Video Clip Of Cathe's PHA Supersets With Ball Live Workout


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Attention Cathe Live subscribers: Thursday, June 9, 2022 at 9:30 am EST we’ll be doing “PHA Supersets With Ball” Live! Always a popular favorite, we are back with another PHA Superset! This time we’ll add some stability ball in the mix. So get ready to do two upper body exercises followed by two lower body exercises from start to finish!!! Hip hip hooray for PHA ❤️

Equipment needed:

Stability Ball
Dumbbells… 5lbs thru 15lbs …( grab heavier or lighter weights if preferred)
Fitness Mat

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This is a really good workout.....I didn't download it, cause I already have several ball workouts in my vault :). So, I went back in time and searched circuit workouts in the CatheLive vault, and found a little gem, Shock Circuit! It's from 2016 and I know I never did it because the cardio is pretty much higher Impact and I didn't know how to modify them....but....throughout the years, Cathe has
Shown great modifications for many of the cardio sections in this workout, and
As I watched it, little light bulbs kept going off, I know the modification for this one and I can modify that one with this, etc... and the weight sections in it are
So good, you guessed it, :), it's in my download vault now!!! Since I hadn't
Gotten any downloads for awhile, I think I was having "withdrawal " symptoms:)

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