What are workout distractions you simply cannot endure?


I simply have to have my workout world together! It is difficult enough to make and keep myself working out. When I have distractions...it is that much more irritating. These are distractions I cannot abide:

-bangs that hang in my face, I must clip them with a bobby pin
-floppy boobs
-loose shoelaces
-bladder with even a little bit in it
-messy weights

These are things that must be taken care of and if they aren't I won't continue....what are yours?


(Oh Tracy...the floppy boobs slay me...)

What distracts me the worst is when:

1. My Polar is showing my heart rate as a big fat ZERO or erratically high, as in over 200...what!!!

2. I've over-dressed and I'm sweating like crazy.

3. I'm ultra picky about workout gear/clothing...and like tralaiven, my sportsbra has to fit perfectly. On the other hand, if I feel too bound-up, I'm just as unhappy.

3. Interruptions (of any kind) such as the husband asking where something is or what's for dinner right in the middle of STS Plyo Legs or Boot Camp :mad:.

4. Dumbells placed back on the rack with the numbers facing down, or in the wrong order.

5. If my son/husband sweats on my benches and don't wipe it up.

6. Jumping on my trampoline or doing HIIT and realize I have to go pee (t.h.e. w.o.r.s.t)

7. Having to rush a workout because of prior commitments.


Great one Tracy!

1. Wrong pants. Too loose during high impact means they are gonna slide off!! I hate having to keep pulling them back up :mad:

2. When I can't find my accessories (i.e-gloves, bands, firewalkers) because my daughter has "hidden" them.

3. My hair in my eyes/not tied back.

4. Running out of water.

5. Loose shoelaces.

6. Interruptions/having to stop before completion

:mad: :(



They know when mommy is working out you're not allowed to ask me for ANYTHING! Unless it concerns blood or a broken bone....



Anyone talking to me during my workout, unless they require being taken to the hospital I am to be left alone.



Cute thread! So many of us have the same distractions.

My number one can't-deal-with thing is my hair hanging down my neck or in my face. I cannot abide the sweaty, sticky mass of hair anywhere near my face or neck. In addition to that, I can't stand seeing an instructor with her hair hanging down in her face (Jari Love I'm talking to YOU!).

I don't like being cold. I cannot run outside when the temp is too low. Cold air hurts my eyes, my ears and my lungs. On the flip side, I am fine to run in 100+ degrees.... literally!

And the last thing is, I can't stand to work out with long pants or capris on. ACK! I don't want anything on my legs. I have a pair of short shorts, and sometimes those even come off and I'm just working out in my panties.


For those who have "bladder accidents" during their w/o's, try this:

A radiologist once told me during an ultrasound that once you have emptied your bladder, wait a few seconds, then tilt slightly forward. This should encourage the bladder to empty a little bit more. I found this to be quite helpful :)



This is great....
1. Hair---High intensity--I can keep my hair up and out of my eyes!
2. Cat in the way----Boots---thinks he has to be with me every minute. If I close the door he screams like a child untill I let him in. He normally is very good...but some days he is attached at the hip.

Other than that... everything is great!!! Guess I don't have to much to complain about!!!:)


Nice thread. It bothers me when...

my kids interrupt when I'm right in the middle of a set. I feel bad but sometimes I really have to focus. Can't they wait 30 sec. for the end of the the set?

everytime I go to the floor my dog comes over and thinks that means I'm going to pet her (kind of cute though).

when my band snaps right in the middle of a set. I need to stop buying the cheap ones and bite the bullet and get Cathes.

The floppy boobs are funny! I don't wear a bra Hmmm... maybe thats one thing thats contributing to my long boobies.



hahahaha!!!! I love this thread...... distractions that i absolutely cannot deal with:

1. Jeannemarie i am with u in that i cannot work out in the cold.....i workout upstairs and somedays i even turn on the heat to make sure it's warm enough.(even in the spring)..and i just allow the heat of the summer to keep it hot at that time....and yes i can run in 100+ weather also, but not in the cold

2. I can't stand for hair to stick to my neck, so i never wear my hear down....always up when i work out

3. I can't stand for my undies to get in my butt, so either i have to have on the perfect fitting undies, a pair of g-strings, or dare i say it....sometimes none at all (ok this may be TMI, but it's the truth and it's a horrible distraction for me....lol):confused::eek:

4. I can't stand to have to stop during a workout...so my children and hubby know not to bother me during my workouts or i will be very grumpy....and they don't want mommy to be grumpy.....lol

5. Last but not least, I can't stand when i have to pea after i have started my workout....especially when i tried to pea before i started:)


Alot of mine are the same but I will post them anyway....

1) Hair in face
2) Having to pee mid work out
3) Interruptions by husband, son or phone
4) Shoes that are laced too loose or too tight
5) For me it's being too hot, not too cold! I keep the heating vents shut in the room during the winter and I will think nothing of opening a window in a snow storm during my work out if it's too hot in the room for me. I have a ceiling fan in there already but also have a window fan at my disposal which I will also pop in an open window in the middle of winter if need be...I must say though that I used to run and when I did the opposite was true! I could handle the heat far better then the cold when I would run outside but working out at home indoors, the heat definitely is what bothers me.


1. Sweat in eyes: I always wear a head band.
2. Blisters: body glide anyone?
3. Phone calls. I feel compelled to answer and once I've stopped I don't start again in the middle.:eek:
4. I won't go without the right bra. ;)
5. Socks that slip into the shoe. I hate those socks that are below the shoe because I get blisters. :(

Cosmo Mom

Mine are:

1) Sneakers have to be on nice and snug so they don't start loosening up on lunges, etc. I sometimes stop the dvd to re-tie them :mad:
2) Workout clothes have to be comfy.
3) Interruptions are annoying (of course!)
4) Having to pee in the middle of the workout!
5) and I have to stay cool with a fan during the workout or I'd be miserable.

That's why we workout at home - so we can have things the way we want!! (except interruptions).
It sounds as though we share many of the same challenges working out at home. I don't answer the phone during a workout (I consider it "me" time) unless I'm expecting a call (and then I keep a pad of paper and pen handy in the hope that I can pause my workout and return to it promptly).
At this time of year I preheat my workout space (a chilly basement) using a space heater for 20-30 minutes (I set my kitchen timer to remind me that I have an unattended space heater running). I often get distracted on this forum while waiting for the space to warm up, and the timer let's me know it's time to work out.
I long ago became accustomed to working out in my undies (there's noone to see me anyway) when it was summer and I grew tired of repeatedly washing shorts and shirts that were making me too warm anyway. Now I don't want to put on clothes to work out even when it's cold in my space (thus the space heater, which I often dial back after Cathe takes me through her warm up). I always wear a headband to keep hair and sweat out of my face. After taking care of those distractions, there's no excuse for not working out (barring a power failure).


One biggie.....

I hate interuptions!!!! Don't talk to me & don't call me 'cause I won't answer the phone when I'm working out! Other than that, I try to be very prepared with the water & the room temperature, equipmen set-up, etc., so there are no delays that way.


when my band snaps right in the middle of a set. I need to stop buying the cheap ones and bite the bullet and get Cathes.


I hate to say it, but even the good ones from Cathe snap eventually. I can't tell you how many bands I've been through. It doesn't matter if they're cheap, expensive or in between, they're all going to snap.


ahhhh....mini natty....how could i forget about the accessories.....i tell my children all the time, not to mess with mommy's workout stuff.....but they do anyway.....and then i go upstairs to workout and can't find an accessory that i need and i get frustrated and have to look for it and find it in another room or something.....grrrrrr.....those lil rascals....but i love em' tho:)

and also the sweat in the eyes....and i only notice when my shoes are loose when i have to do lunges.....then it irritates me to the hilt when my shoes are loose:D:):p;):rolleyes::cool::eek:


= 3. I can't stand for my undies to get in my butt, so either i have to have on the perfect fitting undies, a pair of g-strings, or dare i say it....sometimes none at all (ok this may be TMI, but it's the truth and it's a horrible distraction for me....lol):confused

LOL!!! I forgot this one too!! I can't wear undies.........I workout at home so that's perfectly acceptable IMO. My booty is big, it just eats the undies right up
:eek: :) :p



I wear thongs so I don't have to worry about my underwear riding up on me...they are already as far as they can go! ;):p What I DO have issues with at times are my thongs irritating me during ab work where you are in a partially reclined position such as when doing the boat pose or many oblique moves. I don't like working out sans underwear but WILL remove them in situations like that cause the alternative option is no fun at all! :( It's a real pain in the butt! :D


My #1 distraction while working out are my beautiful cats. Sometimes, they are my emotional support and they love Cathe's voice so they are in the room alot. It gets dangerous when I have a heavy barbell and they are on my feet.
Yes, bangs in my eyes due to a needed trim. Phone ringing but I wont answer. Sugar is off so working out is horrible.

Great Thread!!

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