Video Clip of Cathe's Perfect Flow Yoga: Strength & Flexibility Workout


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People practice yoga for a wide variety of reasons including, but not limited to, spirituality, stress management, or as a form of physical exercise in and of itself. Here in our fitness facility, I’ve noticed that some members tend to enjoy it as a light day or recovery day while reserving the remainder of their workout time for resistance training and cardiovascular exercise. For others, yoga is the main focus of the majority of their workout. No matter how you choose to practice yoga in your own fitness schedule, there is no doubt that it not only improves flexibility, joint mobility, balance, and body awareness, but it can also help to improve core and overall strength.

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I'm so glad Cathe is mixing it up with this. Although I stretch everyday I sometimes need a longer workout length stretch to help recover, relax, release etc. Maintaining flexibility is so important and it really helps to have dvds to guide us through more than just the everyday basics.


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She's gorgeous and she makes it look way easier than it actually is when you try to do these exercises yourself. Doing Yoga has been a blessing for me and my husband as we are both struggling with back pain and other related issues from working our whole lives sitting in an office. Our doctor recommended gym and exercises, but we tend to get bored there. Recently I decided to take this to another level, so we started a combination of SUP and yoga on our weekends. It's much better as doing yoga on top of a paddle board is fascinating.
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