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  • Wow-you are so nice! I cant wait to meet people who really work out!! None of my friends do any regular exercise. I'm hooked, I can't help it. Unfortunately, I pulled the back of my neck muscles with Cathe's latest STS abs workout (weights and plates). I decided to go up a little higher like they do and after I PUSHED myself (like always) I found I really hurt myself. Today is a little better so I'm forced to take it easy. Maybe tomorrow I can get back to it!

    I finally got two pounds off I've been fighting for for two long. I'd be ecstatic if I could get down another 2 lbs. One month left to go!! What a motivator, huh?

    I hope your "time" gets more manageable for summer. Enjoy!
    Thanks Cheryl! I love making NEW friends! I so wish I had the time I used to have to post here. My time is so limited anymore & it is the thing I miss the MOST! I cannot wait to meet you. come see me as soon as you get in! (I have your HUG packed already! :)) See you soooon!!!
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