the playoffs. Oh, and I will also try to nail down my workout rotation. Other than that, I am on my own.

Kim- Thanks for the recommendations on the sleeping. Its funny you mention the TV in the bedroom. I finally broke down last weekend and bought a new TV to put in the workout room so I could move the smaller one into the bedroom. I went for about 4 years without a TV in the bedroom, trying to follow those stupid rules about the bedroom not being a place for tv, etc...(which I hate too by the way, loved your ranting of them lol) but when you find yourself staying in the living room on the couch to fall asleep with TV on every night because it does help distract the mind while trying to fall asleep, its time to give it up and put a tv in the bedroom. So since Tuesday when the cable got hooked up properly, I have been going to bed about an hour before I need to be asleep to read and have the TV on low, with the timer on, until I start to drift off. So far it is helping me get to sleep better and I think the workouts are helping to tire the body out enough to stay asleep better. Its not perfect yet, but at least its progress. I will have to remember the tip about repeating what they say.

Hope everyone continues to enjoy their saturday. Check back later. :cool:
Well I slept in a bit this morning and since I have a long workout (Chest + Step Blast) and I was already hungry, I decided I'd wait and do it in a few hours. So, I'm posting here to help insure that I do that! I'm not good about working out later in the day. I'm definitely a first thing in the morning person. Finishing up my first liter of water for the day and then I'll have something to eat.

Wow Donna, you were lucky your fall wasn't much worse! And with Spring Break you must have been away from home, too. That must have made it all extra tough for you and your family.

Gayle it was all of 2 degrees here yesterday morning, I hope it was a bit warmer than that for you. At least it was 2 degrees, with sunshine and everything looked beautiful. Your running group sounds like a fabulous group of people. It's always such a blessing to have people like that in our lives.

MJ I hope you had a very pleasant afternoon. I see your Seahawks won! Did you get that rotation done?

Ok, I will be back later to officially check in. ;)


Cathy, it was all of 16 here yesterday for our group run, and YES indeed....very lucky to have this group around me.

I'm TRYING to take a rest day today. It's been over 2 weeks since my last one and NEED it. But i'm itching to DO something. So I plugged in Rodney Yee's Power Yoga and did that and fell all stretchy again. And I feel like I'm not a complete loaf today. I've got a date tonight....a real date, and we're planning on just getting a quickie bite to eat and hitting a local neighborhood for a nice walk to chat. So...a date and activity at the same time...good combo to start with. :)

Have an awesome Sunday everybody!
Back to say that I did chest and Step Blast!

Gayle 16 normally doesn't sound too good, but compared to 2 it's a heat wave. :p Have fun on your date tonight. :)



Hi everyone.....I'm so sorry I just joined and then was absent for a few days. :eek: I promise to be better. :eek: I tried going back and reading what I had missed, but started getting a bit overwhelmed.

I think Donna said that one of your dogs is an Aussie? I had a wonderful, loveable one. Such a happy clown....I never have seen a dog be so ridiculously happy and love laughter so much. His big brother was a Newfoundland, another great dog. Now I'm in a condo, and just have the 16 year old cat. Oh, going on 17 this year!

Jen - I'm sorry you didn't like the spinning, also. I love cycling. I'm doing cycling classes (not the spinning franchise) 3x a week to get stronger for road biking this year. Maybe you will change your mind? Feel free to adjust the class to your comfort zone!

My son went back to school on Friday. In September he'll leave for a Peace Corps deployment for 27 months!

As for my workouts, just to sume up the last few days
Mon - cycling class
Tues - off
Wed - Low Max
Thurs - off
Fri - Intensity step + HIIT(lo) premix and Drill Max
Sat - a.m. cycling class + stepmill/elliptical workout p.m.
Sun - a.m. stepmill/elliptical workout and am going to meet a friend/cycling buddy/coworker for the pm cycling class then go to a salad bar place for dinner.

Waiting for MM and STS Total Body to arrive so I can start the January rotation. I can't wait to work extremely hard for 28 days and get some pudge off!

I hope everyone is well, and I hope I wasn't too rude.


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