Video Clip Of Cathe's Strong and Sweaty Bootcamp Live Workout


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Attention Cathe Live attendees: Thursday, May 19, 2022 at 9:30 am EST we’ll be doing “Strong and Sweaty Bootcamp” live! This intense total
body Bootcamp workout has 5 working rounds total. Each round has a cardio, lower body, upper body and core component. Get ready to get strong and sweaty!!!
Equipment needed:
A full sized step with two risers under each side (can go lower if preferred) There will be 1 to 2 minute easy-to-follow step blasts followed by weight work that many times will require the step to act as a weight bench.
5 through 15 pound dumbbells (lighter or heavier if desired)
A fitness mat (or mini step mat)
*Optional lifting gloves

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