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Attention Cathe Live subscribers: June 7th,2018 at 9:15 am EST we will be doing “Total Body Toning” LIVE. This high rep weight training workout will focus on working one body part at a time, leaving no muscle group untouched!

Equipment Needed:

A set of various weighted dumbbells (5-15 pounds)

A barbell with the ability to adjust weight. We’ll be working in the weight range of 15 to 45 pounds total on the barbell.

A standard sized step (used as a weight bench only cardio, no choreography)

A fitness mat

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Wow!!! What an amazing workout. When I first saw your post that it was a total body toning I thought this is great because I like total body toning. I did this workout this morning and assumed it was a standard weight workout. I was so wrong. You completely did me in. I LOVED this workout. It was tough and I really liked the flow. Your Live workouts just keep getting better and better. :)

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